Lightweight Truck Camper Models For 2023

Although there are plenty of people who enjoy towable RVs, lightweight truck campers have a lot to offer. These are designed to slot into the bed of a truck and act as a mobile living space. Best of all, they don’t add a ton of length and weight to your truck, so you get all the benefits with none of the drawbacks!

New models are always being released and updated, and 2023 has a promising lineup of options.

In order for something to qualify as a lightweight truck camper, it usually needs to have a base weight of 2,000 lbs or less. There’s a bit of flexibility in this definition because some trucks can handle heavier loads than others. In addition, campers of this classification are light enough that they can be hauled by half-ton trucks. You don’t need to have a beefed-up monster truck in order to carry these little homes with you!

There are several lightweight truck campers that are worth looking into, but we’ve selected six great options that will help you get started with your search for the best. These models were selected because they employ clever usage of space, are decorated attractively, and include adaptable furniture and appliances. Check it out and see if you have a new truck camper in your future!

Lance 650 Truck Camper

  • Unladen vehicle weight: 2,061 lbs.
  • Overall length: 15 feet, 6 inches
  • Fresh water/Gray water/Black water capacity: 22/15/16 gallons

Lance truck campers are some of the most popular options on the market. If you’re looking for a high-quality build that you can customize to fit your needs, this is a great place to start. There is a standard floor plan, but buyers can choose the color scheme, dinette style, electrical setup, and exterior features that best suit them.

Like many of the other floor plans on this list, the Lance 650 truck camper is equipped with a small wet bath. Not all lightweight truck campers have the space for these amenities, but we’ve tried to find models that include bathrooms whenever possible. The ability to freshen up on the road is one of the greatest benefits of owning an RV, and this camper will help you stay clean no matter where you are.

Apart from the wet bath, the living space in this camper includes a dinette, storage cabinets in each corner, and a compact kitchenette. The elevated portion is occupied by a bed, a TV, a refrigerator, and a decent-sized closet.

Bundutec WILD

  • Unladen vehicle weight: 1,630 lbs.
  • Overall length: 12 feet, 8 inches
  • Fresh water/Gray water/Black water capacity: 20/11/5.1 gallons

Another good option is the Bundutec WILD truck camper. This one is several hundred pounds lighter than the Lance 650, so it’s perfect if you need an extremely light camper. But just because it’s light doesn’t mean it’s uncomfortable.

The back half of this camper contains an L-shaped dinette with an oval table to provide the maximum amount of space with minimal intrusions. It faces across from a dinette, which is complete with a sink, a dual-burner stove, and storage space above and below the countertop. A small wet bath completes the amenities in here.

The elevated part of the camper is mainly used to store the bed, but there’s also hamper storage along both sides and a refrigerator at the foot of the bed. This build is simple but quite cozy!

kitchen in camper

Adventurer 80RB

  • Unladen vehicle weight: 1,762 lbs.
  • Overall length: 15 feet, 10 inches
  • Fresh water/Gray water/Black water capacity: 15/6/6 gallons

This lightweight truck camper is quite a bit longer than the Bundatec WILD, but it’s only a little bit heavier. You can enjoy the extra length here because it gives you more room for storage.

One of the best parts of this camper is its sleeping capacity. There’s a main bed in the raised portion, but the Adventurer 80RB also includes a roll-over sofa that can be used as another sleeping space.

This build also smoothly incorporates a wet bath (with a skylight), an L-shaped kitchenette with decent countertop space, a dinette, a refrigerator, a wardrobe, and a nightstand with a drawer. Overhead cabinet space is included in multiple places as well.

bedroom in camper

Outfitter Apex 8

  • Unladen vehicle weight: 2,130 lbs.
  • Overall length: 15 feet, 5 inches
  • Fresh water/Gray water/Black water capacity: 44/16/16 gallons

If you’re looking for lightweight truck campers that provide luxury and comfort, the Outfitter Apex 8 is the camper for you. This is one of the heavier options on the list, but that’s because it’s packed full of stellar amenities. The design is clean and simple, but everything in this space is high-quality and efficient.

The rear portion includes a wet bath, a U-shaped dinette, a fridge and vanity, a triple-burner stove, and a spacious kitchenette with a dual-basin sink. There’s a queen-size bed raised above everything else, and it has multiple storage compartments along each side. Hidden storage is scattered everywhere, and there are a variety of add-ons and upgrades that customers can choose from.

lightweight truck campers with mountains in background

Palomino HS-750

  • Unladen vehicle weight: 1,870 lbs.
  • Overall length: 16 feet, 5 inches
  • Fresh water/Gray water/Black water capacity: 21/8/8 gallons

This is one of the longest builds on the list, but it also has one of the most attractive interiors. Some truck campers are fairly utilitarian, but the Palomino HS-750 was built with an emphasis on aesthetics and decorative touches. Wood accents and tasteful patterns lend some variety to the space and make it feel comfortable and homey.

In terms of amenities, each camper is equipped with a wet bath with tiered shelving, a jack-knife sofa/dinette, a large refrigerator, an L-shaped kitchenette, an entertainment center, lots of storage cabinets, and a queen-size bed. The jack-knife sofa acts as a secondary bed, so you can travel with larger groups if you invest in a Palomino HS-750.

Hawk Slide-In Camper Model

  • Unladen vehicle weight: 1,200 lbs.
  • Overall length: 10 feet, 8 inches
  • Fresh water capacity: 20 gallons

Finally, let’s wrap up the list with one of the lightest and smallest truck campers on the market: the Hawk Slide-In Camper Model. This one is just a little over 1,000 lbs, so you can tow it with pretty much any truck. It may be small, but the interior is still quite impressive.

One wall is occupied by the kitchenette and refrigerator. There’s room for a sink, stove, and storage cabinets, as well as an optional furnace. A roll-over couch sits against the opposite wall, and it also includes storage compartments underneath. A small settee bridges the two areas together and leads to the elevated bed. The higher level includes a slide-out bed with a queen-size mattress.

Although this is the standard floor plan, buyers can also choose different layouts such as a side dinette upgrade or a front dinette upgrade. If you don’t need the extra sleeping space that the rollover couch provides, one of these alternate designs might work well for you.

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We hope that this list of lightweight truck campers is helpful to you! There are a ton of different designs out there, and you can definitely find one that will fit your specific truck.

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