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The New 2024 Jayco Precept: New Features & Floor Plans

Jayco is getting a head start on the new year! The company recently released details about one of its latest and greatest motorhomes: The 2024 Jayco Precept. This mid-size Class A motorhome has several upgraded features and amenities. It’s the perfect blend of comfort and convenience.

Jayco makes some of the best RVs in the country, and the latest Precept promises to live up to the hype. It has all the benefits of a luxury model, but it’s contained within a floor plan that’s less than 40 feet long. This vastly increases your parking options while still providing uncompromising quality.

It’s never too early to start planning for next year. If you’re thinking about upgrading your RV in the near future, you may want to consider this offering from Jayco. There are several different floor plans, plus a variety of upgrades and add-ons. Everybody can find the perfect fit for their travel needs.

Special features

“Truly your home away from home, the Precept sacrifices nothing with floorplans that are still under 40 feet in length.”

Everything was created with intention and precision, from the base build to the interior decoration. Every 2024 Precept begins with a Ford® F53 chassis. This comes with a 7.3L V-8 335 HP engine. With an engine as powerful as this, you can easily tackle long trips and steep inclines. The 80-gallon fuel tank will also give you plenty of mileage, so it’s easy to travel long distances between pit stops.

The standard interior and exterior features are also high quality. Customers have the ability to upgrade or replace certain items, but even the base models are superb. There are far too many benefits to list here, but some of the best features of 2024 Precept include:

  • 200W solar panel on the roof
  • StrongholdVBL™ roof, floor, and sidewalls
  • Winterization drain system
  • Exterior shower
  • Firefly total coach control system with wall-mounted touchscreen and mobile app
  • Hardwood cabinet doors and drawer fronts
  • Electric fireplace (in select models)
  • Bunks with industry-exclusive 300 lb. capacity
  • Exterior entertainment center with outside speakers and LED HD Smart TV
  • LED-lit, solid-surface kitchen countertops
  • And much, much more!

Whether you look at the appliances, layout, or entertainment features, the Jayco Precept won’t disappoint. 

interior of Precept

Optional upgrades

Although the standard amenities are already head and shoulders above some of the competition, Jayco decided to kick things up a notch and offer some upgrades. The Customer Value Package comes pre-installed in every model, so you don’t need to worry about missing out on all its great features. But if you want to make your motorhome extra special, you can equip it with the following upgrades.

First up, there’s an optional drop-down bunk in the cab area. This bed can support up to 750 lbs, so you can use it for storage or as an extra sleeping space. You can also choose to add power theater seating in select floor plans. This usually replaces other furniture, but some floor plans come with them pre-installed.

You can also get better appliances! Each 2024 Precept comes with a residential refrigerator, but sometimes even that’s not large enough. That’s why guests can upgrade to a 15 cubic-foot refrigerator. This is perfect for chefs who want to cook on the road. Additionally, customers can add washers and dryers to their vehicles, which makes the entire setup more convenient. You won’t have to rely on laundromats anymore!

Decor options

Aside from all the lifestyle benefits, the 2024 Precept is also a very beautiful motorhome. There are several design options for the interior and exterior so you can showcase your personal style.

When it comes to exterior paint jobs, you have four main options to choose from. You can go for the classic default appearance or try something a little different. Here’s a brief description of each paint job:

  • Standard Graphics: Default design. White body with angular arcs of black and gray.
  • Java: Black/dark gray base coat. Cream and yellow accents.
  • Peppercorn: Split base (silver on top, black on bottom). Bold gray and white decals.
  • Soul Blue: Similar base colors to the Peppercorn, but light blue accent designs.

There are also two options for interior decor. They both have a neutral brown/tan aesthetic, but the specific coloration and patterns are different.

The first option is called Dover. This features dark brown cabinetry and wood accents. The furniture is a lighter shade, and the countertops resemble white speckled stone.

The second option is called Modern Farmhouse. In contrast, the wooden cabinetry in this model is painted white. The furniture is also a bit darker, which provides a nice contrast. Additionally, the countertop material is more grayish, and it has darker spots.

No matter which combination you choose, your motorhome will be absolutely beautiful!

kitchen in RV

Floor plans

So far, Jayco has announced five different floor plans for the 2024 Precept. These range in size, with the smallest measuring 33 feet and the largest measuring 38 feet, 10 inches. They all come with multiple slideouts to expand the space. You can also fit several people in each one, which makes it the perfect setup for traveling families.


  • Exterior length: 33 feet
  • Slideouts: 3
  • Sleeping capacity: 7 people
  • MSRP: $196,568

First on the list, we’ve got the smallest model. This is fairly small for a Class A motorhome, but it doesn’t skimp on quality. The rear features a bedroom with a king-size bed. This leads to a small hallway with a split bathroom (shower on one side, toilet and sink on the other). An L-shaped kitchen, a dinette, and a tri-fold sofa complete the space.


  • Exterior length: 36 feet, 11 inches
  • Slideouts: 2
  • Sleeping capacity: 6 people
  • MSRP: $200,318

The next model is a bit more spacious. The rear bedroom has the same general design as the 31UL, but the orientation of everything has been flipped to the other side! However, the front portion is fairly different. One wall has a slideout, which contains a reclining sofa and a booth-style dinette. This faces across from the kitchenette and main cooking appliances.



  • Exterior length: 36 feet, 6 inches
  • Slideouts: 2
  • Sleeping capacity: 7 people
  • MSRP: $206,333

The 34G has an interesting layout. A large slideout runs along the entire left-hand wall, which creates a nice walkable layout. This single slideout can hold all sorts of amenities, such as storage shelves, a TV cabinet, wardrobes, a tri-fold sofa, and all the main kitchen appliances. This floor plan also features a full bathroom, with the shower, sink, toilet, and vanity all in the same room.


  • Exterior length: 38 feet, 10 inches
  • Slideouts: 3
  • Sleeping capacity: 9 people
  • MSRP: $209,243

The 36A is a bunkhouse model, so it has the highest sleeping capacity of all. It also has two bathrooms, so multiple people can get ready at the same time. The rear master bedroom connects to a full-width bathroom, while the bunk bed nook is right across the hall from the second bathroom. The rest of the space is split between the kitchen and living room.


  • Exterior length: 38 feet, 10 inches
  • Slideouts: 3
  • Sleeping capacity: 7 people
  • MSRP: $214,650

This final floor plan has a similar layout to the bunkhouse model above, but instead of bunk beds, there’s extra room for storage and cooking. The second bathroom also has room for a washer and dryer instead of another shower. There’s a cozy little living room as well, complete with a fireplace, entertainment center, a theater sofa, and a hide-a-bed sofa.

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To learn more about the 2024 Jayco Precept, visit their website. You can also find more brand-specific information on Jayco Owners Forum.

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