Introducing Thor Motor Coach’s Newest Class C RVs
Thor Motor Coach Class C RV chateau

Thor Motor Coach Reveals Their Latest 2024 Class C RVs

As the new year approaches, RV brands are looking to the future! A new season means that there’s a new opportunity to reinvent their RV lineup and try some interesting tweaks/additions. To get ahead of the competition, Thor Motor Coach recently released full details for their 2024 Class C motorhomes.

Thor is a large and popular motorhome brand. They have all sorts of designs and can make motorhomes of any shape and size. However, their Class C motorhomes have been taking the spotlight in recent years. These have compact frames but are quite spacious and comfortable within.

If you want a wide range of options, Thor Motor Coach is the place to go. Their 2024 models look promising, and there are dozens of floor plans to choose from. In addition to new floor plans, some of these motorhomes have also been redesigned and redecorated to meet the needs of customers. Read on to learn more about these changes!

What’s new for 2024?

“Our 2024 Class C motorhome upgrades are set to take your travels to new heights. Whether you choose the Chateau®, Four Winds®, Echelon™, or Quantum®, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of convenience, luxury, and functionality.”

Thor Motor Coach already has a long history of award-winning vehicles. The 2024 lineup builds off their previous victories while adding a dash of new energy. Thor has several Class C motorhome brands under their umbrella, and they’re all getting an upgrade for 2024. Models from the Chateau, Four Winds, Echelon, and Quantum lineups are going to be better than ever!

Individual floor plans will be tweaked for the release, but there are some broader upgrades as well. For instance, new exterior graphics and styles have been added for 2024. Some motorhomes now have a Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter chassis for added power and elegance. They also offer keyless entry, solar power upgrades, and powerful appliances. Thor Motor Coach has surpassed expectations, and we look forward to the future.


Described as a “palace on wheels,” Chateau motorhomes are some of the most popular models from Thor Motor Coach. It makes sense that this lineup was one of the first ones to receive attention for 2024. There are 12 unique floor plans under the Chateau brand, and they range from 24 feet to 32 feet long. No matter what you’re in the market for, there’s a Thor Chateau model for you.

Each floor plan also comes with a choice of decoration styles. Aspen Grey is a light, neutral color palette. The light countertops and flooring are complemented by earthy furniture and bedspreads. The other option is Harbor Blue II. The shades are similar, but the bedspread is lighter, and the valance features a bold black-and-white grid.

Example Floor Plan: 26X

With so many great floor plans for 2024, it’s hard to choose just one! However, the 26X is a great showcase of some of the Chateau’s best features. For instance, the main bed in this model can flip up, creating usable space during the day. It also has an extendable countertop in the kitchen and a removable pedestal table next to the couch.

To explore the 26X and other Chateau models, visit the Thor Motor Coach website.

Four Winds®

Four Winds is one of Thor’s most versatile brands. Like Chateau, there is a wide range of shapes, sizes, and layouts. These Class C motorhomes work great for solo travelers or large families who want to spend time together. Twelve floor plans are at your fingertips, so take some time to select your favorites!

These models can comfortably sleep between four to seven people, but couples and solo travelers also take advantage of the spacious designs.

Additional decorative styles are offered for these motorhomes. The first option is Nantucket Blue. This color scheme features gray flooring, light countertops, a bluish valance, and neutral furniture and bedspreads.

Venice Stone II is the other choice. The counters and flooring are the same, but the valance has a stylish geometric pattern, and the bedspread is much darker.

Example Floor Plan: 28Z

The 28Z is a great example of Thor’s design ingenuity. This is a multi-level motorhome that features a few platforms up to the bedroom. There’s a step-up to enter the space and an additional step that leads to closets on either side of the bed. This design also has a compact kitchenette and plenty of seating space in the dinette and jackknife sofa.


The next offering from Thor Motor Coach is exclusive to Canada. If you’re willing to travel out of the country, you could snag one of these for yourself. The exterior design/color scheme of these motorhomes is also distinct. While the previous two brands have white base coats with various accents, most Echelon designs feature a glossy dark grey coat.

There are nine floor plans in the Echelon family, and they can all sleep at least four people. Some can even accommodate seven or more! They’re thoughtfully designed to maximize storage space, furniture, and necessary appliances.

The interior color schemes are also quite classy. The first option is called White Truffle. It features light, creamy tones for the flooring, valance, countertop, and bedspread. To bring a bit of contrast, the furniture is dark brown, and the decorative pillow features a bold black-and-white pattern.

Fashion Gray is the other option. The furniture is light brown, and the valance and accent pillow feature small chevron patterns. The bedspread is also much darker compared to White Truffle. Both styles are clean, classy, and attractive.

Example Floor Plan: PQ31

The PQ31 is one of the most spacious floor plans in the Echelon family. This model has a split bathroom just outside the rear bedroom. The shower is on one side of the hall, while the toilet, sink, and vanity are on the other side. This design enables multiple people to get ready at the same time. The kitchen also has a nice long countertop, and there is side-by-side seating along the opposite wall. .


Last but not least, it’s time to cover the Quantum lineup. Thor Motor Coach said it best when they introduced the 2024 models.

“Stylish and functional – Quantum is built with your loved ones in mind. This Class C RV offers a versatile and comfortable living space perfect for weekend getaways and extended vacations. You won’t be able to resist all the adventures that await you and your family in this motorhome.”

This family-friendly RV is quite similar to the Echelon in many ways, so you don’t necessarily have to go to Canada to get your hands on a great motorhome. They share similar exterior shapes and designs, with most Quantum models featuring dark gray or black base coats.

The interior design options are interesting here. They share the same names as the Echelon models (White Truffle and Fashion Gray), but they are actually slightly different. White Truffle features a black and white speckled pillow and valance, as well as a dark gray bedspread. Fashion Gray is quite similar to the Echelon models, although there is no accent pillow to match the valance here.

Example Floor Plan: LT27

Finally, we have the LT27 to represent Quantum motorhomes. A single large slideout runs along most of the righthand wall. This makes space for a king-size bed, a jackknife sofa, and a wedge-shaped kitchenette. Multiple closets and storage cabinets complete the space.

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