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The Ultra-Luxurious 2024 Marathon Coach

RVs come in all shapes and sizes. Although there are several budget-friendly RVs on the market, it’s balanced out by the world of luxury, high-end RVs that come with massive price tags. Very few people can afford the most expensive models, but these vehicles are a great way for manufacturers to showcase their engineering and design prowess. For example, Marathon Coach has just unveiled a new motorhome that costs $3 million!

Marathon Coach is well known for creating some of the most expensive RVs in the country. Their products are likely to show up on ranked lists of the best (and most expensive) vehicles. This new model is no exception, and it is actually one of their most pricey models to date! It has an initial price of $2,928,989, and that’s not counting add-ons or taxes.

Although very few people will be able (or willing) to buy a motorhome that costs this much, it’s still fun to explore high-end models like this. The Marathon Coach #1375 is expected to be available sometime in 2024, so keep your eye out for more details once the release date gets closer.

Marathon Coach #1375

“Using an innovative floorplan with a perfect blend of form to function, coach #1375 is the culmination of all of Marathon’s achievements from the last 40 years.”

The #1375 is an exciting new release from Marathon Coach. They’re keeping some of the details close to their chest for now, but we do have some information about the upcoming release. The prototype model was unveiled on February 8 at the Prevost Motorhome Expo.

Each motorhome is built onto a Prevost H3-45 bus chassis. These multi-million dollar vehicles have large slideouts that expand the space and provide plenty of room for appliances, storage compartments, and high-quality furniture.

Every coach is quite tall. This height provides lots of overhead space, as well as spacious storage areas underneath the motorhome.

These double-slide coaches are absolutely gorgeous and are designed to provide the pinnacle to comfort, no matter where you are in the world. Obviously these motorhomes come with a hefty price tag, but the creators spared no expense creating this masterpiece. They worked hard to include and integrate all the features that customers want from RVs, and then some!

Floor plan

The average person won’t be able to afford a motorhome like this, but there’s no reason that we can’t appreciate the beauty and ingenuity of this design! Full details of the floor plan haven’t been revealed yet, but the RV show prototype gives us an idea of what to expect.

A lovely living room sits behind the driver’s cabin. This space is nice and open, plus it features several comfortable places to sit. A plush couch lines one wall, while a pair of swiveling chairs and a fireplace occupies the other side. A small counter runs along one arm of the couch, providing a perfect spot for snacks, games, or a laptop.

The next section is the kitchen and dining room. There’s a comfortable L-shaped bench along one wall that wraps around a dining table. Storage cabinets are located beneath the seats, so you can pack all the cookware and appliances you want!

The kitchen sits across from the dinette. Everything can be neatly covered up and tucked away, which creates a flawless and flat countertop. The sink and stove have special covers and the refrigerator, microwave, and other appliances are hidden behind the attractive cabinetry.

Before we get to the bedroom, there’s a small hallway with a bathroom on one side and a spacious closet on the other. The bathroom features stylish curved countertops and warm, inviting lighting. There’s also gorgeous tile backsplash above the vanity and in the shower. A rainfall showerhead heightens the luxurious feeling in here.

Finally, the rear of the motorhome hosts the bedroom. A huge luxury bed sits against one wall, but there’s plenty of walking space around the foot of the bed. Nightstands flank the bed on both sides, and it faces a mounted TV and a large dresser. A pair of wardrobes are nestled into the wall, and there’s even more storage space along the back wall.

interior of Marathon Coach


Of course, appliances and furniture are only a part of this motorhome’s greatness. It was also lovingly designed to be comfortable and attractive.

“From the icy blue exterior to the shimmering tile in the shower, this coach sings to the senses from the moment you set eyes on it. The rest of the interior sings just as sweetly, with a light and airy color palate in a contemporary and modern design.”

The interior lighting is warm and golden. This creates a peaceful and welcoming environment. Everything is bright and well-lit thanks to the large skylights, gold accent lighting, and inlaid can lights.

All of the cabinetry in the kitchen is made from dark, attractive wood. This contrasts against the light floors and walls and adds a bit of richness to the space. Gold accents and fixtures compliment the color scheme in every part of the vehicle, from the cabinet knobs to the sink faucets.

The exterior of the Marathon Coach #1375 is also quite attractive. It’s sleek and smooth, with almost invisible lines for the slideouts and storage compartments.

Angular designs run over the length of the vehicle, giving it a sense of power and direction. The top half is black while the bottom is white. Cool blue accents break up the monotony and add a bit of visual flair to the exterior.

No matter where you look, there’s always something beautiful and unique to enjoy here. When this motorhome becomes available, it’s also quite likely that customers will have additional color schemes and decorations to choose from. Personalization is one of the best parts of getting a high-end vehicle like this!

bedroom in Marathon Coach

Noteworthy features

The #1375 coach won’t become commercially available until 2024, so we don’t have a full list of specifications and features yet. However, the company has highlighted a few elements that are particularly exciting! Some of the best parts of the new Marathon Coach include:

  • Marathon’s Exclusive TECHLINK “Intelligent” Electrical System
  • Patented Freedom Plus Sewer System
  • 50″ LED Backlit LCD In Salon, 50″ LED Backlit LCD In The Bedroom
  • 41,000 BTU Variable Speed Hydronic Heater With Four Heat Exchangers Throughout The Coach
  • 20 KW Diesel Generator With Auto-Gen & Pressure Regulated Air Bag Mounts

For more information about this motorhome, visit the Marathon Coach website.

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