Road & Home RV Electrical Adapter 15 Amp Male to 30 Amp Female for Converting 15 Amp Outlets to 30 Amp Outlets | 692073
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Ensure that your RV’s electronics are ready to go wherever you park with a 30 Amp adapter on hand. This 15 to 30 Amp compact adapter features a 30 Amp female end and 15 Amp male end to safely hook your RV into your home system, as well as motor parks and recreational areas with 15 Amp outlets. The adapter, which is built for secure outdoor use and weather resistance, is best paired with a similar extension cord. It is also designed for easy removal when charging is completed
RATING: Convert 15 AMP male to a 30 AMP female outlet for use with 15 AMP rated electrical products
USES: Perfect for campervans, trailers, motor homes, campgrounds, recreational areas, and more! It is even narrow enough for use in tight spaces

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