WiFi Extender Booster Cover Up to 12880 Sq.ft & 105 Devices, WiFi Extender Repeater Signal Booster for Home, WiFi Range Extender Signal Amplifier Internet Repeater with Ethernet Port
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wifi range extenderwifi range extender

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wifi extender boosterwifi extender booster

Secure Network Access: This WiFi extenders signal booster for home can maximize the network security, ensure your network safety, prevent others stealing your net, protect your important data and avoid the interference and privacy problems of WiFi. Good performance to eliminate the weak signal in home, travel, office usage.
Say Good Bye to WiFi Dead Zone: WiFi range extender coverage up to 12880sq.ft with advanced central processing unit and powerful new-generation chips can better extend wireless signals to hard-to-reach areas, and provide you with a stable WiFi signal indoors. You can online games, video conferences and even play 4K high-definition video anytime and anywhere at home. Allow you enjoy WiFi throughout whole home.
1200Mbps Stable Signal Boosts and 360°Full Coverage: This WiFi repeater booster comes with dual band 2.4/5GHz technology. The latest internet extender can provide a total rate of about 1200Mbps, which maximizing reduces the loss of data transmission. This WiFi booster and signal amplifier can enhance the wireless signal and expand your network range, boosting the WiFi signal. 360 degree high-speed connection to eliminate the weak signal in home, travel, office usage.
Working Modes: Repeater Mode/AP Mode/Router Mode meet different needs. The Ethernet port easily turns your wired Internet connection into a wireless access point. The two Ethernet ports and 4 External Antennas to achieve the best performance, being able to connect to any wired Ethernet device such as smart TV, desktop and so on while boosting your existing WiFi coverage.

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