A dark gray EarthRoamer SX boondocking in a forest.
The EarthRoamer SX has countless unique features that set it apart from other overland rigs on the market. 

A First Look At The 2023 EarthRoamer SX

If you’re a traveler, you’ve probably come across this Susan Sontag quote at some point in your journey:

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” 

If that quote resonates with you, and you’ve been looking for the perfect rig to take you everywhere, your search is over! Take a peek at this beast, the 2023 EarthRoamer!

What is the EarthRoamer SX?

EarthRoamer has been hand-crafting impressive overland vehicles out of Colorado since 1998. The brand has continuously improved upon its models year after year.

A rugged, all-terrain exterior meets a luxurious glamping interior in the EarthRoamer SX go-anywhere overland vehicle. The 2023 EarthRoamer SX is built on a Chevy Silverado 6500 HD chassis with a powerful Duramax 6.6L Turbo-deal V8 engine. Despite its size and capabilities, the EarthRoamer does not require a special license to drive it.

Unique features of the 2023 EarthRoamer

This isn’t your average RV; the EarthRoamer SX is something else entirely. The 2023 EarthRoamer SX has all the technology and innovations that fans have come to admire from the company. Plus, there are even more features that up its comfort, performance, and design.

These rigs will take you to the farthest, most remote places on earth. They contain everything you need to survive without the need to hook up like traditional RVs. 

Let’s check out some of the unique features of the 2023 EarthRoamer.

Indestructible exterior

This impressive overlander can withstand the gnarliest of terrains. The vehicle comes with 43-inch military-grade tires with bead-lock rims, giving drivers a smooth ride both on and off-road. On the off-chance the EarthRoamer does get stuck, it has self-recovery capabilities with front and rear winches.

The exterior structure is as durable as it looks. It’s designed with no seams, which means no leaks. It’s made using a vacuum infusion process, which bonds two carbon fiber skins to a foam core. The result is a lightweight yet solid and safe structural design. 

Closeup view of the 43-inch military-grade tires on the EarthRoamer SX.
43-inch military-grade tires come standard on the EarthRoamer SX.

Robust off-grid living features

The EarthRoamer was designed to take you off-grid. Thanks to the capacities of this bad boy, you can stay off-grid for even longer.

With a fuel tank that holds 100 gallons, the EarthRoamer can cruise for up to 1000 miles before refueling. In addition, the overland holds 120 gallons of fresh water, with a 55-gallon gray water tank and two 5-gallon black water tanks. 

Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that there’s no noisy generator. The electric system includes 1600 watts of solar power, an 18,000-watt-hour lithium-ion battery bank, and energy-efficient appliances. Regardless of the season, you’ll stay at a comfortable temperature with the diesel air heater or energy-efficient AC. 

Next-level luxury

While the exterior is designed to be sturdy and tough, the interior allows owners to live in the lap of luxury. The main bed is a memory foam California king that rests underneath a massive roof hatch where you can gaze at the night stars. 

The 2023 model introduced a full dry bath with a walk-in shower that boasts a rainfall showerhead and a handheld wand.

Meanwhile, the full kitchen has up to three induction cooktops, granite countertops, and a deep stainless steel sink. The setup allows users to whip up lavish meals without being inconvenienced. You can even opt for a wine fridge or washer and dryer.  

The luxury kitchen of an EarthRoamer SX.
There are countless interior design choices to be made when ordering your EarthRoamer SX.

Highly customizable

EarthRoamer has a product builder that walks you through all the potential upgrades and customized choices for your rig. The options for your overland vehicle are endless.

There are four different floor plans to choose from based on your needs. After choosing your ideal layout, you can choose your interior finishes. Choose from 10 different wood finishes, three different hardware styles, and nine different chassis interior color options.

From there, you can choose various add-ons like coffee makers, EarthRoamer logo dinnerware, butcher block cooktops covers, dropdown TVs, two-way radios, and more. There are also potential extra security measures like a FLIR Infrared Camera or a center console gun safe to add.

How much does the 2023 EarthRoamer cost?

As one may guess after reading about the features of the EarthRoamer SX, this isn’t a budget-friendly recreational vehicle. The base price for this epic rig is just under a million dollars. However, the highly customizable RV typically ends up with a final price closer to $1,100,000 once fully equipped.

While this price point definitely puts the EarthRoamer beyond most people’s budgets, they do offer a slightly more affordable LTi model. They also have an inventory of “pre-roamed” vehicles that have been inspected and certified. These vehicles start around $350,000 and have less than 50,000 miles or five years of age. 

Learn more about the EarthRoamer SX

These rugged yet luxurious overland vehicles can’t be compared to anything else on the market. If your dream is to reach every untouched corner of the globe, there is no other vehicle that can truly take you everywhere! To learn more about the 2023 EarthRoamer SX, visit their website at

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