Venture RV Just Introduced Their First-Ever Fifth Wheel
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The New Fifth Wheel From Venture RV

RV manufacturers are constantly tweaking and updating their product lines. But it’s rare for a company to break into a completely new sector! Venture RV is taking a bold step by creating its first-ever fifth wheel model. Up until now, the company only focused on travel trailers, so this is a significant change.

Who is Venture RV?

Venture RV is part of the larger family of KZ Recreational Vehicles. KZ has been around since the 1970s, but the Venture branch is more recent. However, it has become quite popular over the last several years, and the brand has expanded to create a variety of trailers in all shapes and sizes. The introduction of a fifth wheel marks their first step into a new world.

We don’t have all the details about these newest additions, but the early information is already quite exciting. Below, we’ll take a closer look at these new fifth wheels, including the special features and floor plans that have been announced. Let’s get started!

The new fifth wheel 

Venture RV has never created a fifth wheel until now, but they’re no strangers to the world of luxury RVs. The SportTrek Touring Edition is a huge travel trailer that has all the amenities you would need from a high-end RV.

This luxury model was so popular with customers that the higher-ups at Venture decided to push things one step further. Fifth wheels are some of the largest and most luxurious towable vehicles on the market, so they wanted to bring the best qualities of the SportTrek line to this new creation.

“We wanted to build off of the excellent user features our customers have come to love in the SportTrek line.”

Dave Boggs, Venture RV General Manager

Although the fifth wheel design is new territory for this brand, they already know what works because of their success with previous RVs. The new SportTrek Touring Edition Fifth Wheel has everything that you love from the travel trailer lineup, plus new features and amenities that will blow you away.

Because these vehicles are so new, we don’t have all the information about the vehicle specifications, weights, measurements, etc. But if you want to take a virtual tour of the interior, check out this video from Venture RV. The walkthrough will give you an idea of what these vehicles have to offer!

The SportTrek Touring Edition Fifth Wheel should be available for purchase in the late fall of 2023. Keep your eyes open as you visit RV lots in the coming months!

Noteworthy features

New RVs are constantly being announced, so it may seem like there’s nothing exciting about a new fifth wheel hitting the market. But on the contrary, there are lots of great features to explore in the SportTrek Touring Edition Fifth Wheel.

These RVs were designed to be bigger and better than anything Venture RV had created in the past. So, it takes all the best features from previous models and turns them up to a new level.

Massive pass-through storage

Storage space is always precious in an RV, so manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to add more closets, shelves, and cabinets. Although space in a travel trailer may be limited, a fifth wheel opens up a new realm of possibilities!

All of the fifth wheels from Venture RV include a massive pass-through storage space underneath the vehicle. The compartment spans the entire width of the vehicle, and it’s accessible from both sides, plus the front. You can keep all kinds of bulky items in here, store your seasonal clothing, or just keep your tools and maintenance equipment hidden out of sight.

High-end bedroom

RVs need to be functional, but they should also be comfortable! Some bedrooms have stiff beds, limited storage space, and utilitarian styles. The SportTrek Touring Edition Fifth Wheel breaks the mold with a bedroom fit for a king! We mean that literally because each room comes with a king-size bed.

There are also luxurious additions such as a dresser with a built-in fireplace, four closets for storage, and a comfortable nook with a window seat. This is the perfect place to relax after a long day. You won’t even remember you’re camping when you sleep in such an upscale bedroom!

Exterior additions

Every RV needs to have a comfortable interior where you can cook, sleep, and use the bathroom. But the exterior is important too. After all, what’s the point of traveling if you don’t have a way to enjoy the outdoors?

With this in mind, the SportTrek Touring Edition Fifth Wheels feature a full exterior setup. There’s a massive outdoor kitchen where you can grill, prep food, or just keep some snacks on hand. This section contains a sink, outdoor stove, mini-fridge, storage drawers, exterior lighting, and more.

Venture RV also understands that everyone needs a bit of protection from the elements. That’s why these RVs come with two large awnings. These create plenty of shade, and they can protect you from rain, tree sap, and more.

Finally, don’t forget about the entertainment! You don’t need to retreat indoors in order to enjoy your favorite shows and sporting events. Watch them outside with the 40-inch TV and speaker system. You’ll hardly have to go inside at all with such a nice setup.


There are lots of other premium amenities and features to explore. Other exciting updates to these fifth wheels include:

  • Large pantry and storage hutch
  • Dishwashers built into the kitchen island
  • Bathrooms with a large shower and vanity
  • Premium Goodyear tires
  • Extra storage options in the living room
  • And more!

To see a full list of features and details, visit

interior of RV

Floor plans

Anytime a new RV design is announced, it’s important to look at all the floor plan options. Variety is the spice of life, and everyone needs something different from their vehicle!

There are currently four floor plans for the SportTrek Touring Edition Fifth Wheel. Only two have been revealed in full detail, but more information about the others should be available once they are officially on the market. The ones we do know about are the STTF353VIK (Island kitchen) and the STTF353VRK (rear kitchen).

Let’s take a closer look at these two designs!

STTF353VIK (Island Kitchen)

The two floor plans we’ll be comparing have nearly identical front halves. This section contains the main bedroom, with all the amenities we mentioned above, plus a washer/dryer prep station. The bathroom sits just outside this room, and it connects to a hallway that leads into the rear half. This is where the differences really come into play!

The back portion of the STTF353VIK contains a pair of opposing slideouts. The kitchen occupies the front half of this space, with a huge pantry and hutch combo, a kitchen island, and amenities like a stove, oven, and refrigerator. The remaining wall space is filled by a fold-out sofa on the back wall and a pair of theater seats that face across from the fireplace and entertainment center. A table and a set of chairs round out the space.

STTF353VRK (Rear Kitchen)

Next up is the STTF353VRK, also known as the rear kitchen floor plan. The name may be a bit misleading compared to the one above because both of these layouts contain a kitchen island! In fact, this floor plan contains many of the same features as the previous one. The positioning is just a bit different.

For instance, the rear wall of this layout contains the pantry, as well as an office desk. The dining furniture and kitchen amenities sit along the adjacent walls, with the kitchen island in the middle. All of these items are situated closer to the rear, leaving the rest of the space open for the sofa, theater seats, and entertainment center.

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