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Summer Combo Keeps You Cool At Home And In The RV

SoftStartRV, a leader in the AC soft-starter space, now offers a similar device for home air conditioners called SoftStartHome.

For years, SoftStartRV has provided individual AC soft start devices for the AC units sitting on top of your motorhome, 5th wheel, or travel trailer. These soft starters allow your AC units to be started with less power, especially in conditions where more than one air conditioner needs to be run with only a 30-amp input. 

Other benefits include a softer, quieter start to those RV air conditioners. This is especially handy in the late evening when a loud thump of an AC compressor kicking on can often be startling, or even wake up an RVer who hasn’t completely drifted off or is a light sleeper.

SoftStartHome, engineered to give you many of those same benefits and more for your home air conditioning unit, is now available. There is also significant savings available when bundling your purchase with SoftStartRV devices.

SoftStartHome – Help your home’s central air start better, faster, & safer

The characteristics of a central air conditioning system at home are not much different than those of an RV’s AC unit. The challenges are the same in fact, simply put on a much larger scale.

A single six-ton SoftStartHome device is all that is needed to put you back in charge of your home AC system or heat pump, allowing you to start that home system with less power.

Some of the characteristics of a home system that could benefit from SoftStartHome are:

  • A loud thump when the home air conditioning system or heat pump turns on
  • Flickering lights when the AC or heat pump starts
  • Frequent compressor failures

New home air conditioning systems that cost upwards of $25k or more already have this type of soft start protection built-in. Now, you can add a little of that high-end tech to your existing home system. SoftStartHome increases the efficiency and longevity of your home HVAC units and heat pumps, and it reduces the power needed to start the compressor by up to 70%.

For folks lucky enough to have their home systems connected to a generator or other alternative power source such as a solar/battery combination, SoftStartHome shines there as well, reducing the amount of power these backup systems need to start an air conditioning system.

Bundle and save

Hoping you’ll want the peace of mind that your home air conditioning system or RV heat pump is operating at its best is no accident. SoftStartRV and SoftStartHome have teamed up to offer a bundle that lets you make your home on wheels and your sticks and bricks as efficient as possible.

Right now, you can save $150 by bundling your SoftStartHome and SoftStartRV together. RV LIFE encourages you to explore and learn more about these two excellent devices, by visiting You’ll find detailed information and informative videos there and be able to purchase the special bundle. 

Remember that while you will probably need just one SoftStartHome for your house (unless you have multiple HVAC systems), you’ll need a SoftStartRV for each of the AC units on the roof of your motorhome, 5th wheel, or travel trailer. If you need additional SoftStartRV devices for the AC units on your RV, visit after purchasing your bundle.


Technology is ever-changing. Often, when new technology emerges, our only choice is to replace the current product and replace it with the latest and greatest. SoftStartHome allows you to improve your existing AC technology at a fraction of the cost of a new system. Similarly, SoftStartRV breathes new life into the air conditioning in your RV.

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