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Go RV Tailgating For The Super Bowl

Once again, we’re just days away from the biggest game of the year. The Super Bowl always draws massive crowds, but even if you’re not going to the game in person, you might want to throw a tailgating party to celebrate the occasion. Due to their size and outdoor cooking capabilities, RVs are often used to host some of the best tailgate setups ever.

Tailgating doesn’t just happen though! All of the best parties include careful planning and preparation. If you want to throw a Super Bowl party to remember, make sure you take the time to set up your party HQ and stock up on everything you need.

There are also some rules and regulations you’ll need to follow when you’re setting up for tailgating. Every venue has its own rules, but there is some general etiquette you should follow if you want to avoid getting in trouble.

Without further ado, let’s explore how you can have the best tailgate experience at the Super Bowl!

Book your parking spot in advance

You can’t really have a great tailgating party unless you have a place to park! You can host a gathering at a campground or park, but most people want to tailgate near a stadium if they can. There’s a real sense of community, and it feels more like a party when you’re surrounded by fellow fans.

Keep in mind that there is no RV tailgating permitted at the State Farm Stadium for the 2023 Super Bowl. It was announced that impromptu tailgating won’t be permitted at NFL-controlled parking locations in the vicinity of the stadium.

Avoid last-minute trips

Speaking of parking spaces, you should try to stay in one place once you have a spot. Sometimes you might realize that you forgot a piece of equipment or need to grab an ingredient for one of your dishes. But some venues have rules that you can’t get back in (or you have to pay a fee) once you leave your designated parking space.

If possible, keep your RV parked once you arrive. Tow vehicles can come and go more easily. You can also ask outside friends to help you out if you need to pick something up.

Prepare your RV for guests

A nice RV is a wonderful canvas for a tailgating party. But even though parking spaces may be available, there likely won’t be hookups. As a result, you need to put in some prep work if you want your RV to be comfortable and functional throughout your party.

Begin by topping off your fresh water tank and emptying the black and gray water tanks. Depending on the length of your visit, you may need to ration the use of the water so you don’t run out.

Clean the inside and outside of the RV to make it more welcoming for your guests. Make sure the bathroom is stocked with plenty of toilet paper, as well as a first-aid kit and any general medications you might need (ibuprofen, antacid, Tylenol, etc).

In addition, the vehicle itself should be in good condition. Make sure you have plenty of gas, as well as a healthy and well-charged battery. Stock up on propane as well because the last thing you want is to run out of fuel for the barbecue.

Prep food ahead of time

It wouldn’t be a tailgate party without lots of food! This is the season for all things juicy, salty, and sweet. Although some of the stars may be cooked fresh on game day, there are plenty of dishes and sides that you can make before you arrive.

Even if you have a nice RV kitchen, it’s better to make food in advance if you can. It’s stressful to run around during the party, checking on five different dishes at once. Instead, make them at your own leisure and keep them in a fridge, cooler, or freezer until you’re ready.

If you want to take even more pressure off of yourself, make your gathering into a potluck! Lots of people have dishes that they absolutely love for tailgating, so let them share their favorite recipes with the group. It brings a nice variety to the party, plus it reduces the stress that the host has to carry. Just make sure there are options that everyone can enjoy.

Decorate with your team’s merch

It’s not really a tailgating party if people don’t know which team you’re rooting for! Make it fun by decorating with streamers, flags, and other merch that represents your team.

Some RVers go even further by applying decals and stickers to their vehicle so there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind. As long as you’re not harassing your fellow football fans, the sky is the limit for your decorations.

Stay in your space

As you set up your tailgating party, you might notice that it’s hard to keep everything contained in your space. If you start to creep into someone else’s spot, this could cause problems. Be considerate of those around you and make sure that your guests and your equipment stays within your designated spot.

If you want to enjoy more space, try to make plans with a fellow RVer so you can set up next to each other and double your real estate for the party. This arrangement is better among friends rather than strangers though, so be willing to compromise if someone doesn’t want you in their space.

Follow venue rules and general RV etiquette

Finally, make sure you’re following the rules that the venue has created. Most stadiums and sports centers are happy to host tailgaters, but they require everyone to be respectful of the space and their fellow fans. Look up the venue details and rules before you arrive so you can stay out of trouble. There may be requirements about noise, number of guests, RV sizes, etc.

In addition, make sure you abide by standard RV etiquette. Even though you’re at a party, you still need to respect the venue and keep it suitable for other visitors. For example, you’ll need to find an approved dump station instead of draining your tanks in the parking lot (even fresh water).

Useful RV tailgating equipment

Now that you have all the tailgating tips in mind, you’re free to start planning your party. The specific items and setup you use are up to you, but there are some accessories and items that can improve the experience for everyone involved.

Some good things to bring include:

  • A portable projector and screen
  • A collapsible canopy tent for extra shade
  • Bluetooth speaker(s) so everyone can hear the game as it plays
  • Folding tables for easy food access and extra workspace
  • A pop-up trash can to catch any garbage that needs to be thrown away
  • Coolers and water jugs to keep everyone cool and hydrated
  • Lots of ice, snacks, sunscreen, and bug spray

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