This video goes into great detail featuring all the best upgrades and modifications for a Ford F450.

Customizing the Ford F450 for RV Towing

As full-time RV enthusiasts, it’s essential for us to have the perfect tow vehicle to haul our home around. Our ride of choice? The 2022 Ford Super-Duty F450. With its robust engine and incredible towing capabilities, it was already a top contender.

However, we didn’t stop at factory settings. We’ve tweaked and modified our F450, transforming it into an exceptional RV towing machine. In this article, we’ll share the upgrades and custom modifications we’ve made to optimize our RV life.

Factory specs and add-ons

Our F450, already an RV towing beast, came with a wealth of factory features, from an 8-foot bed and a 6.7 Powerstroke V8 Diesel engine to a built-in navigation system. We opted for the 4×4 FX4 Off-Road Package and the Lariat Trim, which included everything from power seats to dual climate control, a premium sound system, and more.

To enhance the comfort level, we added the Lariat Ultimate Package, featuring LED truck bed lighting, driver memory seat settings, power heated/cooled front seats, and a wireless charging slot, among other things.

Tailoring the Lariat Trim

Initially, our RV journey started with a 2019 Ford F450 featuring Platinum Trim. However, we soon switched to the 2022 Lariat Trim, preferring the more black, less chrome aesthetics. We did miss some comforts from the Platinum Trim, so we added adaptive steering, power running boards, a panoramic power moonroof, and a 360-degree trailer tow camera to our Lariat Trim.

Optional add-ons for optimum RV towing

Further customizing our truck for RV life, we added the Camper Package for maximum RV towing load capacity, quad beam LED headlamps for better visibility, rain-sensing wipers for convenience, and an engine block heater for those colder days. A spray-in bed liner was also on our list, but due to Ford’s supply chain issues, we had it installed after picking up the truck.

close up of ford F450 towing a 5th wheel rv
The Ford F450 is a beast for RV towing

2019 versus 2022

Comparing our previous 2019 F450 with the current 2022 model, we noticed a few upgrades. The newer model boasts wireless Apple CarPlay, a larger and high-resolution screen, a 10-speed transmission for more torque and better fuel economy, a Pro Trailer Backup Assist, and more driving modes. Ultimately, the newer truck was better for RV towing.

Essential accessories and modifications

After all the factory add-ons and optional features, we moved on to accessorize and modify our F450 further. We added a 5th Wheel Hitch for safe RV towing, a low-profile Bed Cover that has improved our MPG, and a combined Tool Box/Fuel Box.

To ensure a safe drive, we installed a Tire Pressure Monitoring System and a Rear Trailer Camera Monitor. We also added an RV Navigation GPS to safely navigate the roads with our oversized toy hauler. Other additions include a Dash Cam, a Front Hitch for our bikes, and a Ceramic Paint Coating for that extra shine and protection. To complete the look, we added Tinted Windows for aesthetics and comfort.

RV towing wrap-up

After four years on the road, we’ve honed our F450 to fit our RVing lifestyle perfectly. If you’re interested in seeing more of our setup, be sure to watch the above video where I discuss every enhancement in detail.

Remember, what works for us might not work for everyone. So, research, plan, and modify your rig to best fit your RV lifestyle and RV towing needs. Happy travels!

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