The Lightship L1 Travel Trailer Is Fully Electric

Every year, the RV industry is flooded with new floor plans and accessories. Manufacturers fight to be at the front of the line with the hottest new thing.

Well, this year the competition just got a whole lot more exciting. Lightship has flipped the RV world on its head with the release of its all-electric travel trailer. It not only looks like no other RV out there, but it truly is like no other RV, and you can reserve yours today!

A fully electric travel trailer

Combining sustainability and joyful outdoor travel experiences, Lightship’s goal is to explore nature while preserving it for generations to come. Paired with EV trucks, the L1 travel trailer allows for zero emission road trips!

Knowing that EV vehicles are the future, the team at Lightship aimed their focus on the RV industry, rather than developing another passenger vehicle. Instead of designing an RV that is solar compatible or has solar add-ons, Lightship started with a fully electric platform and built this beautiful travel trailer around it.

Make no mistake, the L1 travel trailer isn’t just an electric trailer disguised as a travel trailer; this is a legit RV. From the high-end interior finishes and thoughtful storage spaces to the solid construction to handle the rugged outdoors, there is no question the L1 is a serious player.

Lightship L1 parked behind a campfire in the woods at night - electric travel trailer

A zero emissions RV

The RV space has definitely made a shift toward greener camping with the use of solar; however, gas generators, propane use, and terrible fuel economy while towing are still very much present.

Electric trucks are now an option for tow vehicles, and RVers are slowly making the switch where possible. Of course, an EV as a tow vehicle combined with the L1 electric travel trailer is the ultimate combo, but gas and diesel owners can benefit greatly as well.

Towing an RV with petro-fueled vehicles results in significantly lowered fuel economy and increased emissions. Lightship has tackled these towing issues in three ways.


The weight of an RV has an obvious effect on the size of the vehicle and the amount of fuel it will use to tow that RV. With a gross vehicle weight of 7500 pounds loaded, the L1 packs 27 feet of travel trailer into a lightweight package.

Both EV and petro trucks will have no problems safely towing the L1 wherever your adventures take you. The overall design and dimensions make it feel secure on the road while being easy on your tow vehicle.


Let’s be honest: Although there have been some mild modifications, RVs are basically boxes being pulled through the air. One quick look at the L1 and it’s easy to see this is not the case with this electric travel trailer.

Designing a travel trailer that is shaped to cut through the wind is critical, but Lightship didn’t stop there. The overall exterior height of 10′ is lowered over 3′ to a slim 6′ 9″ in road mode for towing. With the trailer tucked in behind your truck, you won’t even know it’s there.

Lightship L1 being towed by an electric Ford truck - electric travel trailer

Electric drive

As if a lowering trailer shaped like a racecar wasn’t enough, the L1 utilizes its electric platform to offer electric drive assist.

That’s right: This trailer actually assists in driving reducing the power required by the tow vehicle. For electric vehicles, this means no reduction in the range between charges, and for petro owners, less money at the pumps!

Perfect blend of style and technology

RV interiors are all very similar when it comes to both style and layout. Finding a travel trailer with an interior that’s different from all the rest just became easier.

The ultra-modern exterior look of the L1 had to be matched with an equally unique interior. Carefully chosen colors and materials complement the free-flowing floor plan to give you the perfect environment.

The open floor plan, combined with the 7′ 6″ interior height and panoramic windows, gives this travel trailer a living space like no other on the market. In the washroom, an overhead shower, porcelain floors, and outdoor view from the shower are more spa-like than what you would expect in an RV.

All the modern amenities of today’s RVs, including smart appliances, run on solar electricity, with no propane or gas generators needed. This electric travel trailer is in a league of its own when it comes to RVing. However, it doesn’t only shine while RVing; at home plugged into your house, the L1 becomes a source of backup power for your house!

Lightship L1 plugged into the side of a house - electric travel trailer

Reserve your electric travel trailer now

The L1 is finally available to be reserved by RVers, after years of research and development. As of now, pre-orders are only available in the U.S.

Two models are offered: one with the extended range electric drive feature and one without. Both require a fully refundable $500 downpayment to secure your order. Production is not expected to begin until the fall of 2024.

The option to fully configure your specific unit will be made available to you in the coming months. All product information and pre-order reservations are available on the Lightship website. This is a truly unique offering to the RV industry that you won’t want to miss out on. We can’t wait to see the first L1s at campgrounds around the U.S.

Bright open interior with panoramic windows showing mountains behind it

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