White truck displays custom 5th wheel tailgates by Superior Tailgates
Durable, functional, and beautiful 5th wheel tailgates from Superior. Photo: Superior Tailgates

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These 5th Wheel Tailgates Will Soon Need A Waiting List

Sometimes you run across something so exclusive there isn’t a “normal” way to buy it. In-and-Out burger fans are familiar with their secret menu where items can be ordered “animal style” or “mustard grilled”. The highly anticipated Tesla Truck and the Ford F150 Lighting are both exclusive in their respective categories, both with long waiting lists.

People love exclusivity, and that exclusivity usually goes hand-in-hand with high quality. Superior Tailgates, a manufacturer of high-quality, lightweight, aluminum powder coated 5th wheel tailgates, is finding themselves on the cusp of similar exclusivity.

A top quality tailgate

RVers know craftsmanship. Maybe it’s because of the background most of us have, or the fact that we’ve all worked on enough RV components that we can tell “well made” from, well…made.

Dwayne Smith of Winfield, Kansas has that same discerning eye. A machinist and powder coater by trade, he recognized exceptional quality and design when he saw it. A tailgate manufacturer and powder coating client of his decided to discontinue their tailgate line. Having handled the line and seen the quality, Dwayne offered to buy the assets and continue the line on his own.

A lot of R&D had to be done to accommodate the new body styles of each truck and the requisite backup camera they all started coming with. Still, Dwayne saw the future, and it was filled with RVs, quickly submitting his patent application for the new designs.

Superior Tailgates

Superior Tailgates solves specific problems for 5th wheel owners. It doesn’t take long to find a fellow camper with that familiar “oops dent” on the top of their tailgate. Some RVers have opted to just keep the tailgate down to avoid problems, but then have to contend with “tailgate bounce”.

Keeping the tailgate down also prohibits you from storing anything else in the back of the truck without it potentially falling out, while a closed tailgate generates erratic airflow, potentially swirling lightweight items right out of the truck.

If all of those things combined were an algebra problem, then Superior Tailgates has solved for X. Their aluminum (light weight), notched (for 5th wheel), louvered (for air flow) tailgates are also finished with a functional and attractive powder coating. 

New tailgate as viewed from the inside of the truck bed, looking out.
5th wheel tailgate seen from the truck bed. Photo: Superior Tailgates

5th wheel tailgates

More importantly, Superior Tailgates are designed to fit today’s trucks. Anything but utilitarian, a modern truck capable of pulling a 5th wheel is loaded with as much, if not more, convenience and technology features than a luxury sedan. When you spend between $75,000 and $90,000 for a Ford King Ranch F250, you want to make sure you are bolting on commensurate add-ons. 

Superior Tailgates offers 5th wheel tailgates to replace those found on Ford and Chevy/GMC trucks from 1999 to present. For you Dodge/Ram fans, Superior has you covered from 2003 to present.

These finely crafted 5th wheel tailgates weigh only 38 lbs, but can hold up to 200 lbs. Each tailgate is manufactured in-house to the specific model & year of your truck, and is finished with a silver powder coat with a clear coating that is smooth to the touch. You can also opt for your choice of matte or glossy black powder coating.

These 5th wheel tailgates are made here in the USA in Winfield, Kansas and come with everything you need for an easy self-installation including factory hinge points and nylon bushings for striker pins. Providing your truck’s VIN ensures that every option, size, and fitment is 100% correct.

close up of camera node on a Superior Tailgate
If your truck has a backup camera, so will your new tailgate. Photo: Superior Tailgates.

Is it hard to remove my old tailgate?

Removing your old tailgate to get ready for your Superior Tailgate is reasonably simple. It’s a good idea to have a helper, as truck tailgates typically weigh between 50–100 lbs, depending on the model of the truck. The steps below should apply to most tailgates.

  1. Open the tailgate and disconnect any lighting and camera connections. These should all be quick disconnect connections.
  2. Disconnect the restraining cables/straps on each side. Some straps have quick release clips, rather than having to remove any bolts.
  3. Tilt the tailgate at about a 45 degree angle and pull the right side away from the hinge point.
  4. Pull the tailgate away from the left side, moving left to right.

It’s not a bad idea to find a YouTube video for your specific vehicle. Remember to take your time and get a helper. Your new, lightweight Superior Tailgate will be much easier to install!

What about my backup camera?

Backup cameras can be a source of confusion for RVers buying their first aftermarket tailgate. It’s very simple. If your truck came with a backup camera, your new tailgate will have a built-in housing to accommodate that backup camera, based on the VIN information we mentioned.

You’ll simply transfer the camera from your old tailgate to your Superior Tailgate. If your truck does not currently have a backup camera, then your new tailgate will not have one either.

Learn more about Superior Tailgates

You’ll find the Superior Tailgates homepage at Remember what I said about exclusivity? You won’t find a place to order the tailgate on that page; however, you can email Dwayne’s team at, or call them at (620) 222-2023 to get the ball rolling. You’ll want to have your truck’s VIN number handy when you call or email. Get your Superior Tailgate order now, before the word gets out.

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