National Indoor RV Centers Becomes Tiffin Dealer
National Indoor RV Center's Angie Morell speaks with Bob Tiffin
National Indoor RV Center’s Angie Morell speaks with Bob Tiffin

NIRVC Will Soon Sell You a Tiffin at Some Locations

Was that a collective sigh from us Tiffinites out there or just our airbags deflating? Yes, the headline is true, National Indoor RV Centers will now be able to sell you a Tiffin Motorhome. We’ll talk about the details in a bit, but what I love about this announcement is that it came directly from the man himself, Brett Davis. It was announced in the Tiffin Owners corner of the best, most long-lasting RVing forum on the planet,

Before we get into the details a bit, some disclosure is required. I have had work done on my 2015 Tiffin Phaeton 42LH at NIRVC. This is an all-electric coach that I do my best to take care of myself, but sometimes need to take it to the professionals. Back in 2020 I wrote about Blue Moon RV who I have used a couple of times with great success. Most recently however, due to logistics and proximity, I have used the National Indoor RV Center  in Lewisville, Texas. Without a doubt, the service, staff, attention to detail, and overall experience are, at the risk of sounding like Ralphie’s teacher…A+++.

NIRVC and Tiffin – The Details

Brett provided several details about this exciting announcement himself on, and if you’d rather jump ahead and read that directly, here is that post. I’ll attempt to summarize it here. In his post, Brett stated that he “felt the overwhelming need to be precise.” In that spirit then, we’ll just look at what Brett said exactly.

“NIRVC has executed Sales and Service Dealer Agreements with Tiffin Motorhomes to represent their full line (Classes A,B, and C) at our brand new Nashville facility, and the Zephyr line at both our Atlanta and Washington DC locations. Those agreements have been submitted to the states of Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia, and we are awaiting those state’s approvals and issuances of our Dealer Licenses to represent the Tiffin products.”

While that statement sounds a lot like something that will happen well down the road, Brett added that they already started receiving Tiffin products, but could not sell any just yet. 

Why Does it Matter?

For Tiffin owners that have only felt like they could get proper service, warranty or otherwise, through a pilgrimage to Red Bay, Alabama it matters a lot. For decades, Tiffin enthusiasts have made the trek to Red Bay to get exceptional factory service. Other RV businesses have sprung up in the town, often started by former Tiffin employees. Remodeling, cabinet work, step covers, furniture, virtually any kind of service an RV owner might want is available in the Red Bay area. 

Tiffin owners enjoyed the high quality of their motorhome, and the exclusivity of a hometown brand sitting somewhere besides Elkhart, Indiana. As Tiffin began to restrict their factory service policy and was then later acquired by THOR, Tiffinites began to wonder if the luster on the Tiffin brand was starting to fade. Seemingly, those things that made these coveted motorcoaches special, seemed to be falling away.

What Does NIRVC Bring to the Tiffin Brand?

As Brett Davis says about NIRVC, service is the “heart and soul of our company”. While this may be a clever tag line for many dealerships, it is the actual business model for National Indoor. To quote Brett again:

“We opened our doors for business in December of 2009 providing storage, service, collision, and wash/detail. And, we have always taken all comers, whether they purchased from us or not. We didn’t start selling coaches until late in the year of 2014…”

Brett Davis – Founder, President and CEO of NIRVC

National Indoor RV Centers have serious clout in the industry. We wrote in 2021 about how NIRVC was changing the future of RV service. Brett and his team are holding manufacturers accountable for build quality, spare parts availability, and warranty claims. Other high-end brands like Newmar and Entegra are ultimately benefiting from the friendly but firm pressure that NIRVC puts on them.

For Tiffin owners that want the same for their beloved brand, NIRVC becoming a Tiffin dealer makes that possible. In addition to fantastic out of warranty service like I had done, new Tiffin owners will have an advocate they can trust outside of Red Bay.

Where Can I Buy a Tiffin or Get Service?

As Brett mentions in his announcement, the new National Indoor RV Center in Nashville will sell the full line of Class A, B, & C coaches. The high-end Tiffin Zephyr will be available at NIRVC’s Atlanta and Washington, DC locations. 

When it comes to servicing this legendary brand, Brett stated that he is “...hopeful being a Tiffin dealer will be a big boon for our service operations across all 6 of our current locations.” As I learned in my own service experience here in the DFW area, the Texas and Georgia NIRVC locations are open 7 days a week, 12 hours per day for service. In fact they are only closed 5 days a year; New Years, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas. By year end the Nevada, Arizona, and Tennessee locations should be open 7 days a week, 12 hours per day for service as well, according to Brett. The new DC area location in Manassas, VA. will ramp up to 7 days a week and they come up to speed in the new facility.

NIRVC Music City Expo Logo

Tiffin at the NIRVC Music City Motorhome Expo

The timing of the Tiffin agreement couldn’t be any better for the National Indoor RV Center location in Nashville. NIRVC recently announced the first annual Music City Motorhome Expo VIP Experience to be held at that location from June 4-7, 2024. As you would expect, this is no run of the mill RV show. Taking its cue from the All Inclusive Motorhome Club playbook, the Music City Motorhome Expo will be a high-end, white-glove experience for discerning buyers that want the best motor coaches. 

Attendees that pay the $1,495 per coach entry fee that includes three (3) nights & four (4) days of camping, education seminars, evening happy hours, dinners, entertainment and more are treated to exclusive access to 2025 model year motorhomes. Brands on hand include American Coach, Entegra Coach, Fleetwood RV, Grech RV, Holiday Rambler, Newmar, Pleasure-Way, Winnebago, and presumably now Tiffin. RVers in Nashville just for the day can pay $495 for meals, entertainment, education, and that same exclusive access to 2025 models for a single day. 

Serious Buyers, Serious Fun

Not to give away any surprises, but remember that this is Nashville…Music City. While NIRVC modestly mentions “entertainment” in its description of the event, rest assured that well known performers are on the agenda for guests to enjoy. 

Serious buyers looking to make a purchase can apply the entire registration fee towards the purchase of your new motorhome. If you are in the market for a luxury motorcoach, you simply can’t go wrong. Here is your chance to enjoy the convenience and benefits of an RV show without the chaos and crowds. Space is extremely limited and expected to fill quickly, so buy your tickets today for the Music City Motorhome Expo. Don’t miss this very special new annual event.

NIRVC’s Complete Service Model

Again, speaking from experience, NIRVC does it ALL…even the heavy chassis stuff. The recent service on my own motorhome included:

  • Full Generator Service
  • AquaHot Service
  • Cab/Chassis AC Repair
  • Hydraulic sync cylinder repair
  • Toad air hose connection leak
  • Full Freightliner factory chassis service
  • Fuel filter housing replacement
  • Tire-valve replacement
  • Rettroband installation

Not having to take my RV to a separate Freightliner facility was such a huge benefit and relief. Though I didn’t have anything done in the paint & body shop, they offer full services there too. If you ever run into me at an RV show, ask me to tell you the Newmar vs Sheep story I overheard. Yes, they most definitely do paint and body!

Raising the Bar, and the Tiffin Brand

As National Indoor does with everything, the bar has been raised for Tiffin sales and service. Every other Tiffin dealer has just been put on notice, and the factory has been challenged to achieve and maintain the highest standards lovers of this brand have come to expect.

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