Winnebago Just Debuted A New M Series Lineup

The New Winnebago M Series Travel Trailers  

2023 is winding down, but that means that the RV manufacturers are just getting started! Right now is the prime time to announce new projects and reveal vehicles that will be available in the new year. There are plenty of RV shows in the fall and winter, and Winnebago just stole the spotlight by debuting their all-new M Series lineup.

Winnebago has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of motorhomes, but over the years they have also expanded into the world of towable vehicles, such as travel trailers. Although they have large and luxurious models in their catalog, some of the most popular options are their lightweight mini campers.

The M Series follows this pattern beautifully. The collection includes three floor plans, all of which weigh less than 5,000 lbs. These trailers were displayed at the 2023 Open House Event in Elkhart, Indiana. They’re not yet available for sale, but guests had the opportunity to tour these RVs and learn exclusive information. We want to give you an insider’s look at these new trailers so you’ll be ready when they hit the market!

M Series Overview

“For RVers that simply want to camp and enjoy the outdoors, the M Series is the perfect
towable …the M Series offers the same quality build and innovative floorplans you come to expect from Winnebago, at an affordable price.”

Adam Christoffersen, General Manager in Winnebago’s Towables Division

The Micro Minnie was a major success for the Winnebago brand. It proved that customers were interested in a getaway vehicle that made it easy to enjoy the RV lifestyle. These models may not come with a lot of bells and whistles, but all the essentials were covered.

This was the guiding principle behind the M Series as well. These vehicles are close to the same size and shape as the Micro Minnie trailers, but they’re entirely new. This lineup was designed for the modern customer, and they are perfect for small groups who want to camp and explore the country more easily.

Three floor plans were unveiled at the Elkhart Open House. They’re all quite compact, with each one measuring 26 feet or less. This makes them ideal for towing, especially if you don’t own a truck. Even smaller vehicles like SUVs are capable of hauling trailers like this. With an unladen vehicle weight of 5,000 lbs. or less, they’re also pretty light for an RV.

Best of all, these trailers are priced to move. Many people are deterred from the RV lifestyle because of the cost. There are plenty of motorhomes and trailers that cost $100,000 or more! On the other hand, the M Series prices start as low as $27,860. These trailers serve as the perfect on-ramp for anyone who’s curious about RVing but doesn’t want to spend a fortune to try it out.

Debut event

The M Series trailers were unveiled on September 25, 2023. Those who attended the Elkhart RV Dealer Open House were able to get the first glimpse of these new trailers. Some were even able to step inside and tour the new layouts!

Plenty of different brands and manufacturers were represented at this event, but everyone gravitated to the newest stuff first. Winnebago products always draw a crowd, and it’s even more exciting when they announce an entirely new product line. As a brand that has made its fame as a motorhome manufacturer, it’s exciting to see them branching into the world of towable RVs.

The M Series trailers were on display from September 25-29. The models that were shown were created for display purposes, and it’s likely that the final products may be a bit different. These prototypes are not yet available for sale, but they could hit the shelves within the next year or two.

In addition to these new models, the showcase also included the Winnebago Access towable and the Class B Solis Pocket 36B. Both of these RVs are great for customers who want a vehicle that’s easy to travel with.

If you’re curious about the debut event, check for more details.

Floor plans

So far, three floor plans have been revealed for the M Series. All of these are compact and lightweight, so they can be towed by regular vans and SUVs. This makes them far more accessible to the average camping enthusiast.

Because these vehicles are so new, we don’t yet have the full details about their specifications. But we can provide a brief overview of some of their interiors and noteworthy features.


First on the list, we have one of the larger options. The 2326RK measures in at 26 feet, 7 inches long. It features a rear kitchen, with windows that overlook the countertop. This provides a great view while you’re cooking and makes the space feel more open. A refrigerator is accessible near the entrance, and the rear wall is occupied with a wedge-shaped countertop.

The middle section is a living room that can convert into a bedroom for multiple people! The booth-style dinette can turn into a bed, as can the jackknife sofa on the opposite wall. Extra storage space is located underneath the dinette seats.

A full-width bathroom separates the living room from the front bedroom. This space has room for a shower, toilet, vanity, medicine cabinet, and a few storage shelves underneath the sink. Finally, the front bedroom has a walk-around bed with windows on either side. Small wardrobes sit along the sides as well, so you can easily store your clothes and other bedroom essentials.


The 2225MK is a bit smaller, with a total length of 25 feet, 8 inches. But it still makes great use of the space! It has many of the same features as the previous floor plan, but the arrangement is different. For instance, the rear of this trailer has the kitchen galley close to the entrance, while the sofa and dinette occupy the rear portion.

There’s also an access door on the rear wall so you can easily move bulky items in and out of the trailer. This is perfect if you plan to haul a lot of gear.

The bathroom placement is also different. Instead of sitting between the bedroom and living room, this one is set off to one side. It’s a compact space, but it has room for all the essentials!

The front bedroom has a full-sized bed that sits flush against the walls. There are large storage cabinets over the bed, as well as side tables on either side of the door.


Currently, we don’t have any additional details about this final floor plan. However, we know that it follows the same general format as the previous two because each model is less than 5,000 lbs and shorter than 26 feet.

It’s reasonable to assume that the 2326MBH will include the same general fixtures and amenities as well. So although the arrangements of these pieces may be different, you can still find everything you need for a great camping trip.

Final thoughts

The M Series models that were debuted this fall were prototypes, and they still may need to undergo a few tweaks before they’re available for public purchase. But we can see that they’re getting very close to being finished, so you can expect them to hit the market very soon.

Check for additional details about the M Series, as well as their other towable RVs. We’ll also keep you posted on Camper Report whenever we learn something new!

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