inside the 2023 Alliance Paradigm

What Are The 2023 Alliance Paradigm Models?

The 2023 models are hitting the market, and there are lots of exciting options to keep an eye out for this year.

Alliance RV has created some stunning fifth wheels in the past, and their 2023 lineup of Alliance Paradigm fifth wheels promises to live up to the standards set by previous years. In fact, the selection this year is better than ever, so make sure you keep this brand in mind if you’re looking for a new RV.

In 2023, there are eight different floor plans/models under the Alliance Paradigm umbrella. Every one of these designs has been thoughtfully crafted with the user in mind. These models are luxurious, spacious, and offer some of the best appliances and integrated technology on the market today.

Fifth wheels are fantastic options for anyone who wants to RV full-time because they contain large living spaces, a huge storage capacity, and top-of-the-line features. If you’re looking for luxury, one of the 2023 Alliance Paradigm models could be just the thing you need. Below, we’ll break down some of the most notable features of each floor plan.


  • Total vehicle length: 33 feet, 3 inches
  • Dry weight: 11,666 lbs.
  • Hitch weight: 2,350 lbs.
  • Fresh water capacity: 98 gallons
  • Grey water capacity: 106 gallons
  • Black water capacity: 53 gallons

The 295MK is the shortest fifth wheel on the list, but it still has plenty of room for appliances, furniture, and storage. This floorplan design is split almost perfectly in half. The front section contains the main bedroom and bathroom. The bathroom has sliding doors on two walls, so it’s easy to access from the hallway or the bedroom itself.

The back half features a pair of large, opposing slideouts. There’s plenty of room for the floating dinner table, dual recliner loveseat, sleeper sofa, entertainment center/fireplace, and all the kitchen appliances. There’s also a kitchen island in the center of the floor, which makes for a great workspace!


  • Total vehicle length: 34 feet, 11 inches
  • Dry weight: 12,243 lbs.
  • Hitch weight: 2,530 lbs.
  • Fresh water capacity: 98 gallons
  • Grey water capacity: 106 gallons
  • Black water capacity: 53 gallons

This next design is nearly identical to the one above, except it’s a little longer and some of the features have been rearranged. If you’re a fan of the 295MK but want to switch things up a bit, consider this as an alternative!

The main difference can be found in the kitchen area. The 310RL design features a hutch/pantry along one wall, while the 295MK places the stove, microwave, and countertops in this location. There’s also an additional kitchen storage cabinet, which combines with a linen closet on the other side of the wall.

The bathrooms are also slightly different. The 295MK has the toilet and sink side by side, whereas they face each other in the 310RL. Overall, the bathroom is slightly bigger in the 310RL, so that may be a determining factor.


  • Total vehicle length: 37 feet, 10 inches
  • Dry weight: 12,782 lbs.
  • Hitch weight: 2,728 lbs.
  • Fresh water capacity: 98 gallons
  • Grey water capacity: 106 gallons
  • Black water capacity: 53 gallons

Now it’s time to shake things up a bit with the 340RL! The front bedroom in this unit has a king-size bed, a pair of seats with hidden storage, a smart TV, and a massive wardrobe with washer/dryer prep included. What more could you want in a bedroom? A short hallway connects the bedroom to the rest of the RV and the bathroom sits off to the side of this space.

The rear section is similar to the previous two, acting as a combination living room/kitchen. Everyone can relax and socialize in this nice open space. Closets, cabinets, and shelves are scattered throughout the design, so there’s always a place for your extra gear.

inside the 2023 Alliance Paradigm


  • Total vehicle length: 40 feet, 4 inches
  • Dry weight: 13,687 lbs.
  • Hitch weight: 2,623 lbs.
  • Fresh water capacity: 98 gallons
  • Grey water capacity: 106 gallons
  • Black water capacity: 53 gallons

So far, the Alliance Paradigm models we’ve discussed have only had one bathroom. This can quickly become tricky when you’re traveling with large groups! So if you need a vehicle that’s ideal for multiple travelers, check out the 370FB. It has two bathrooms, one in the front and one in the middle.

