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camper similar to an EarthRoamer
The Bengal 4×4 RV.

5 Campers Like EarthRoamer That You Can Take Off-Road

If you love the outdoors, you need a camper that can keep up with your adventurous lifestyle. Several travelers have found that EarthRoamer RVs are ideal for their needs. With their sturdy build and heavy-duty features, these RVs can take you anywhere on the map and still serve as a cozy home away from home.

But for one reason or another, the EarthRoamer isn’t the perfect fit for everyone. Many people have started to look for alternatives that can provide the same blend of comfort and off-road performance. Although each type of heavy-duty camper is unique, there are a few stand-out models that share similar features and designs with the beloved EarthRoamer.

In the sections below, we want to break down what exactly has made the EarthRoamer so popular as well a a few different alternatives that adventurous travelers might enjoy. We have five campers to cover today, so let’s get started!

What makes the EarthRoamer stand out?

Although the market is full of RVs of all shapes and sizes, the EarthRoamer often rises to the top because of its unique features and build.

The EarthRoamer and the campers below share a few unique qualities that make them specifically suited for a rough and ready outdoor lifestyle. Some of these features include:

  • Sturdy off-road tires
  • Heavy-duty walls and windows
  • A reinforced structure/protective plating
  • High-quality insulation for all four seasons
  • Boondocking amenities like solar panels, large water tanks, outdoor kitchens, etc.

Most of the campers we’ll explore have a similar build to the EarthRoamer, but some of them blur the line between truck campers, Class C RVs, and semi trucks. If you need an RV that can travel across any type of terrain, you’ve come to the right place.

Campers like the EarthRoamer

1. The Bengal 4×4 RV

First on the list, we’ve got the Bengal from Tiger Adventure Vehicles. All of these campers are built directly onto the chassis of a one-ton 4×4 truck.

Depending on your preference, the base vehicle can either be a Ford, Chevrolet, or Ram, and all of them are built for stellar off-road performance. Although the general outline is similar to a Class C RV, this model is a bit different because the driver’s cab isn’t connected to the rest of the living space.

The interior of this RV is simple but provides everything you need for a rugged adventure. An L-shaped fold-out sofa lines two of the walls, while a small wet bath sits in the back corner. There’s a simple kitchenette complete with a dual burner stove, sink, and a fridge below the counter. A loft bed extends over the driver’s cab, and the mattress measures 54 inches by 80 inches.

As an added bonus, there’s plenty of storage space above and below the furniture. Every model also comes outfitted with solar panels, four-wheel drive, and skid plates. Customers can add optional add-ons such as halogen off-road lights, upgraded suspension systems, and a brush guard. These RVs can be painted just about any color you like, and the manufacturers can match them with any official OEM factory paint color.

If you’d like to learn more about these impressive campers, visit tigervehicles.com.

2. EarthCruiser Terranova

Next up, we’ve got a camper that’s similar to the EarthRoamer in both name and appearance. The EarthCruiser Terranova is built on the chassis of either a Ford F350 or a Ram 3500. All of the base vehicle models are from 2020 or newer, so you can ensure you’re getting a brand-new build!

Like the Bengal above, this camper doesn’t connect the driver’s cab with the rest of the vehicle, so it’s not quite a Class C RV. It’s ideal for off-roading though!

The interior of this camper is compact but neat. There’s storage space around every corner, so you will always have a place to put your gear. The rear section features a pair of opposing sofas with a retractable table in the center. These sofas can expand into an extra bed if necessary, so this is a nice multi-functional space. An L-shaped kitchenette lines one wall, and it includes amenities like a sink, flat-top stove, and a built-in refrigerator.

Finally, a bed sits in the space above the driver’s cab. Storage nets are installed along the foot of the bed, and there are windows on every wall. Best of all, the roof of this camper can extend, providing extra space for the bedroom. Nobody will bump their heads with this setup!

To learn more about the EarthCruiser Terranova, visit earthcruiser.com.

3. Global Expedition Vehicles: Safari Extreme

Now it’s time to explore a different type of camper. When you first look at these vehicles, they almost resemble small semi-trucks. They’re fairly boxy, but they’re still built for camping and long-term adventuring.

Unlike the previous options, these models don’t have an over-the-cab extension. Everything is contained in a simple, compact structure. The base vehicles for these campers are either a Kenworth, International, Freightliner, BAE, or Mercedes.

Although the exterior might look intimidating, the Safari Extreme is actually quite cozy once you get inside. There are a few different sizes and designs, but most of them share similar features.

Customers can enjoy raised ceilings, built-in lighting along baseboards, and lovely accents of natural wood. These campers also include a wet bath, so you can enjoy a nice refresher while you’re out on the road. There’s no need to sacrifice showers when you travel in a Safari Extreme!

For more information about these heavy-duty campers, visit globalxvehicles.com.

4. Global Expedition Vehicles: Pangea

Speaking of Global Expedition Vehicles, there’s another one that’s worth mentioning here. The Pangea is similar to the Safari Extreme, but it has one extremely notable feature: This model has an extendable roof! The top of this camper can extend several feet, providing plenty of interior space. It’s not a flimsy pop-out either. The walls and roof are all made with heavy-duty metal, so it’s just as strong whether it’s collapsed or expanded.

In addition, the roof is nice and flat and it comes with a set of safety rails along each edge. It’s the perfect place to put a rooftop tent, a yoga mat, or even a lawn chair. You can relax inside or outside with the Pangea.

The interior is quite nice too! With the extendable roof, it almost feels like a small loft apartment. There’s a classy tile backsplash, recessed lighting, and natural wood embellishments throughout the floor plan.

This model has a standard living room, kitchen, and bedroom, but it also includes a bathroom and even space for a small washer and dryer. It’s a very impressive setup that travelers will love. You can learn more about this model at globalxvehicles.com.

RV similar to EarthRoamer

5. Boreas Campers EOS-12

Finally, we’ll wrap up this list with something that’s a bit different. Sometimes you need something that’s sturdy and heavy-duty, but don’t want to invest in something that’s as heavy (or expensive) as the previous vehicles on this list.

These teardrop trailers are rugged and ready for action! They can easily be towed behind a car or truck, and they have the right equipment to keep up with your off-road adventures.

They’re lightweight and decently affordable. Plus, the interior manages to fit a queen-size bed, a convertible dinette, a wet bath, and plenty of storage space. There’s a galley kitchen on the outside of this trailer, so you can cook lots of great outdoor meals.

EarthRoamer and other similar campers can cost a fortune. Although they are tempting for outdoor lovers, the Boreas Campers EOS-12 is better if you’re on a budget. They’ll still get you where you need to go and will help you camp comfortably. To learn more about these trailers, visit boreascampers.com.

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