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BondStove by Warmbond: Smokeless Fire Pit for Every Camping Adventure

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, weekend warrior, or full-time RV family, you know that grilling can be a real challenge. Campfires and propane stoves are the traditional go-to solutions, but they can be messy, unreliable, and sometimes even dangerous.

When it comes to doing anything, having the right equipment comes in handy. One option that is gaining popularity among RVers is the BondStove Fire Pit. This innovative stove offers a number of benefits for those who love to explore the great outdoors.

As full-time RVers and content creators, we recently had the opportunity to test and enjoy this new product and shoot some accompanying video. Here’s what we learned!

What is the BondStove Fire Pit?

The BondStove Fire Pit is a 20-inch square fire pit, lightweight, portable wood-burning but smokeless fire pit that is designed to be used outdoors. It’s made from high-quality stainless steel and features a unique design that allows it to burn wood efficiently, producing minimal smoke and ash. It can be used as a fire pit, a grill, or a radiant heat source.


The Bond Stove can take on many forms, depending on which “packs” you choose. There are several packs to choose from.

  • The Fire Viewing Pack
  • The Grill Pack
  • The Warmness Pack
  • The Mobile Pack

Let’s take a moment to review what these packs entail.

The Fire Viewing Pack utilizes aircraft-grade quartz glass that’s durable and easy to clean. The glass will turn a smoky brown when cooking with the lid and easily wipes clean. It’s perfect for just sitting and enjoying the flames.

The Grill Pack (for those foodies out there) gives you the ability to watch your cooking talents through the window. It includes a thermometer and a grill tool bundle, including some great marshmallow forks.

The Warmness Pack comes with a special twist. The folks at WarmBond have included the industry’s first heat deflector. The angle is adjustable to allow heat to radiate in a specific direction, making it easy to enjoy the stars snuggled up in your most comfortable camp chair.

Last but not least, the Mobile Pack is truly an RVer’s friend. It comes with a waterproof storage case, a trifold carrying case with heavy-duty Velcro for easy lifting, and best of all, omni-directional wheels! This makes it easy to maneuver the BondStove wherever you are, whether it’s the campsite, tailgating somewhere, the beach, or the grandparents’ backyard.

This is by far my favorite of the packs. We loved the trifold carrying case, especially for solo campers. The combination of the case and the wheels is huge! That makes it a fantastic addition to any outdoor fan’s must-haves.

Picture of Warmbond Bondstove next to woodpile on scenic forest meadow.

Benefits of the BondStove Fire Pit

Money savers

Money is important to most people. A big benefit of BondStove is its cost-effectiveness. We all know how prices on everything have been going up, such as groceries and gas prices. While propane is still reasonable, it too can be priced quite high in popular destinations and can make or break a budget, especially if you’re using propane every day. BondStove takes us back to simplicity.

Earth friendly

As a bonus, the BondStove is eco-friendly. Wood is a renewable and sustainable source of energy. Propane is not. As the consumer, we are reducing our carbon footprints and doing our part to keep the environment clean.

Starting fires can be frustrating, not to mention sometimes dangerous. Hauling jugs of propane everywhere can be a pain, and the extra weight is not a win for safe RVing. Nor is it very eco-friendly. Every RVer is conscious of the total weight of their rigs. To address some of these concerns, Warmbond created a fire starter ring which uses renewable and sustainable jute, a plant-based fiber. The waterproof and flammable design of the starter ring lets you start a fire in any weather, at any time.

Assembling the BondStove

Let’s be real here. No one wants to spend hours putting another gadget together. Dawn did this all on her own in under 10 minutes (where are our girl campers?). At about 40 lbs or so, it was simple to follow the quick instructions, and she was cooking on it within 30 minutes of assembling.

The entire kit came in two boxes and was easy to assemble. The lid and handle needed only a simple screwdriver to assemble. The glass ring was a surprise too, and once the cooking started, you could sit back, enjoy a cold one, and watch the fire. It comes with a heat-resistant Grill Champ glove, which helps when using the lid. It also includes lifters to assist with moving the glass and a nice BBQ toolset. It’s all very compact and quickly stored away inside itself, becoming a perfect square for transporting.

Cooking with the BondStove

Who out there doesn’t like to eat? We all love to eat. The BondStove can be used to cook a variety of great food. From simple things like bacon, a grilled cheese sandwich, or even a cast iron pizza cooked on an open fire…it’s amazing! Steaks and chicken are easy, as are more complex meals like chili. Cooking with the BondStove is not cumbersome or awkward (ever cook on a shaky tinfoil homemade hibachi?), and it is well-ventilated to allow smoke to disperse quickly (not quite smokeless but close).

One smart design bonus is that the enamel grill grate can be lifted easily and firmly by the poker, allowing you to reposition the grate if needed, even while hot.

Easy use and safety

One of the simple joys of camping and RV life is a nice fire at the end of the day. Even better is one that is easy to use, especially after a long day of hiking as you hurry back to camp to cook and warm up from the chill of the night air.

The BondStove is a simple design and easy to set up, perfect for even those full hookup RV parks, with or without fire rings! Any camper can do it! Unlike campfires, the BondStove burns wood efficiently, and ashes are easy to clean with the removable ash pan.

Who’s ready to camp?

For any outdoor enthusiast, vanlifer, RVer, camper, overlander, and even the backyard BBQ champ… the BondStove is a great option. Anyone looking for a budget-friendly, earth-friendly, easy-to-use cooking solution will appreciate this unique fire pit & grill.

The BondStove helps you be efficient, with its convenient cooking options for the road, perfect marshmallow toaster, and the perfect addition to your camping gear. Visit for more information, or visit their Kickstarter Page to be alerted when they are ready to order. You can also join the Warmbond Facebook group and see how others are enjoying the BondStove.

About the Authors

Dawn and Kevin are the hosts of the YouTube channel, Nuttin Adventured Nuttin Gained. They work remotely, travel, live, and wander the roads full-time with their daughter Kaitlyn. You’ll often find them camp hosting and giving tours, during the summer season, in Yellowstone National Park.

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