The side of a large travel trailer undergoing severe rv renovation.
Severe Custom RV Restoration can do bigger jobs, due to their proximity to local RV manufacturers.

From Simple To Severe: Custom RV Renovation In The Heart of RV Country

In the heart of RV manufacturing country, Severe Custom RV Restoration and Repair offers unique RV renovation and repair services in Shipshewana, Indiana.

Severe Custom RV’s proximity to Elkhart, Indiana, the hub of all RV manufacturing in the US, allows them to keep in close contact with most of the major RV manufacturers and suppliers. These include Forest River, KZ, Thor, Heartland, and Jayco.  

They also have excellent relations with Lippert, the manufacturer of most RV frames found in the US. Due to their close proximity to these manufacturers, Severe Custom RV has easy access to parts, some of which are virtually impossible to ship. This allows them to easily take on all RV warranty and repair work, whether it’s a small repair or a large RV renovation.

In business for over 20 years

Severe Custom RV’s management team has been in the RV business for over 20 years. They have experience in every aspect of the RV industry, including management of Forest River’s manufacturing plants.

Their extensive experience and knowledge give them key insights into how an RV is built from the ground up. This translates into a skillset capable of completing large-scale RV renovations that wouldn’t be possible at a local RV dealership. Severe Custom RV’s mission is straightforward: They strive to offer the most comprehensive, highest-quality RV renovation and repair services across the nation. And they have the experience to make that mission possible.

RV restoration and repair services

Whether it’s a complete RV roof replacement or intricate fiberglass and body repairs, Severe Custom RV has it covered. They tackle full frame restoration and any repair required after a collision, including complete paint restoration. There isn’t a challenge they won’t take on, delivering innovative RV restoration every time.

Recognizing that an RV is a personal statement, Severe Custom RV offers custom RV renovation services to match each client’s design requirements. They transform interiors, upgrade amenities, and bring each customer’s unique vision to life with exactness and style.

What is a complete RV wall change and how can Severe do it?

Severe Customs RV occupies a unique niche with their ability to conduct complete RV wall changes. A complete wall change is needed when one or more of the exterior walls become damaged, usually due to a collision. The bulkiness of full side walls limits most dealerships, as it is very difficult to transport such large items across the country.

Due to their proximity to Elkhart, Severe Custom RV can obtain entire wall replacements without issue. Their portfolio is packed with wall changes completed for manufacturers and customers alike. This further proves their capacity to tackle every challenge thrown their way.

RV floor exposed showing damaged woodwork.
Severe RV can repair a damaged floor like this one.

Insurance claims and manufacturer support

After a collision, the last thing people want to do is deal with insurance companies to arrange repairs. Severe Custom RV steps in as an experienced insurance claims navigator, making it much easier for the owner. They work hand in hand with adjusters and manufacturers, and they take care of the paperwork to secure the best possible RV renovation and repair.

Local RV dealers may lack expertise and access to parts for warranty work. Severe Custom RV’s proximity to manufacturers allows them to complete repairs without delay. Their relationship with Lippert Components also keeps them up-to-date on solutions.

Learn more about Severe Custom RV Restoration and Repair

Their close working relationships with the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who build RVs in Indiana equip them with the resources and expertise to make any repair on any RV. It’s also pretty handy for complete, transformative RV renovations.

Whether it’s a minor repair or complete renovation, Severe Custom RV Restoration and Repair is a premier destination for RVers looking to repair or customize their rig. Severe RV breathes life into old RVs, transforming them into vehicles that not only transport people but also inspire joy in the journey as much as the destination.

To learn more about their services and get a quote, visit their website.

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