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The 26FKDS model, pictured back to front (via manufacturer)

The 2023 Aurora Travel Trailer: Floor Plans & Features

Forest River is a leading RV brand in the country, offering an extensive range of travel trailers and motorhomes. Their catalog expands and innovates each year. The Aurora travel trailer lineup of 2023 particularly stands out!

Aurora travel trailers, a recent addition to the Forest River family, were first introduced in 2020. Since then, they have expanded their range of floor plans and introduced innovative features. As of 2023, the brand offers a wide variety of trailers to cater to every customer’s needs, including full-size travel trailers, lightweight campers, and toy hauler models.

Below, we’ll dive into the Aurora travel trailer lineup to explore the features that make them so special. There are so many different designs and floor plans to explore, but we’ll also check out a few of the highlights. Read on to learn more about these new travel trailers!

Aurora travel trailers

Aurora travel trailers are extremely versatile. Although they all share the same brand name, they have a wide range of designs and sizes.

The smallest travel trailers are about 19 feet long, while the largest toy haulers are closer to 35 feet. Most designs feature multiple sleeping areas, which makes them ideal for families. Interestingly, these trailers often only have one slide-out. Some have none at all—even the larger models!

Even though the layouts may be different, they all have a few common features, regardless of the model you’re looking at. For example, all Aurora travel trailers have a fully-decked roof you can walk on! There’s also a six-gallon water heater, a Darco subfloor protective wrap, and a 15,000 BTU ducted A/C system.

These trailers are designed to be comfortable and long-lasting. Every element was thoughtfully designed and integrated into the whole. 

“Our goal at Aurora is to provide the highest quality product with functional and distinctive features that will help you create memories that last a lifetime. Comfortability, usability, and quality were the core values when the Aurora was designed.”

Upgrades and add-ons

Although the basic features are wonderful as is, customers can also select from a variety of upgrades. The standard package will give you everything you need for a comfortable, enjoyable trip. But one of the best parts about RV life is the ability to create your own custom living space.

To accommodate these needs, customers have access to several upgraded features. Some are only available through select floor plans, while others can be installed in any Aurora model. There are lots of optional add-ons, but some of the highlights include:

  • A 200W solar panel
  • A built-in fireplace
  • 50-amp service with a second A/C prep
  • A ramp door patio package for toy haulers
  • A spare tire for single-axle models
  • Various bed/furniture replacements
aurora travel trailer

Floor plans

Finally, let’s look at a few of the floor plans in this lineup. As mentioned above, there’s quite a variety. Whether you want something small or something large and luxurious, you should be able to find a good match beneath the Aurora umbrella.

Full-size travel trailers (28 feet38 feet)

There are currently eight full-size travel trailer floor plans available. Most are heavy enough to require a tow truck or a powerful SUV. In addition, these travel trailers tend to have the most slideouts compared to the other Aurora designs. Most models have three slideouts, although some only have one or two.

The majority of these trailers have the main bedroom at the front of the vehicle, with the exception of the 26FKDS model. This design places the bed at the rear of the trailer. The 34BHTS is another break from tradition because it is a travel trailer with two full-sized beds (one at the front, one at the rear).

The specifications on a few of these models are still pending. For example, we still don’t know everything about the 33QBTS and the 34BHTS. They’re new additions for 2023, so we expect more information to appear once they’re available for sale.

Light travel trailers (19 feet30 feet)

Next up, we’ve got the lightweight travel trailers. These are lightweight and compact, so it’s possible to tow them with smaller vehicles. On the smaller end, some models are less than 20 feet long! However, there are still some decent-sized trailers that get up to the 30-foot range as well. All the models weigh somewhere between 3,000-5,000 lbs.

Overall, there are six floor plans that are classified as “light travel trailers.” Most of them don’t have any slide outs at all! However, the designs that do feature slide outs only include one, and it’s usually quite small.

In addition, many of the smallest models don’t have a permanent bed at all. To save space, it’s usually a sofa bed or some other type of convertible sleeping space. The 16BHX is an interesting exception. It’s one of the smallest floor plans on the list, but it includes a queen-size bed at one end. There’s even space for a pair of bunk beds at the rear! So even the smallest layouts can still comfortably host multiple people.

But generally speaking, you tend to find more permanent beds once you reach the 23-30 foot range. In order to balance the weight, these beds are located at the front of the trailer. Although the light travel trailers may not have quite as many amenities compared to other designs, they’re still quite comfortable. Each design features at least one sleeping space, as well as a full bathroom, a kitchen, and some storage space.

Toy haulers (30 feet35 feet)

To wrap things up, let’s talk about the toy haulers. These are the largest and most luxurious models within the Aurora travel trailer family. There are only three floor plans for 2023, but all of them are at least 30 feet long. Because there’s so much space to work with, these designs are particularly interesting.

Each model has its main bedroom at the front of the vehicle. Sometimes the bedroom is enclosed, and sometimes it connects to the rest of the living space. Apart from that, there’s a lot of variety in the layouts.

For instance, the 26ATH has a full-width bathroom that separates the bedroom from the back half. The 28ATH has a pair of fold-down sofas that can convert into a second queen-size bed. The 29ATH features an L-shaped kitchen, which is perfect for cooking. There’s plenty of workspace with a counter like that.

But like all toy haulers, these have the ability to carry large and bulky items. They all come equipped with rear ramps and loading doors. In addition, there’s a large garage space within the vehicle itself. Some models have garages that are up to 14 feet long!

Overall, Aurora travel trailers are some of the best vehicles from Forest River. There are several options and upgrades for customers to choose from, plus a wide variety of floor plans. Each model is expertly designed, so you can rest assured that you’ll get your money’s worth.  

Whether you opt for the smallest trailer or the largest fifth wheel, you’ll be satisfied with your experience. If you want to learn more, visit their website at

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