Bluetti AC70 Portable Power Station – Simple and Robust
Stylized image of the AC70 in giant form surrounding a glamping tent and SUV.

Grab-and-Go: New Bluetti AC70 Focuses on Power & Form

The new AC70 portable power station from Bluetti favors the straight forward form and functionality, and rounded corners of the other AC models in the lineup. Utilizing an integrated ergonomic handle versus a folding one, and eliminating the topside phone charging pad found on models such as the EB3A, the AC70 instead forges ahead with big power, quick charging, and better battery life.

Key Features of the Bluetti AC70

The AC70 boasts a few key features. One huge advantage is being able to charge this portable power station back up to 80% in just 45 minutes, using an AC outlet. With 500W of solar, it takes just 2 hours to fully charge the Bluetti AC70. 

The AC70 puts out 1000W of pure sine wave power. Bluetti says the AC70 has 2000W of “Lift Power”, which is presumably the same as Surge Power offered by other brands. The LiFePO4 Batteries claim to offer over 3,000 battery life cycles up to an 80% charge. Bluetooth connectivity and a smart mobile app help you harness and control all of that power.

Stock image of the bluetti ac70 with solar panel

Inputs and Outputs of the AC70

When it comes to plugging things in, this power station offers several options. For AC output, you can plug 2 standard AC plugs in to enjoy that pure sine wave power. Smaller offerings include 2 USB-A, 2 USB-C, and a classic cigarette lighter-style automotive port. 

Going the other way, a standard AC input lets you charge the AC70 from AC current, while the DC port mates with either an included car charging cable or the solar charging cable to take in DC power to charge the unit. One other interesting feature we don’t often see is a threaded M5x10 grounding screw hole, to provide a simple option to ground the unit, should that become necessary. 

Portable Power Sweet Spot

Having reviewed several of these units over the last few years, this combination of power and weight seems to be the right combination for RVers. Plenty of power, simple operation, and at 22lbs, still light enough to be willing to bring it with you when traveling or on small excursions.

While great for emergency power, for most RVers with on-board generators the AC70 is going to shine in providing power to laptops, tablets, lighting, air compressors, phones, coffee makers…anything RVers might want to take or use outside.

Bluetti Safety

Premium LFP cells and a powerful Battery Management System give BLUETTI solar generators greater stability and security in most conditions like fire, short circuits, or collisions. Plus, you can use up the battery capacity without fear of explosion…which is nice.

Discount for RV LIFE Readers

RV LIFE readers looking to grab an AC70 at a discount can save 15% by using the code “rvlife15” during checkout, on the Bluetti website.

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