Inside of an rv travel trailer with a ghostbed mattress.

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Sleep Soundly On The Road With GhostBed RV Mattresses

Just because your high-end RV costs thousands of dollars doesn’t mean it comes with a good RV mattress. In fact, most RV mattresses are subpar, leading to poor sleep when you need it most. After all, what’s a vacation for if not catching up on R&R? Most RV mattresses are made of low-density foam that may break down quickly. That means you’re likely to wake up in pain—not the best way to start the all-day hike you planned.

Another problem with the typical RV mattress? They’re not designed to be efficient at regulating heat. If you’ve slept in an RV in the dead of summer, you know that’s a big deal. So when GhostBed founder Marc Werner saw the need for a supportive, cooling RV mattress, he knew it was an opportunity to create something great.

The benefits of GhostBed RV mattresses

Those familiar with quality outdoor products may recognize Werner’s last name. His family started the Werner Ladder Company, which has been manufacturing top-of-the-line products in the United States for over 100 years.  

Werner grew up learning the ins and outs of manufacturing and—when sports injuries caused him significant neck and back pain—was inspired to bring his expertise to the mattress industry. He created Nature’s Sleep, the parent company to GhostBed, in 2001. 

Since then, GhostBed has been churning out award-winning, ultra-cooling mattresses for a fraction of the price of other luxury sleep companies. The GhostBed RV is one such mattress, available in all-foam and hybrid options. Werner’s goal was to make this mattress affordable. After all, you already spent a lot of money on your RV. If the 5-star reviews have anything to say, he achieved his goal.

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The secret to the GhostBed RV’s comfort is in its construction: a sturdy foundation that isolates motion, cooling gel memory foam, and a plush, breathable cover. And if you opt for the hybrid option, the springs add extra airflow and a balanced, responsive feel.

You wake up feeling genuinely well-rested and sweat-free, even in the warmer months. If you have this mattress in your RV, be warned: your hammock is going to get lonely. It’s impossible not to opt for naps on this bed.

The ghostbed rv mattresses in an exploded view showing all the layers.

The GhostBed RV comes with all the same perks as other GhostBed mattresses, like a 20- to 25-year warranty, lightning-fast shipping, and a 101-night trial. Plus, you can grab it in Short Queen or Short King sizes, making it the perfect fit for your RV bedroom. 

Learn more about GhostBed RV and their quality RV mattresses on their website.

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