The 2023 Entegra Cornerstone Motorhome Floor Plans

All the RV manufacturers have started releasing new products for 2023, and Entegra is no exception. They have several impressive product lines this year, with new tweaks and floor plans for all the Class A, B, and C motorhomes. But the Entegra Cornerstone lineup has caught our attention!

Entegra Cornerstone vehicles are luxury Class A motorhomes. These are the #1 selling luxury diesel motorhome with a Cummins® 605HP engine, and customers have been impressed with their beauty and extreme quality. These motorhomes are equipped with the latest and greatest safety features and technological gadgets, so you can take your RVing experience to new heights.

We’re very excited about all the new 2023 offerings from Entegra, but the Cornerstone brand promises to be the best of the bunch. There are several new floor plans to explore, as well as a wide range of customization/decoration options. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

Vehicle specs

There are five wonderful new floor plans for the 2023 Entegra Cornerstone. Although these have different layouts and furniture options, the base vehicle specs are the same for all of these models.

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 54,000 lbs.
  • Exterior length: 44 feet, 11 inches
  • Fuel tank capacity: 150 gallons
  • Fresh water/ Gray water/ Black water: 100/62/41 gallons
  • Slideouts: 4

All of these motorhomes have four slideouts, but the size and position of each one is different, depending on the layout you choose. But regardless, you can rest assured that you’ll have plenty of open space once everything is fully extended.

interior of Entegra Cornerstone
Inside the Entegra Cornerstone. Photos via manufacturer

Floor plan options

The layouts serve a wide variety of purpose. There’s enough space to fit all the necessities and then some! Most of the floor plans have one main bedroom, two bathrooms, and plenty of additional sleeping spaces. There’s even a bunkhouse design here, which is perfect for families! They may have similar features, but the specific layouts are different, and everyone should be able to find one that they enjoy.

If you want a visual layout of these floor plans, visit the Entegra Cornerstone product page.


The back portion of this floor plan is a self-contained master suite. The very rear of the motorhome contains a bathroom, complete with a large wardrobe, a stacked washer-dryer setup, a toilet, a shower, a large medicine cabinet, and a vanity with two sinks. It’s great for couples who want to get ready at the same time!

The main bedroom sits on the other side of the bathroom. A king-size bed sits within its own slideout, so there’s plenty of walking room once everyone is expanded. The bed faces a pair of wardrobes, a TV, and a set of drawers, while overhead cabinets stretch over the headboard.

A small half bath sits just outside the bedroom, and the rest of the space is devoted to a combination living room/kitchen, dining room. Oppposing slideouts expand the room, and one wall holds a large refrigerator, a dinette with extendable add-ons, and an angle wall that holds a TV and fireplace.

The opposite wall has a pantry, microwave, sink, dual-burner stove, and a three-seat reclining sofa. Overhead storage cabinets line the walls on both sides of the floor plan.


The overall layout of the 45D is similar, but the division of space is a bit different. Some things are larger, while others are smaller.

For instance, this floor plan still has a large master bedroom in the back half, but the rear storage space is much larger than the wardrobe in the previous model. In fact, it’s like an entirely separate room here! The very back module of the 45D contains a walk-in storage space, complete with wardrobes alone the walls and a washer/dryer combo.

The master bedroom and bathroom are separated by sliding doors, but a long slide-out expands this entire space. The bathroom has a shower, toilet, and vanity with two sinks, while the bedroom has another slide-out to give the bed more room. The orientation of this king-size bed is also flipped compared to the previous model.

The rest of the motorhome has similar features, but the specific pieces of furniture that are included are smaller. For instance, there’s now a pair of theater seats next to the dinette, and a 74-inch hide-a-bed sofa next to the kitchen. The kitchen itself also has a more wedge-like construction, complete with angled corners.


The 45R floor plan is the only bunkhouse model for the Entegra Cornerstone. It has a wonderful layout that’s convenient for parents and children alike. The rear bedroom still has a connected bathroom and storage space, but the bathroom is now a smaller half-bath. This way, children don’t need to go through the main bedroom in order to take a shower. Even though it’s smaller than the other models, there’s still room for a toilet, sink, vanity, medicine cabinet, wardrobe, and washer/dryer setup in here.

A pair of bunk beds is situated just outside the master bedroom. These are 28-inch x 72-inch power bunks, and each one has its own TV so nobody has to fight about what to watch! The main motorhome bathroom lies across the hallway from these bunks. It’s easy for all the passengers to reach, whether they’re in the master bedroom, the bunks, or the main living space. It has room for a toilet, shower, and sink.

Thanks to a pair of opposing slideouts, the rest of the floor plan has lots of open space in the center. There’s also plenty of space for snacks and cooking ingredients between the two pantries, the large refrigerator, and a compact fridge/cooler. This section also features a large hide-a-bed sofa, which increases the sleeping capacity even more!


The 45W is noteworthy because it has the largest bathroom design of all the Entegra Cornerstone models. Once again, the rear bedroom connects to the main bathroom and storage space. The very back wall of the motorhome has a full-width wardrobe with sliding doors.

The attached bathroom is quite spacious and has plenty of room in the center. It still manages to fit a washer/dryer combo, a shower, a toilet, a sink, a large vanity, a medicine cabinet, and an additional storage cabinet above the toilet. There’s plenty of elbow room in here, unlike most RV bathrooms. If you need more space, there’s also a small half bath just outside the bedroom.

The rest of the floor plan is nicely divided between a kitchen/dining room, and a living room. In the living room, a pair of theater seats occupies one wall, while a 74-inch hide-a-bed sits on the opposite side. A TV is situated above this sofa bed as well. There’s also a ton of overhead storage cabinets in this model.


Finally, we have the 45Z. This is the only model that only has one bathroom, so it might be a good fit for travelers who want to live full-time in their RV without sharing it with lots of other passengers. Single travelers or couples will love the space this floor plan provides!

The master bedroom is sandwiched between a large storage space and a full-width bathroom. The walk-in closet is massive and has plenty of room for storage and a washer/dryer combo. This can basically function as a separate laundry room!

The bathroom is located on the opposite side of the bedroom, separating it from the rest of the space. It spans the entire width of the vehicle and has sliding doors on both sides. There’s a pair of sinks, a vanity, a broom closet, and a door that leads to the toilet and shower. With this design, you can open up the bathroom to the main space, while still preserving privacy for some parts of it. It’s a great feature if you want easy access to the dual sinks.

The main living space features a 100-inch reclining sofa, which faces across from a fireplace and TV. A dinette and kitchenette complete the setup, and there’s plenty of space for dining and cooking here.

Decor options/Color schemes

Customers have lots of choices when they buy an Entegra Cornerstone. The base models have many features that can be swapped or replaced. For example, in the floor plans we explored above, buyers can opt to replace the dinette with booth-style models or swap out one type of sofa for another.

You also get a say in the appearance of the interior and exterior. There are eight different exterior paint jobs you can choose from. Each one has black and white base tones, but the accent colors come in a wide variety of hues, including various shades of purple, blue, and red.

The interior is also highly customizable. Buyers can select from three different furniture tones such as Beach (light creams with a grainy appearance), Linen (warm, tawny tones with geometric designs), or Sterling (cooler gray-browns with striped gradients).

You can then mix and match these furniture tones with a huge collection of wood/tile matchups. There are 12 different options for customers to choose from, and they encompass a wide variety of colors, textures, and designs. Every Entegra Cornerstone can be exactly what you want it to be!

If you want to learn more about these impressive motorhomes, visit

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