jayco-debuts-the-new-2024 granite-ridge motorhome
Jayco Debuts The New 2024 Granite Ridge Motorhome
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The New 2024 Granite Ridge Motorhome From Jayco

2024 is getting closer every day, and we’ve seen a huge surge of new RV releases as different companies prepare for the new year. Jayco has entered the fray with a brand new Class C motorhome: the 2024 Granite Ridge.

It’s fairly common for manufacturers to release new floor plans and features for existing RVs, but an entirely new product line is always something to be excited about. Camper vans and other small RVs are becoming more popular every year, so it makes sense that we’re seeing new releases in this family. The new Granite Ridge motorhome is tough, compact, and ready for action!

Because this is a new vehicle, only one floor plan has been announced. But if it does well, we can expect to see many more iterations in future years. The details that we currently have are quite exciting though, so there’s no need to get ahead of ourselves. Read on to learn more about this impressive little motorhome from Jayco RV.

A compact Class C RV

Many people have seen camper vans on the road, so you probably have a mental image of what this RV might look like. You might be imagining a 15-passenger van with the seats removed, or a Sprinter van with retro graphics.

But although it has the general shape and size of a Class B motorhome, the 2024 Granite Ridge is a compact Class C motorhome that is ready to go off-road. We’ll explore the layout and key features below, but suffice to say that this motorhome makes use of every inch of space! It’s thoughtfully crafted and manages to fit all of the necessary amenities into a limited footprint.

This motorhome is 22 feet and 11 inches long, so it’s definitely on the small side for an RV. Because it doesn’t require a tow vehicle, it won’t take up much space on the road or in a campground. You’ll have plenty of parking options if you travel in a rig like this!

Finally, the starting price for this motorhome is $204,300. Everyone has their own budget, so this might not be a good price for everyone. However, you’ll get a lot of value for your money here because you get a powerful van chassis, plus a full interior living space. The prices may also go down in the following years, so keep your eyes open for a lightly used Granite Ridge model.

Noteworthy features

Although the vehicle may be smaller than other RVs, there’s a lot to be excited about once you look closer. This RV is outfitted with the latest and greatest features for Jayco RVs. It’s brand new for 2024, so everything is top of the line!

In addition, there are a few particularly noteworthy features we’d like to explore.

Four-season capabilities

For starters, these motorhomes are well-insulated so they can make trips during every season of the year. Granite Ridge models are built with two-inch walls for extra protection against the elements. This insulation helps them stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

In addition, these vehicles are equipped with enclosed holding tanks. This protects them from extreme temperature shifts. It also helps to prevent frozen and burst pipes. After all, nobody wants to deal with a frozen tank on a winter morning.

There’s also a 13,500 BTU furnace in each Granite Ridge motorhome. This produces more than enough heat for the entire vehicle so you can stay nice and warm no matter what the temperature outside is.

Exterior amenities

The interior design is certainly impressive, but you can expand your camping experience to the outdoors when you travel in one of these motorhomes. A 13-foot awning expands from the side of the vehicle. This creates a nice shady area for you to set up camp.

In addition, you can use the outdoor kitchen attachment to cook delicious meals right outside your door. This kitchen comes with a grill, a workspace, and some small storage compartments.

Speaking of storage, the 2024 Granite Ridge comes with several exterior storage compartments. These integrate neatly into the floor plan, so they will never intrude on your living space. You can store anything and everything underneath your RV. It’s perfect for cleaning equipment, camping gear, and items that are too bulky to fit inside your closets.

Additional features

This is just a small sample of what these motorhomes can provide. They are designed with extreme attention to detail. Some of the standard features include:

  • Heated side-view mirrors
  • Side wind stabilization
  • Rain-sensing wiper system
  • Bead-foam insulation (R-24 max roof, R-9 max floor, R-8 max walls)
  • Heated garage with L-track and charging ports
  • Exterior shower
  • Pressed countertops
  • One-piece, seamless, fiberglass front cap
  • Water filtration system
  • Adjustable table with multiple mounts
interior of granite ridge RV

Options and upgrades

In addition to all the standard features, there are a few options and upgrades that are available as well. The Customer Value Package is installed in every Granite Ridge vehicle, and it includes things like a backup camera, all-terrain tires, internal holding tanks, and a Van Compass™ front and rear lift kit.

As we mentioned earlier, each model comes with a 13-foot awning along one side. But if you want to add a second awning, that’s an option that’s available to you! An additional seven-foot awning can be installed on the rear of the motorhome.

If you need access to Wi-Fi while you travel, you could also opt to install Starlink satellite internet! This guarantees more stable internet access, which is crucial for those who work remotely.

The exterior kitchen may not come standard in every RV, so be sure to double check if it’s included before you buy! This may be something you need to specifically request.

Floor plan design

There’s only one floor plan for the 2024 Granite Ridge motorhome, but it’s worth exploring! The 22T is new territory for Jayco, but we can already see that it’s a well-designed layout.

In the main living space, there’s a corner sofa that wraps around a dinette table. The chairs in the driver’s cab can also swivel around to serve as additional seating.

A kitchenette sits on the wall next to the entrance. It’s compact, but it has all the necessities like a refrigerator, microwave, sink, and stovetop. Overhead cabinets and a pantry provide extra storage for this space. A full wet bath sits across from the kitchen, so you can freshen up while you travel.

Finally, the rear portion of the floor plan contains a set of twin beds that can convert into a single king-size bed. A bedside table and a pair of wardrobes are also available in this space. It’s a comfortable and adaptable bedroom for groups of any size.

To explore this floor plan and learn more about the 2024 Granite Ridge, visit the product page here.

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