Panasonic BQ-CC87ABBA eneloop Advanced Individual Battery Charger with Portable Charging Technology, White
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The Panasonic eneloop CC87, 4-position Ni-MH battery charger can quickly, and individually charge any combination of up to four AA or AAA eneloop batteries; charging time 4AA (4.5hrs.), 4AAA (4hrs.), 2AA (2.25hrs.), and 2AAA (2hrs.) individual charging means you can easily and efficiently charge from 1 to 4 batteries with differing levels of remaining charge. A huge time saver! The CC87 features a USB DC 5V output, which uses the stored battery power to charge mobile phones and other devices. Alkaline batteries can be used in the mobile charging mode to power other devices. However, alkaline batteries cannot be charged in the CC87. This charger also features 4 individual LED charge indicator lights. Once batteries are installed, the charger measures each cell and the corresponding light indicates the remaining charge; Green 80-100%, Orange 20%=80%, and Red 0%-20%. after each battery reaches the next level of charging the LED light changes to indicate the cells charge level. When the battery is completely charged, the LED light turns off for that cell. Ideal for use at home, in the office, or on the road, this Panasonic CC87 charger is a quick and convenient way to recharge any combination of up to four AA or AAA Ni-MH eneloop, eneloop pro, or conventional Panasonic Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.
ADVANCED CHARGING CAPABILITES: The Panasonic CC87 battery charger individually charges each eneloop AA and AAA rechargeable battery, resulting in a perfect charge every time
VERSATILE CHARGING: Conveniently charges eneloop and eneloop pro AA and AAA rechargeable batteries
QUICK CHARGING TIMES: The CC87 battery charger will charge 4 eneloop AA (fully discharged) batteries in approximately 3 hours; eneloop 2AA or 2AAA in up to 1.5 hours.
USE BATTERY POWER TO CHARGE OTHER DEVICES: USB charging port; 5V 1a can charge mobile devices using stored AA or AAA battery power
4 INDIVIDUAL LED COLOR INDICATORS: The CC87 battery charger features 4 separate LED charging lights, one for each unique charging station. Remaining battery charge is checked individually; green LED light (80+% charged); orange LED light (20% – 80% charged); red LED light (20% or less charged)
BATTERY DETECTION TECHNOLOGY: Each eneloop AA or AAA rechargeable battery is analyzed (when the battery is installed) and the charger station for that battery will end the charging process when each battery has been fully charged
RETRACTABLE AC PLUG: The CC87 Panasonic battery charger also features a convenient retractable AC plug making storage easy
QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: This charger is optimized for charging eneloop and eneloop pro AA and AAA rechargeable batteries

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