New Show “Big RV Remix” Streaming Now

Big RV Remix: Now Streaming On Hulu

Although RVing is a fun hobby, it can also be a multifaceted lifestyle. There are tons of entertainment opportunities in this industry, including TV shows. If you love home improvement shows and RVs, then you should definitely check out Big RV Remix.

There is a ton of potential for an RV renovation TV show, and Big Boi from Outkast decided to capitalize on this niche! Each episode of the show focuses on a different client. These builds are big, bold, and extremely personalized, so no two are alike. Most of the clients are celebrities and/or the owners of large businesses, so the hosts have huge budgets to play with.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the lookout for a great new show! If you love custom RV builds, fantastical designs, and seeing celebrities in everyday situations, this could be the perfect match for you. You can stream all the episodes on Hulu right now.

The backstory

This TV show has been in the works for a while now. One of the main driving forces is Antwan Patton (AKA Big Boi from the band Outkast). He’s a famous rapper and celebrity who has spent plenty of time in his personal trailer.

A lot of celebrities, actors, musicians, and other stars need on-site trailers when they’re working on big projects. However, a lot of these trailers are boring and basic. Big Boi decided to renovate his own RV because he had a few years of experience with selling and fixing RVs. Interior designer Janice Faison helped him create a one-of-a-kind trailer!

When he was on for an interview with The Mo’nique Show, Big Boi brought his trailer to use as a dressing room. This is a huge fifth wheel with bold purple paint and custom designs on the outside. The interior is also a step above the rest.

screenshot via YouTube

It caught the attention of Mo’Nique herself, who loved the custom design and interior upgrades. She even made a contract to use the RV when Big Boi didn’t need it. She loved it so much that she went on to request three more!

Of course, that trailer was a completely unique design, so there weren’t three more just like it. But this sparked the idea for a company that specialized in celebrity-focused RV renovations. Together, Antwan and Janice founded Celebrity Trailers so they could create high-end vehicles for celebrity clients. He calls it “wheel estate” because they’re creating custom living spaces that are worth a lot of money!

Antwan invested in the project over a decade ago. For 12 years, he and Janice have been creating and renting luxury vehicles to movie studio lots. Now their work is finally being turned into a brand new TV show! Big Boi wasn’t initially sure about creating a reality TV show, but he wanted to share the great work they’ve been doing and expand their reach.

The stars

Big Boi and Janice Faison are co-hosts of this show and the company founders of Celebrity Trailers.

Big Boi is best known as a rapper, but he also works as an actor and record producer. In his music career, he formed a band called Outkast with André 3000. They gained plenty of fame and popularity as a duo, but Big Boi has also had a successful solo career.

Janice Faison used to be an assistant to Big Boi, but now she’s graduated to a full-on business partner. She and Big Boi have a long-standing relationship as co-workers and they work well together on this new project. Janice works as the main designer, as well as a business representative.

These two aren’t the only stars of the show! Their business is called Celebrity Trailers, and it caters to some huge names in the entertainment industry. In the past, this duo has created RVs for people like Ludacris, Tyler Perry, Rick Ross, and more.

Big RV Remix has expanded their clientele even further. The season finale is a race to build a new trailer for Shaquille O’Neal! Other episodes focus on CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs, and everyday people who just want a great vehicle. There’s a nice mix of guests, so you’ll get something different every episode.

Show details

Big RV Remix premiered on Hulu earlier this year. It began airing on July 21st, and all 10 episodes were released on that same day. It was the perfect show for RV enthusiasts to marathon! All cursing is censored here, so it’s a nice family-friendly show for your next road trip.

This show is fashioned after similar reality TV shows like Extreme Home Makeover and Pimp My Ride. They begin with an old or drab RV, then spend the episode turning it into something truly special. Each build is completely unique and based on the client’s requests and needs.

They work with all kinds of vehicles here, including school buses, fifth wheels, sprinter vans, and travel trailers. Some episodes come with unique twists, like a small budget or a tight renovation window. Each client also brings something special to the table, so there’s a surprise every time you tune in.

Check out the trailer above for more details about Big RV Remix.

Reviews and critic scores

Big RV Remix has been available on streaming for over a month now. As a result, plenty of people have had a chance to watch it and deliver their feedback! In general, the response has been quite positive. Reality RV is always a popular genre, especially when it comes to vehicles and home makeovers. wrote a full review for this series in their “Stream it or skip it” feature. In the end, they gave it a thumbs-up and declared that most people would enjoy this show! This analysis holds true when you look at other reviewing platforms.

Rotten Tomatoes also has an audience score (but we’re still waiting for the official Tomatometer review). Users on this platform have given the show a 100% approval rating so far! Because it’s such a new show, there are only a few reviews right now, so be sure to give it a watch and add your own feedback online.

Finally, IMDb has also rated Big RV Remix. It has an overall score of 7.8/10, and later on, we may get individual ratings for each episode. There’s a good chance that the season finale with Shaquille O’Neal will have the highest rating of them all. Keep your eye on this page because things are likely to change as more people watch and leave reviews.

Overall, the response is looking good! It’s a fun, family-friendly show that showcases some amazing RV designs. With feedback like this, there’s also a good chance that we’ll get a second season in the future. But for now, there are 10 great episodes to watch and rewatch.

Big RV Remix is perfect for anyone who owns an RV themselves or just wants to find an entertaining TV show. Stream it on Hulu today!

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