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Holiday Rambler Introduces The 2024 Armada

We’re more than halfway through the year, so it’s time to start looking forward to the next generation of RVs. Holiday Rambler has entered the conversation with the announcement of the 2024 Armada. These Class A motorhomes are described as luxury hotels on wheels, so you know you’ll get a great experience when you purchase one of these.

The Armada is not new for 2024. This specific brand has been around for a few years now, but the newest addition promises to be better than ever! Some of the updates for 2024 include new exterior paint options, updated floor plans, and patented technology around every corner.

In addition, Holiday Rambler customers have a lot of control when it comes to decoration and design. You can customize each Armada motorhome by choosing the interior and exterior color schemes, the cabinetry material, and certain packages and add-ons. Read on to learn more about these impressive RVs!

A luxury Class A motorhome

The Armada lineup is one of the best examples of the craftsmanship that Holiday Rambler provides. These Class A motorhomes are finely designed, and they can take you just about anywhere! Let’s start at the base and work up from there.

For starters, each 2024 Amrada is built on a powerful chassis. These vehicles have a Cummins L9 diesel engine. They can generate up to 450 lbs. of horsepower, so you can easily handle steep inclines and other tough driving conditions. If you want to tow a second vehicle, you’ll be glad to hear that these motorhomes are capable of hauling an additional 10,000-15,000 lbs.

An Armada motorhome also comes with a thoughtfully designed interior. Each model has Vacu-Bond™ floors, walls, and ceilings for a smooth and well-integrated living space. There are no cracks or flaws to be found here!

There are also some nice lifestyle features. For example, each model comes with heated tile flooring. That’s perfect for those who always have cold feet! It’s also ideal for full-time RVers who need to use their vehicles throughout all four seasons.

Armada RVs also have plenty of storage space within and outside the vehicle. The pass-through storage compartments are some of the largest on the market. Additionally, each floor plan has plenty of wardrobes, cabinets, and other places to store your belongings.

“In this luxury RV, outdoors is great, but indoors is greater.”

holiday rambler armada kitchen

Decor options

Although the default designs are always beautiful, customers have several options when it comes to decorating the 2024 Armada. The new addition has more options than ever, so you can customize every part of these vehicles. Holiday Rambler makes it easy for you to personalize!


The exterior is the first thing you’ll notice before you ever step foot inside. There are six different color options to choose from, so you can find a combination that suits your needs. Here’s a quick overview of what you’re dealing with.

  • Birmingham: Black top, gray bottom. Dark red accents, mixed with white and gray.
  • Biscayne: Light gray top, white bottom. Light tan/yellow accents blend with white and light gray.
  • Capitol: White top, gray bottom. Sage green accents mix with white and light gray.
  • Challenger: White top, black bottom. Bold blue accent colors contrast sharply against white and black.
  • Olympia: Brownish beige undercoat across the full body. Black and maroon accents.
  • Voyager: White top, light gray bottom. Navy blue blends with dark black accents.


It’s great for your RV to look nice on the outside. But you’ll spend most of your time inside the motorhome. Fortunately, the design team at Holiday Rambler has your back! There are three different color schemes/design collections to choose from. You can also mix and match your own choice of cabinetry to tie the space together. The cabinetry colors are black, gray, white, and brown.

All of the collections have fairly neutral color schemes, so you can add your own decoration style without issue. But some of the base designs may be better for you than others! Let’s take a closer look at the options.


First up, we’ve got a decor collection with a hint of gold. Although many of the pieces are gray or brown, there are a few flecks of color here too. For example, the backsplash has an interlocking design with metallic, scale-like tiles. The valance also has threads of yellow/gold running through it.

There’s also a nice color contrast between the furniture and the base. For example, the flooring is light gray, and the countertops are quite light as well. But the sofas and other furniture are dark charcoal gray/brown.


The Riviera collection features some fun patterns and textures. You don’t need bright colors to add a pop of visual interest to a space! This decor has eye-catching but natural patterns.

The flooring resembles light gray stone, with lines of black and white streaking through it. The countertops are mottled and have a mixture of light and dark tones. The valance and bedding both have interesting woven textures. Finally, the light blue backsplash and sandy stained-looking accent pillow bring a beachy vibe to the space.


Finally, we have the Waterford interior. The prominent shades in this design are blue and warm gray. The flooring is light gray, and it features a wood-like grain. The valance has mixed tones of tan, beige, gray, and black.

The sofa/furniture material is also a warm gray, so it helps the entire space feel lighter. Finally, the blue tile backsplash and paint-like splatters on the pillow add an artistic flair!


Floor plans

At the end of the day, you want a great design to help you make the most of your vacation! Luckily, the 2024 Armada has you covered on every front. These luxury motorhomes were designed with user satisfaction first. Holiday Rambler has given everyone four floor plans to choose from, and they are all quite elegant and spacious.

“This is what camping should be: Plenty of big, cozy sleeping space; places to cook and eat fresh, delicious meals together; comfy couches and cozy fireplaces to wind down at the end of the night.”


This model has a private bathroom connected to the master bedroom. This is a sizable space that includes a 2-sink vanity, a linen closet, a stackable washer and dryer, a toilet, and a large shower (complete with a seat). There’s a half-bath located just off the main living space, so everyone can enjoy access without intruding on the main bedroom.

In addition, this design features a freestanding dinette with a credenza, a pair of opposing sofas in the living room, and huge overhead storage cabinets.


Next up, we’ve got a bunkhouse model. This is ideal for anyone who wants to maximize their sleeping capacity. The rear portion contains the master bedroom, and the adjoining hall has a full bath on one side and a bunk bed nook on the other side. A sofa bed with a full-sized mattress sits in the main living room as well.

This motorhome has a large kitchenette, which is perfect for chefs on the go. The front section also contains a fireplace, an entertainment center, and a large U-shaped dinette.


The 44B uses a clever division of space to create a clear separation between the living room/kitchen and the sleeping areas. The rear portion includes a half bath, the master bedroom, a large second bathroom, and a separate room for storage/extra sleeping space. The rearmost area can be occupied by a set of bunk beds or used for extra storage space.

The front section of this motorhome is also quite nice. It has a U-shaped dinette, a huge sofa bed, an additional sofa on the opposite wall, and a large kitchen with a galley pull-out.


Finally, we have a motorhome design that has one of the best master bed/bath setups in the world! The bedroom connects to a massive second room, which acts as a bathroom, laundry room, and storage space all at once! It’s even bigger than the bedroom, so there’s plenty of space for everything.

To round out the design, there’s an additional half bath, a freestanding dinette, and a pair of opposing sofas (one of which converts into a bed). To view these floor plans, visit

Learn more from Holiday Rambler

Overall, the 2024 Armada motorhomes are well-designed and ready for life on the road! To learn more about the specs and features of these motorhomes, visit

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