What Are The Top RV Shows To Attend This Season?
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RV Shows You Won’t Want To Miss In Fall 2023

We’re well into the second half of 2023 now, and fall is just around the corner. Luckily, this is a peak season for RV shows, events, conventions, and expos. Everyone is looking forward to a new year of RVing, and manufacturers are eager to debut their new creations.

Although there are countless local and regional shows, many RVers are looking for the biggest and best events. Nobody can make it to every show, but you can always prioritize your top picks.

So if you’re looking for a great RV event this fall, check out the list below. There’s still time to visit multiple RV shows and get a head start on the new year. Whether you want to buy a new model, see the latest upgrades, or just spend time with fellow RVers, these upcoming showcases are well worth a visit.

Fall RV Fest: Sept 7-10

This event is a place for all the top dealerships in Ohio (and the surrounding areas) to show off their latest innovations. There are hundreds of RV models to explore, and this is also a family-friendly event. There are lots of fun activities, and children under 12 can attend for free.

Fall Outdoor Showcase: Sept 8-10

  • Location: Midwest Gateway RV Dealers Association, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Event Website: stlrv.com

If you’re looking for trustworthy sellers and family-owned businesses, this is the show for you. Nine RV dealerships are represented at the Fall Outdoor Showcase, and they’re all eager to give you the best possible end-of-year deals. There will also be a ton of food trucks, so you can try delicious street food while you explore.

Hershey America’s Largest RV Show: Sept 13-17

The Hershey RV Show is always a treat! It truly is the largest RV show in America, so it’s the ultimate destination for RV enthusiasts. Everything you’re looking for is here, no matter what type of rig you drive.

There will be 35 manufacturers represented this year, with over 1,500 RVs on display. Plus, RV LIFE be live at Englewood Hershey with RV LIFE Podcast hosts Dan & Patti Hunt, as well as music from The Border Hookups. In addition, visitors can enjoy a fantastic dinner sponsored by RVTV, along with unlimited craft beer and Pennsylvania wine from RV LIFE. Get your tickets today at cvent.com!

Portland Fall RV and Van Show: Sept 14-17

  • Location: Portland Expo Center, Portland, Oregon
  • Event Website: otshows.com

There are plenty of RV shows for those with trailers and fifth wheels. But what about van lovers? If you’re looking for the ultimate van life event, visit the Portland Fall RV and Van Show. It only costs $15 per person (kids are free), and you’ll have access to a huge group of exhibitors.

PROGRESSIVE® NCRVDA Charlotte RV Show & Sale: Sept 14-17

  • Location: The Park Expo & Conference Center, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Event Website: northcarolinarvda.com

The NCRVDA hosts plenty of RV shows throughout the year, so you’ll see lots of upcoming events from them. The upcoming show in Charlotte is particularly appealing because it’s the biggest in the state. There’s a huge trade floor to explore, plus presentations and expos from some of the top dealers in the area.

Southwest RV Supershow: Sept 14-17

This Dallas supershow is one of the biggest events in the Southwest. Every make and model of RV will be represented here, so you’ll have the pick of the litter when it comes to choosing a new adventure vehicle. All the salespeople are knowledgeable and excited to help!

Utah RV Supershow: Sept 14-17

Utah is a popular state for RVers and snowbirds. So, if you’re looking for something to prepare you for the long winter, visit the Utah RV Supershow! It’s the largest expo in the state, and you can get a glimpse of the newest models before they hit the shelves.

Washington State Evergreen Fall RV Show: Sept 22-24

Not everybody wants to buy a brand-new RV. If you’re weighing your options and want a great selection of new and used vehicles, head for the Washington State Evergreen Fall RV Show. You can get great deals on all the models here. It’s also a good chance to meet some of the best RV dealers in the area.

Indianapolis Fall Boat & RV Show: Sept 22-24

Many RVers also enjoy boating, so you may be looking for RV shows that combine the best of both worlds. In this case, Indianapolis is the place to be. This event is the perfect place to examine new and used vehicles of all sorts. If you explore the available boats, you may go home with a delightful new toy!

Coromar RV Lifestyle Convention: Sept 28-30

  • Location: The Expo at World Market Center, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Event Website: coromar-events.com

Las Vegas is a popular destination all year round. It’s also in a great central location for RVers from surrounding states, so its RV shows always draw huge crowds. This event is community-focused and it’s a great place to meet new friends, enjoy awesome entertainment, and learn more about the RV lifestyle.

Tacoma Fall RV Show: Sept 28-Oct 1

  • Location: Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, Washington
  • Event Website: otshows.com

Washington and other West Coast states are a favorite destination for outdoorsy RVers. If you want to attend a great event while you’re in the area, visit the Tacoma Fall RV Show. You can compare hundreds of RV models and land some truly amazing deals.

MARVAC Fall Detroit RV & Camping Show: Oct 4-8

MARVAC is a great place to get fair deals on RVs. There are 10 on-site dealerships at this location, and everyone is trying to offer the best deal. With all these options and competitive rates, you can’t lose! There are also plenty of exhibits and vendors to visit.

Overland Expo East 2023: Oct 6-8

  • Location: Oak Ridge Estate, Arrington, Virginia
  • Event Website: overlandexpo.com

RVs are popular overland vehicles, but they’re not the only options. If you’re interested in motorcycles or other recreational vehicles, this is the perfect event for you. It combines all of the best off-road vehicles and teaches everyone how to use them safely. There are even driving courses, motorcycle demos, and rally games.

Myrtle Beach RV Show: Oct 13-15

Myrtle Beach is popular with RVers all year round, so it makes sense that this would be the location for a great RV show. Local dealerships will be presenting their latest and greatest vehicles, and you can explore a variety of vendor booths. Kids will even have the chance to get a photo with Spider-Man at the show!

Portland Metro RV Show: November 9-12 Portland OR

Finally, we have another show in Portland. This one is less van-centric and it contains a variety of motorhomes, trailers, fifth wheels, and tent campers. Guests will have access to special deals and low prices. Multiple dealers will be attending, so the pricing is very competitive.

Plan ahead for 2024

If you miss any of the events above, don’t sweat it! Most of these RV shows happen annually, so you’ll have another chance in 2024. In addition, the list above only covers the major shows. There are plenty of smaller conventions and events happening across the country. Do a quick search online for RV shows near you, and you are bound to find one or two coming up that are worth a visit.

You should also take a look at the iRV2 forums to get first-hand event recommendations from your fellow RV enthusiasts. There’s always something fun going on, no matter what season it is.

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