TUOSHI 2.4Ghz Outdoor Long Range Wi-Fi Antenna N4000 | 36dBi High Gain USB Wi-Fi Range Extender Antenna for RV & Marine & PCs
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Product Description


This is an excellent device that can help your computer accept wifi signals over long distances. Built-in 36dBi high gain antenna. The acceptance range is 2-4 times that of the built-in antenna of the computer.

If you put it on the roof. The effect will be better. It is a directional wifi antenna. So you need to adjust the direction of the wifi antenna so that it gets the best angle to accept the wifi signal. It will increase the strength of the wifi signal. It is suitable for weak signal areas.

Note:You must disable the built-in WiFi on your computer and then log in to the WiFi manager of the WiFi antenna to set it up. If you don’t do this. You will think that you are logged into the wifi manager of the WiFi antenna. But actually you are logged in to the computer’s wifi manager.

wifi antenna N4000 1wifi antenna N4000 1

Outdoor wifi antenna N4000Outdoor wifi antenna N4000

Window 10 is plug and play. Window 10 does not need to download the driver or connect to the computer, it will automatically download the driver.

Window 10 computer has not application. Turn on the wifi management of your computer. You will see WiFi and WiFi 2.

Disable WiFi. Enable WiFi 2. Select the wifi you want to connect to. Enter the wifi password. The setup is complete.

wifi antenna N4000 2

wifi antenna N4000 2

N4000 11

N4000 11

wifi antenna N4000 4

wifi antenna N4000 4

36dBi Gain & 2.4Ghz & 150Mbps

Built-in powerful gain antenna: Built-in up to 36dBi antenna means that it can accept wifi signals at longer distances. The working frequency band is 2.4Ghz. 150Mbps transmission rate.

At normal desktop level, range is about 2-4 times that of a computer’s built-in Wi-Fi.

Note:The built-in 36dBi panel directional antenna focuses reception in one direction for optimal results.

IP65 dustproof and waterproof design

The rugged waterproof and dustproof case tightly wraps the board and antenna. It is sealed with a special glue. It ensures the safety of outdoor use.

Image from Consumer. User ID: 3320RK

32 FT/10m shielded USB cable

32 ft / 10 m USB cable. You can easily connect computers within 32 ft. Please use the main USB 2.0 interface of wifi antenna

wifi antenna N4000 5wifi antenna N4000 5

WiFi Antenna N4000 Work with Wireless Router R658U

1. Connect the wifi antenna N4000 and the wireless router R658U via USB.

2. Use the mobile phone or computer to enter the management interface of the router to set.

3. Use your phone or computer to select and connect to wifi.

Wifi antnena N4000 will receive wifi hotspots. The wireless router converts the WiFi hotspot into a new wifi hotspot. You can use the phone/tablet/laptop to connect to this new wifi hotspot to access the internet.


1.The wifi antenna N4000 is not compatible with other brands of USB wireless routers. Wifi antenna N4000 is only compatible with wireless router R658U

2.The wifi antenna N519D is also compatible with wireless router R658U

3.Please read the manual carefully before using the combination product.

4.Visit our store. Buy TUOSHI Wireless Router R658U

Flexible mountingFlexible mounting

☛ Built-in 36dBi high gain antenna and usb extension cable bring powerful signal and wider wireless coverage
☛ MIMO and CCA technology improve wireless transfer performance and signal stability
☛ With high power chipset and high gain antenna, this wireless adapter not only for outdoor use, but also ideal for your big house!
☛ The WiFi antenna N4000 can work with the WiFi router R658U. Visit our store. Buy WiFi router R658U. (N519D also work with WiFi router R658U.)

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