The front bathroom is massive, and it spans the entire width of the vehicle. It contains a shower, toilet, sink, linen closet, and a large vanity with lots of storage space above and below. It connects to a walk-in closet that includes a washer/dryer prep station.

The second bathroom is connected to the living room/kitchen. It’s just a half bath, but it gives everybody easy access to a bathroom when they need it. The rest of the amenities and furniture are similar to the previously mentioned models.


  • Total vehicle length: 41 feet, 6 inches
  • Dry weight: 13,343 lbs.
  • Hitch weight: 2,900 lbs.
  • Fresh water capacity: 98 gallons
  • Grey water capacity: 106 gallons
  • Black water capacity: 53 gallons

The 382RK is a fantastic design if you love RVs that employ a nice separation of space. Although combination spaces are useful, sometimes it’s nice to have specific areas devoted to specific purposes.

The front section of this fifth wheel is similar to the 370FB mentioned above. It has the same large bathroom/walk-in closet arrangement.

Just outside the bedroom, there’s a wonderful relaxation space. Sleeper sofas sit on opposing walls, along with a dual recliner loveseat in the middle. A fireplace and TV occupy the final wall. This is the perfect place to unwind after a long day, plus it serves as a backup bedroom. There’s even a half bath connected to this section.

The very back of this fifth wheel is devoted to the kitchen/dining room. A wrap-around countertop covers 3/4 of the walls, so there’s plenty of workspace. A pantry and floating dinette table complete the space.


  • Total vehicle length: 41 feet, 4 inches
  • Dry weight: 14,517 lbs.
  • Hitch weight: 2,875 lbs.
  • Fresh water capacity: 98 gallons
  • Grey water capacity: 106 gallons
  • Black water capacity: 53 gallons

Generally, fifth wheel designs place the bedroom at the front and the living room/kitchen at the back. The 385FL from Alliance Paradigm shakes things up by placing the bedroom at the rear instead.

In this model, the front section of the RV contains a pair of opposing sleeper sofas, a dual recliner lover seat, and a TV mounted above the fireplace. The center module hosts the kitchen, dining room, and a small connected half bath.

The back of this fifth wheel is devoted to a massive master bedroom and bathroom. There’s a king-size bed within a slideout, a seat with hidden storage, a TV, and a closet. The connected bathroom contains an additional closet, a washer/dryer prep station, a shower, a toilet, and a long sink/vanity.

There’s also a large basement pull-out tray hidden beneath all of this. It’s perfect for storing large, bulky items that don’t fit anywhere else.


  • Total vehicle length: 41 feet, 11 inches
  • Dry weight: 13,546 lbs.
  • Hitch weight: 2,744 lbs.
  • Fresh water capacity: 98 gallons
  • Grey water capacity: 106 gallons
  • Black water capacity: 53 gallons

More and more people are ditching their traditional homes and apartments in favor of the RV lifestyle. But even if you have a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, sometimes you need a bit of extra space for your work and hobbies. If you want an extra multi-purpose room, the 390MP is the perfect choice for you.

This model has a standard front bedroom and bathroom, as well as a combination living room and kitchen in the back. But there’s also another room located in between these two areas.

This multipurpose room contains a loft, a convertible sleeper sofa, a 64-inch desk, a TV backer, and lots of overhead storage compartments. It’s a great space because it can act as a spare bedroom, a storage room, an office, or just a place to get away and enjoy some personal time.


  • Total vehicle length: 42 feet, 6 inches
  • Dry weight: 13,920 lbs.
  • Hitch weight: 2,904 lbs.
  • Fresh water capacity: 98 gallons
  • Grey water capacity: 106 gallons
  • Black water capacity: 53 gallons

Finally, let’s wrap up with the biggest fifth wheel on the list! The 395DS is absolutely massive, and it has room for two master bedrooms, one on each end of the vehicle. Each bedroom can accommodate a closet or two, a Smart TV, an attached bathroom with a shower, and a queen-size bed (some can be upgraded to kings).

The center module between these bedrooms contains the rest of the necessary amenities and appliances. These include a fireplace, a sleeper sofa, a dual recliner loveseat, a U-shaped kitchen arrangement, and a floating dinette table and chairs. It’s the perfect arrangement for people who want to enjoy privacy and separate bedrooms.

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