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Grand Design RV just announced it will include MORryde suspension on some models. Photo from Grand Design RV

Grand Design RV Will Now Include A MORryde Suspension System

Grand Design customers could soon get a smoother ride and better handling on their way home with their new RV. In response to customer feedback, the company has partnered with MORryde Independent Suspension Systems.

The MORryde suspension system is now an option on two popular Grand Design models. In response to customer feedback, Grand Design will offer its Solitude and S-Class series fifth-wheel models with production line-installed MORryde suspension systems.

“It’s important that we listen to our customers and put value into their feedback when it comes to product development,” says Tommy Hall, Product Manager for the Solitude brand. “We’ve learned that many of our customers add independent suspension to their Solitude in the aftermarket space. By offering this feature direct from the factory, we are able to meet our customers’ demands and continue to make it easier for them
to enjoy their unit.”

Grand Design Recrational Vehicle Company

A popular aftermarket upgrade

Up until now, many Grand Design owners upgraded their RV suspension with a MORryde as an aftermarket upgrade.

Undoubtedly, there’s nothing lacking with the suspension system that comes standard on Grand Design RVs. However, the MORryde independent suspension system offers a significant improvement over an already capable suspension.

Benefits of MORryde Independent Suspension Systems

Customers report that the MORryde Independent Suspension system reduces a lot of the vibration from even rough roads. The resulting benefits of this reduction in vibration and shock are noteworthy:

  • A much smoother ride
  • Better towing stability
  • Safer handling
  • A reduction of wear and tear on the RV

The key takeaways are the new MORryde Independent Suspension upgrade will let you enjoy a smoother ride and safer handling as soon as you drive away with your new RV. Your RV will last longer when it isn’t being subjected to the lumps and bumps of the highways as you drive.

Without a doubt, having the MORryde suspension system preinstalled can reduce a lot of the inconvenience associated with getting an aftermarket installation. One of these inconveniences is that MORryde only does suspension upgrades at its facility in Indiana. This means that customers wanting an aftermarket MORryde suspension system have to travel to Indiana to get the upgrade.

The other inconvenience is the lengthy wait to get the installation done. Preinstallation of the suspension simultaneously lets you avoid both of these inconveniences while literally being ready to roll in your new RV.

Grand Design RV fifth wheels

Grand Design RV’s fifth wheels have long been renowned for their luxurious quality, solid workmanship, and durable design.

Now a subsidiary of Winnebago, the company continues to be a favorite choice for both recreational and full-time RVers. MORryde Independent Suspension will be a welcome option for many RVers.

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