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Newmar Just Revealed Their Latest Floor Plans For 2024

Now that all the 2023 RV models are available for purchase, manufacturers are beginning to plan their lineup for next year. Newmar is no exception! This company is one of the top sellers of luxury motorhomes, and their 2024 models are better than ever.

It’s still pretty early in the season, but the company has already announced details for four of their product lines. As the new year approaches, we expect to hear more updates about the other offerings. However, judging from what we know so far, it looks like 2024 will be a great year for motorhome enthusiasts!

The main brands that have received updates are Bay Star Sport, Kountry Star, Essex, and New Aire. Each of these vehicles has a variety of floor plans and decoration options so customers can choose the designs that best suit their style! Now let’s dive in and take a closer look at Newmar’s 2024 developments.

Bay Star Sport

The Bay Star Sport is a gas-powered model that was updated for 2024. It’s a well-established product line from Newmar, and there are six different floor plans to explore. Bay Star Sport models are noteworthy due to their compact size and fuel-efficient designs. This combination is ideal for travelers who want the comforts of a big rig without the size limitations.

The new 2912 floor plan

The 2912 floor plan is a brand-new addition for the upcoming year. The other layouts are the same as previous years, but some have been updated with new technology and materials. Newmar engineers designed the 2912 to be easy to navigate.

This Class A motorhome features two slide-outs. One is located in the bedroom, and it pulls the bed out to create additional walking space. The other slide-out runs along the entire right-hand side of the vehicle. This provides plenty of open space in the center and creates a uniform profile.

The layout includes a rear bedroom, complete with a queen-size bed, a pair of nightstands, and plenty of storage space. A dry bath sits just outside the bedroom, and it faces across from a compact kitchenette. A dinette and a large sofa occupy the rest of the living space.

Kountry Star

The 2024 Kountry Star updates take these vehicles into a whole new sphere of comfort. Kountry Star has always stood apart from the crowd due to its cozy, residential style. It truly feels like a home on wheels!

These Newmar motorhomes are also diesel-powered, so they are quite large and powerful. They range in length from 34 to 40 feet. This means that they have plenty of room for furniture and luxury amenities. Some Kountry Star designs are even wheelchair accessible!

The new 3418 floor plan

A single new floor plan has been announced for 2024. The 3418 design fits right in with the other Kountry Star models. This layout would be ideal for full-time travelers (both single drivers and couples). It provides everything you need to be comfortable on the road.

There are four slide-outs throughout this model. When everything is fully extended, this creates a ton of open space in the center. The rear bedroom contains all the standard features, but it also has a large wardrobe and an optional nook for a washer and dryer.

A fairly spacious dry bath is located just outside the bedroom. It sits across from a kitchenette, complete with a pantry and refrigerator. The remaining space contains a jackknife sofa and a booth-style dinette that can convert into an additional bed. These two pieces of furniture vastly increase the sleeping capacity of this model, making it possible to travel with your entire family!


Essex motorhomes are the height of luxury. Therefore, they’re some of the most expensive models that Newmar sells. The 2021 Essex catalog is priced at over $1 million, so you need to make sure you really love them before you drop that kind of cash. Fortunately, the price reflects the quality.

These motorhomes are exquisitely crafted, with every detail accounted for. Their slogan is “Refinement at every turn,” and each model lives up to that legacy. Four different floor plans are available for the 2024 season. Although none of the designs are new for this year, they are all extremely modern and luxurious.

Full-length slideouts expand the space, while the smaller nooks are ideal for beds or other furniture. Each model is about 45 feet long and there’s not a single inch that goes to waste.

One noteworthy feature of the Essex models is the rear bathroom. Every floor plan includes a full-width dry bath that has room for a dual sink vanity, a washer/dryer combo, a luxury shower, and plenty of storage space. These bathrooms are directly connected to the rear bedroom, creating a private retreat anytime you need it.

These motorhomes also feature king-size beds, cathedral ceilings, huge refrigerators, buffet tables, and unique dinette designs. Each Essex model is spacious and carefully engineered for the ideal experience. If luxury is your goal, you can’t go wrong with any of these designs.

New Aire

In contrast to the massive Essex models, the New Aire lineup is designed to be compact. They may have a smaller footprint, but the comfort is undeniable. Most models are about 35 feet long, although this is still fairly long, it’s actually on the smaller side for a Class A motorhome. Thanks to their compact layouts, they’re also more affordable.

The new 3539 floor plan

So far, a single New Aire floor plan has been unveiled for 2024. The 3539 features three slide-outs to expand the space. Even though it’s a bit shorter than some other models, the width can make up the difference.

The rear bedroom includes a king-size bed, a large dresser, a wardrobe, a washer/dryer nook, and a ton of storage space. The connecting hallway contains a dry bath on one side and an L-shaped kitchenette on the other. There’s a decent amount of countertop space here, which is ideal for food prep.

The remaining space is occupied by a 74-inch sofa, a dinette, and a large buffet table. Once again, this is a perfect workspace! Spacious overhead cabinets complete the design, as well as a power lift TV. The design may be a bit smaller than the others, but it’s still comfortable and luxurious.

Learn more about Newmar motorhomes

2024 is shaping up to be a great year for Newmar. They have always been industry leaders in the motorhome sector, and they don’t have any plans to stop now. Thanks to their latest updates, we already have details about three brand-new floor plans.

Best of all, Newmar has suggested that this is just the beginning! On their website, they encourage fans to stay tuned for further updates as 2024 draws nearer. It’s likely that all of their models and floor plans will receive upgrades and tune-ups.

If you want to learn more about the 2024 lineup, visit Here, you can browse the new floor plans, explore decor options, and much more. Whether you’re looking for a gas or diesel vehicle, they’ve got your back with a huge variety of luxury offerings.

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