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How GPS Tracking Became a Game Changer for RVers

Over the past three years or so, RVers have increasingly decided that GPS tracking makes sense to protect their RV investment. After all, an RV may be one of the largest purchases of your life. Knowing where it is and its status in real-time can provide a great deal of peace of mind.

Compared to GPS options for fleet tracking in a business environment, simpler GPS platforms that are affordable and suited to RVers or consumers are few and far between. WhereSafe GPS is one option that RVers have turned to in the past and know well, offering a very simple and affordable GPS mobile app that has most of the functions an RVer would want.

Why RVers use a GPS tracker

RV owners use a GPS tracking system for safety purposes or to protect against RV theft, which has become a growing issue across North America. Real-time and instant notifications for movement when your RV should not be moving might be all you want.

If it does go missing, you can find out its exact location and inform law enforcement. Given that so many people are spending more time working in their RVs, or even living in them full-time, theft should not be an option. There could be too many valuable possessions in the RV to not do everything possible to prevent theft and ensure recovery.

Getting more from a GPS Tracking System

With the increased awareness of GPS tracking among RV owners, many are seeking to maximize its potential. Advanced GPS platforms provide key features that offer numerous benefits, whether on the road, during storage, when renting out the RV, or protecting multiple high-value assets.

One improvement some GPS users are making is upgrading their current WhereSafe GPS to Trackem GPS. These are both provided by the same company, but Trackem is a business-oriented platform with a wider range of capabilities.

What features does Trackem GPS offer?

A key feature that Trackem offers over their WhereSafe line is the availability of a web interface and a mobile app, as opposed to only a mobile app. Trackem’s web platform and apps offer a plethora of expanded functions, such as geofencing.

Trackem gps tracking displayed on laptop, tablet, and phone.

The geofencing in Trackem is unlimited, compared to the limited geofencing WhereSafe offers. You can place a virtual boundary (or geofence) around your home or storage facility when you are not using your RV. You could also place a geofence around the RV park so that if your RV moves in or out of any of these areas when it should not, you will be instantly notified.

You can geofence a city, state, or even a country so that you get notified if renters take your RV over a border they are not supposed to or get notified when your young Vanlifer gets to a destination as planned.

Unlimited GPS tracking history

Similar to geofencing with Trackem, history is also unlimited compared to the 2 days of history you can get with WhereSafe. Users can keep track of all trips, where they went, what routes they took, how long they stayed, precise driving times, mileage, and more. This feature is perfect for helping you plan your next RV trip or look back precisely to places you’ve been.

Keeping on the theme of ‘unlimited’, this also holds true for users and tracked assets. This means that if you want multiple family members or friends to have access to the platform, Trackem allows as many as you would like. The same goes for tracked assets. If you need to track your tow vehicle separately, or even your ATV, golf cart, or boat, you can host all of these GPS-tracked items in the same account.

Dashcam integration

A totally new system capability is the potential to integrate a dash cam into the GPS system. This means that RV owners can video record entire trips and specific road events or incidents. Dash cams can record everything that happens on the road while you are traveling, as well as what is going on inside the RV. Installing GPS and now dash cams can result in lower insurance premiums or provide RV owners with proof needed when dealing with law enforcement, the legal system, or insurance providers.

GPS tracking for RV rentals

If your gig is renting your RV to gain some money back on your investment, you will certainly want to explore the options of the more robust GPS tracking platform. As mentioned earlier, the unlimited “snap and go” geofences are very handy to ensure RV renters are keeping up with any contractual geographical restrictions. With geofences, you can know the exact time of pick-up and drop-off.

You can monitor driving behavior by receiving alerts and reports on speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, and even harsh cornering. Real-time alerts can be set if there are any daily, weekly, or monthly mileage restrictions. In the event of an accident, the dash cam and available history reports could be very useful for insurance and any legal issues with the renter. If you have multiple RVs rented, you can monitor the entire fleet together.

7 Reasons Why WhereSafe Customers Move to Trackem

  1. Unlimited route history, which archives forever
  2. Unlimited Geofences; you can now create your own!
  3. Unlimited users
  4. Computer web access and smartphone app access
  5. Google Maps traffic overlays & route replay
  6. It has the functionality and reports that businesses need
  7. Multiple language translations English, French, Spanish, plus many more

“All existing WhereSafe GPS trackers are already compatible with Trackem GPS platform and they can be reprogrammed over the air. “

Trackem GPS


Ultimately, there is a lot of functionality to explore and many ways to use this expanded GPS tracking technology. The best part, which we’ve left until last, is that there is currently no price increase to upgrade from WhereSafe to the Trackem Classic Plan.

This is a very good fit for those who want to get more out of their GPS tracking system. With that said, some people just want to stick to simple and easy functionality, with no need for web access or bells and whistles, and only want to know where their RV is on their mobile WhereSafe app… and that’s fine too.

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