Complete EQ Systems Smart-Level Automatic RV Leveling System

Enjoy Setting Up Camp Again With Automatic RV Leveling

The average RVer might assume that nearly every RV has a built-in leveling system of some kind. In truth, a surprisingly large number of RVs do not come with leveling jacks. Even some of those RVs in some equally surprising price ranges are often not fitted with automatic RV leveling jacks. This is further evidenced by the sheer number of leveling pads, blocks, and ramps available to the RV consumer. 

The age of an RV can also be a factor in the absence of leveling jacks. Rolling back the clock ten years or more, RVs today that come with automatic RV leveling would not be so equipped with their like models from yesteryear. Many RVs that were equipped with leveling systems in years past are often insufficiently engineered, worn out, or inoperable with no hope of acquiring the correct parts after so many years.  

EQ Systems, located in Cassopolis, Michigan, just over the Indiana border from Elkhart in the heart of RV country, is a trusted expert manufacturer of hydraulic lifting and leveling systems for RV, horse trailer, motorsports, and commercial industries. They are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction in the selection, installation, and service of their high-quality EQ Smart-Level systems.

Adding or replacing hydraulic automatic RV leveling systems to your RV is their specialty. EQ Systems also offers custom leveling systems and wiring harnesses for many industries when an off-the-shelf solution is not available.

Why use an RV leveling system?

If you don’t have a working leveling system, there are a few reasons why adding one is an excellent investment.  


After a day of driving, RVers are looking forward to getting camp set up and enjoying the outdoors. One of the most frustrating tasks that delay a great dinner and a campfire is leveling the RV.

Without automatic RV leveling, you can easily spend 30 minutes attempting to level your RV with ramps, blocks, and dozens of careful adjustments. Just a ½ inch difference at the front of the RV can translate into much more at the kitchen table inside. This process is made longer and more difficult in bad weather. 

Automatic leveling systems are deployed from inside the comfort of your RV or from outside your RV via the Bluetooth app. Aside from a brief walk around outside the RV to ensure you are properly and safely positioned, you can do all of your RV leveling from inside the RV, even in the most inclement weather. 


An unlevel RV can have a few safety drawbacks. Your RV refrigerator in most cases MUST be level. Any unlevel absorption RV refrigerator will not cool correctly and can be a fire hazard.

Unlevel countertops can pose a problem as well, allowing things unexpectedly to roll off, potentially causing an injury or causing damage. Think heavy soup can on porcelain tile! It could also send something rolling into a crack or crevice that you can’t see or reach until it’s time to bring in the slides, and then…crunch.

Prevent damage

There are some other concerns that must be considered when an RV is not properly leveled. A motorhome, 5th wheel, or travel trailer that is not level can experience a slight twisting of the frame or other important structural components.

This torsional stress can translate into cracked windshields, doors, and windows that won’t open or close properly, and slide walls that won’t go out…or perhaps won’t come in once they are deployed. The resulting damage from these failures can have catastrophic effects with equally catastrophic costs.

Added value 

Today’s modern RVer expects an automatic RV leveling system. By adding one to your RV, you increase its resale value, should you ever decide to part ways with your camper. Whether you trade-in your RV or sell it yourself, the added value of self-leveling is significant. 

Stabilizer jacks vs RV leveling systems 

Stabilizer jacks are often found on travel trailers and take various forms. These stabilizer jacks are not equivalent to leveling systems. They are only deployed after the RV is leveled (using those pads, ramps, and blocks) to prevent sway and rocking while inside the camper.

Stabilizer jacks are a nice feature, but they cannot bear the weight of the RV and will not sufficiently and safely level the RV in an unlevel situation. 

RV leveling systems, on the other hand, are designed to do all of those things. Typically, an RV leveled with an automatic leveling system is also a very stable RV, with no additional stabilization needed.

EQ Smart-Level Hydraulic Automatic RV Leveling Systems

EQ Systems offers a wide variety of hydraulic lifting and leveling systems. With leveling options for RVs across all segments, EQ Systems has a solution for diesel RVs, Class A, Class C, Class B+ motorhomes, 5th wheels, and travel trailers. EQ Smart-Level Systems come with a 12-volt hydraulic pump and run up to six jacks and four hydraulic slide outs from one manifold. 

In addition to the control pad, EQ Smart-Level also allows full operation of your leveling system when the EQ Smart-Level app is paired with a smartphone or tablet. The automatic, one-touch operation levels your RV in less than two minutes.

The same premium quality leveling systems used by the top manufacturers in the industry are available in installation-friendly kits, including the universal clamp-on leveling system for the Sprinter 3500 Cutaway chassis and some Ford Transit models.

Get an EQ Smart-Level System installed by the experts 

At this point, savvy RVers are asking, “Great, but who’s going to install it?”  Trusting your beloved RV to just anyone to install any major component is tough.

Fortunately, the designers and manufacturers of EQ Systems Smart-Level products also install them. Who would be better to install an automatic RV leveling system than the folks that designed it?  

As RVers, we want our dealers and service providers to have the same level of care and concern for our RV that we do. Often, this does not feel like the case. EQ Systems has that same vested interest in making sure your new leveling system is perfect. It is after all their own system. There is nowhere else to point the finger. The result is a worthwhile and successful RV trip to Cassopolis, Michigan to get your new EQ Smart-Level Hydraulic Automatic RV Leveling System installed. 

Whether you are installing your first leveling system or replacing an old one, the professional team at EQ Systems has you covered. They offer factory installations for OEM, dealers, and retail customers.

Installation hours are from 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and they offer overnight parking with a 30-amp hookup. They get very busy in the spring and summer, so make your appointment early! RVers can even bring their friendly pets. 

EQ Systems is in Cass County, Michigan, just north of U.S. 12 (4 miles from the Indiana State Line). Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan offer a great variety of places to visit and explore: the University of Notre Dame, the RV Hall of Fame, Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail, and so much more! 

Service & repair 

EQ Systems is there after the sale as well. If you have any problems or issues, they are there to keep your EQ System running smoothly.

Need a part replaced or a potential issue diagnosed? EQ Systems offers service and repair on any system they sell. Their professional service experts are there to help. Almost all repairs can be completed in just a few hours! 

Learn more 

Every RVer wants automatic RV leveling. Sometimes, however, the perfect RV with the perfect floorplan might not come with that feature.

Whether it’s brand new or just new to you, don’t let that keep you from your dreams. Buy the RV you want and get an EQ Smart-Level system installed at EQ Systems.  


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