CC Vector Long Range WiFi Receiver System – Repeats to All WiFi Devices at a Distant Location. Boost Coverage to Garage, Garden, Upstairs, Back Rooms, and More; 2.4 GHz
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“Very Strong Signal And Performance. I bought this kit because out in my garage my WiFi was weak and I couldn’t stream youtube video’s and even email was on again/off again it took me about 30 minutes to get the various parts hooked together and mounted on a wall of the garage. My laptop went from one or two bars for reception strength to the top four bars. Streaming youtube is perfect… I can easily perform any task on the internet out in my garage as easily as I can anywhere else in home. I highly recommend this product bundle.” S. Kendall – Austin, TX – The antenna’s amplifier sensitivity exceeds average WiFi range extenders C. Crane has tested. The CC Vector system is easy to setup and works on all WiFi devices such as: Gaming consoles, Windows, Android, Apple, iPhone and Smart TVs, internet radios and more..Includes a WPS button for quickly connecting a new WiFi device. If you require faster speeds for downloading or gaming, we suggest you connect directly to the CC Vectors Ethernet port. If you need any help with setup or have questions about this system call C. Crane’s US based tech support. AC/DC Adapter Specifications: Input: AC 100-240 Volts, 50-60 Hz 0.28 Amp Output: DC 12 Volts, 1 Amp Polarity: Center Tip Positive *Distance and speed vary based on, line of sight, without walls, trees or other obstructions. It also depends on the strength of the WiFi router you are connecting to.
Repeats a WiFi signal to all devices such as: Gaming consoles, Windows, Android, Apple, iPhone and Smart TVs, internet radios and more. There are two available Ethernet jacks on the CC Vector for hard-wiring additional computers or routers. It uses the most popular and longest range WiFi band at 2.4GHz. It also supports 5 GHz for shorter ranges. The C. Crane designed setup is simple and easy for basic computer users.
C. Crane’s antenna can be located so it more favorably connects to a distant WiFi signal from your router. The system is small and can be mounted on a wall, to a window with suction cups or outside (water resistant IP65) for improved coverage and stability.
The CC Vector Long Range is capable of supporting two users watching SD (standard definition) quality Netflix or several users browsing the internet simultaneously. As distance is increased, speed is reduced. Includes the Super USB WiFi Antenna DX, CC Vector WiFi Repeater, AC Power Adapter, 15’ USB Split Cable, 18” Ethernet Cable, Suction Cups and Hanging Lanyard.
Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you have any questions before or after your purchase, you can call our friendly & knowledgeable U.S. based Tech Support for help. Comes with 1-Year Limited Warranty.

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