The New 2024 Newmar Ventana: A Nearly Half-Million Dollar RV
The 2024 Newmar Ventana in Camden paint scheme.
2024 Newmar Ventana – Photo: Newmar

Newmar Ventana Continues to Hit the Luxury Sweet Spot

If you’re a fan of high-end RVs, you’ve certainly heard of Newmar Motorhomes before. These vehicles are some of the biggest and best in the industry, and they have a price tag to match. The Ventana lineup has been particularly popular over the years, but the new 2024 vehicles will cost nearly half a million dollars each!

This pricing seems staggering to many people. But you get what you pay for when it comes to RVs. If you want superior quality and performance, a Newmar model could be just the thing you need. The new Ventana models are all Class A RVs that are diesel-powered for a little extra kick.

There’s a lot to get excited about here, whether you want to buy one or just keep up with the latest updates from Newmar motorhomes. They are often at the bleeding edge of technology and innovation, so you might see similar vehicles from other brands in the coming years. With that in mind, let’s dive into the details of these new motorhomes and see if they’re really worth the price!

The Price of Luxury

The starting price for the new Ventana motorhomes is $441,525. Of course, certain upgrades and add-on packages can increase this price even further. It may seem ludicrous that anyone would pay so much money for a motorhome! But Newmar has established itself as one of the top RV manufacturers in the country (if not the world). Every inch of their vehicles is highly-engineered and built with high-quality materials. This level of luxury doesn’t come cheap! Most of their vehicles cost at least $200,000 and some are even in the range of $1 million or more. So compared to some of the other product lines, the Ventana models are downright cheap.

Of course, buying any RV is a serious commitment and you’ll need to be assured of the quality and performance before you drop a fortune on one of these motorhomes. Explore some of the details below, including the noteworthy features, decor options, and new floor plans for 2024. Even if you don’t buy a Newmar motorhome immediately, you can always wait for a couple years and find these luxury models at a reduced price!

Noteworthy Features

Let’s start with the chassis. Every RV needs a solid foundation to provide structure, stability, and power for the entire vehicle. Newmar is a cut above with their signature STAR Foundation. This steel base structure is welded directly to the chassis to provide a smooth and quiet ride.

The options for a Ventana chassis are either a Freightliner® XCR or a Spartan® K1 or K2. The specific floor plan/vehicle length you choose may determine which chassis you need. Each vehicle is also equipped with a Cummins® diesel engine to provide maximum horsepower for your trips.

It’s not all about the structure though! Newmar motorhomes are meant to be luxurious homes on wheels, so the interiors have been thoughtfully crafted as well. Many people use these as full-time homes, and they are equipped the all the necessities and luxuries you could imagine. There’s no way to cover everything in a single list, but some of the highlights of the 2024 Ventana models include:

  • Soft-Close Cabinet Drawers
  • Polished Solid-Surface Countertop in Kitchen with Undermounted Stainless Steel Sink and Sink Covers
  • Passenger Seat Work Station
  • Plush Pillow Top Mattress
  • Villa Comfort Fit Furniture
  • Prep for Two-Piece Washer and Dryer
  • Water Filter for Entire Unit
  • Frameless Double-Pane Tinted Safety-Glass Windows
  • Inlayed Three Panel Design Interior Passage Doors
  • Polar Pak R19 Batten Insulation in Roof
  • Dash Radio with Harman/JBL 180 Watt Sound System and Subwoofer
  • Satellite Dish Prep on Roof
  • Samsung® LED 4K TV in Living and Bedroom Areas
  • Ultrafabric Sofa and Driver/Passenger Seats
  • Convection Stainless Steel Microwave with Three-Burner Recessed Gas Cooktop and Air Fryer Feature
  • And much, much more

For a full list of specs and features, visit Additional options and upgrades are also provided for your perusal.

Decor Options

Speaking of customization, let’s take a look at some of the decor options. Everyone wants their RV to feel like home, and there’s no better way to do that then by choosing the right materials, colors, and patterns for your living space. Everyone who buys Newmar motorhomes can choose what the interior, exterior, and wood trim looks like. You can mix and match to create your ideal home on wheels.


There are three options for an exterior paint job. First up is Barnet. This is a luxurious combination of black and gold that will definitely turn heads at any campground. The top half is dark grey, while accents of gold and black cut through the center.

Next is the Camden color scheme. This is a bright, fresh combination that’s white on top, with swirls of light and dark blue along the sides. The base color is a light grey, which ties together with the cooler colors. Finally, there’s the Stroud. This one is all about contrast, with bold strokes of black, white, and red. The top is black, while the main body is covered in red and white streaks. A light tan/gold base unifies the entire color scheme.


You’ll spend most of your time inside the RV, so the interior needs to look nice as well! There are three main decor collections you can select when you live in a Ventana. Brighton is the first option. It has warm tones of brown, cream, and gold. The floors and countertops are made of light-colored stone, with tasteful swirls of brown and grey. There’s a bit of contrast between the base browns and the lighter accents.

On the other hand, the Palisades collection is much more unified. Nearly every element is the same shade of sandy beige, so it blends together seamlessly. But there is a bit of variety in the patterns and textures, so it doesn’t feel boring!

Finally, you can go for something a little darker with the Saguaro option. The base colors here are darker shades of grey and brown. This contrasts the light floors and countertops, so each element feels separate. The patterns are bolder as well, so this could be a good collection for someone who wants to stand out!

In addition, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of wood colors for your cabinets and accent pieces. The options are:

  • Glacier Glazed Maple: Light grey-brown
  • Toffee Glazed Maple: Warm, golden brown
  • Newport Glazed Maple: Dark, neutral brown
  • Bermuda Glazed Maple: Dark, chocolate brown

New Floor Plans for 2024

There are ten total floor plans in the Ventana family, but four of them are brand new for 2024! The latest Newmar motorhomes range in length from 35-38 feet and each one includes some impressive amenities. Take a closer look at the newest options below.

Ventana 3507

This first option is one of the 35-foot models. It has a rear bedroom, complete with a King-sized bed, a huge wardrobe and dresser, and plenty of overhead cabinet space. A bathroom sits just outside, and the main living space contains amenities like a large hide-a-bed sofa, a dinette with free-standing chairs, and a huge pantry. See the full layout at

Ventana 3512

The 3512 is similar to the option above with many of the features being flipped around. It’s almost a perfect mirror, but a few of the details have been tweaked as well. For example, the pantry in this vehicle is a bit smaller, but the overhead cabinets are deeper to make up the difference. There’s also a booth-style dinette instead of a table and chairs. Check out additional details on the 3512 product page.

Ventana 3809

The 3809 is larger than the previous two options, and it’s the only new model to include 2 bathrooms! The first bathroom is a full-width room at the very back of the motorhome. In addition to the standard features, it also includes a washer and dryer, and lots of extra storage space. The second bathroom is merely a half bath, but it improves the livability for every passenger. This model also has two sofa beds in the living room, so several people can sleep in comfort. Learn more by viewing the floor plan here.

Ventana 3817

Finally, we have the 3817 to round out the collection. This is an upgraded motorhome with plenty of space for sleeping, cooking, and storing all your gear! The L-shaped kitchen has lots of countertop space and two pantries make it easy to store all your ingredients. In addition to the King-sized bed at the rear, there are also two sleeper sofas and a dinette that can turn into an extra bed. It’s a perfect balance of comfort and convenience. View and compare the different floor plans at

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