Bowlus RV Models Have Gone Fully Electric

Several RV brands have begun to shift their focus toward renewable energy sources and electric vehicles. Many manufacturers now offer solar panels and alternative fuel sources, but Bowlus has taken a bold stance and established itself as the first RV manufacturer to offer an all-electric lineup.

Bowlus is one of the oldest brands in the RV world, with roots dating back to the 1930s. They have continually innovated their products to meet the current demand. Nowadays they create luxurious, lightweight trailers that can be pulled by a variety of vehicles. This company has taken things one step further by transitioning into fully electric vehicles that don’t rely on fossil fuels at all.

Bowlus is a high-end brand, so this industry shift is quite significant! If they’re willing to jump over and commit to creating electric RVs, others may soon follow suit. Their recently-debuted electric trailers have been successful, and we can expect to see more examples of their ingenuity in the future as they push the envelope. There are several facets to this decision, and we want to cover all of them below.

Electric RVs

Bowlus has been interested in the potential of electric RVs for quite some time. They tested the waters with the release of the 2022 Bowlus Volterra, which was the first all-electric RV. It followed their classic design principles with a streamlined aluminum shell and a natural wood interior.

In addition to these standard features, the vehicles were also equipped with a large power bank and an incredibly advanced battery system. It was capable of generating 17 kWh of lithium iron phosphate power! These models were also light enough that they could be towed by electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

As an extra bonus feature, they even included an emergency EV charge that enabled tow vehicles to travel up to 65 miles beyond their usual limits. This was a handy feature for electric RV enthusiasts, because the towing range was a limiting factor for many people.

They also came with efficient solar panels and large water storage tanks. This made them self-sufficient so customers could camp anywhere they wanted! The vehicles were comfortable, lightweight, and sustainable.

Bowlus RV
Bowlus RV. Photos via manufacturer

Other Bowlus models

“Our move to fully electric is important because it sets a precedent. Where most RV brands use old technology involving propane and gas or traditional batteries, we are making new ground, just like we always have. Picture yourself enjoying nature without the noise of a generator — it’s a fully immersive experience to be all-electric.”

Geneva Long, founder and CEO of Bowlus

Once the Volterra hit the market, this triggered a change for the Bowlus brand. These new vehicles were so popular and successful that the company leadership decided to move forward with their plans to create an all-electric lineup in future years.

All future product releases will be fully electric, including new models of the Terra Firma and Heritage. It’s also likely that we’ll see new product lines to better suit consumer needs. Bowlus has always been a high-end brand that manufactured luxury vehicles. Many of their products sold for $300,000 or more, so they were not easily accessible for most Americans.

However, recent releases such as the Bowlus Heritage were priced much lower (closer to $150,000). They’re still quite pricey, but it seems that there’s a new focus on clean energy and lower prices. If the current trends continue, more and more people will be able to enjoy all-electric RVs.

The ultimate goal for the company is to create RVs that use renewable energy sources. They also want to make it easier for electric vehicles to tow their vehicles. Most models weigh between 2,000–4,000 lbs, so they are definitely on the lighter end of the scale.

Electric vehicles are also becoming more powerful and efficient every year. There are currently plenty of cars and trucks that can pull a trailer of this size, and the range of options will only continue to grow as manufacturers shift their focus toward electric vehicles and clean energy solutions.

About Bowlus

Although Bowlus is an RV brand, they can trace their roots back to the sky! The original founder of this company was Hawley Bowlus, who was the creator of the famous airplane, the Spirit of St. Louis. He was inspired by the aircraft’s aluminum frame, riveted panels, and lightweight design.

This led him to create the first ever rivieted aluminum travel trailer. The work began in 1934 and the brand is still thriving today. Although the amenities and technology in these trailers has evolved over the years, the aesthetic and commitment to quality has never changed.

In 2011, the brand was revitalized with Geneva Long at the helm. She committed to create RVs that were lightweight and made with extreme attention to detail. These new Bowlus models were sleek and aerodynamic, so they were easy for smaller vehicles to tow.

Over each successive year, new upgrades were made to the catalog of trailers. For instance, many models have remote technological updates, spa-like bathrooms, and high-end bedrooms and dining areas (source).

Now the company is on the verge of a new era! Soon every RV will be fully electric, but customers won’t have to sacrifice the quality they have come to expect from this brand. These trailers will still be easy to tow, luxurious, and highly customizable.

They do come with a hefty price tag, but these changes may trickle down to influence the industry as a whole. Keep your eye on these electric trailers because we believe they signal a major shift for RVs of all shapes and sizes.

For more information about this bold new direction from Bowlus, check out their press materials here.

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