earthcruiser campers for trucks
The EarthCruiser Terranova (Photo via manufacturer)

Popular Truck Camper Models For 2023

RVs come in many shapes and sizes, but truck campers feature some of the most compact and innovative designs on the market. These living spaces are designed to rest within the bed of a truck (usually with an overhang that stretches above the driver’s cab). Although they may seem too small to provide any kind of comfort, you might be surprised by just how many amenities can fit within a small footprint!

Truck campers have been around for a long time, so there are lots of different options for people who are looking to buy their own. There’s a camper for every size of truck and every size of budget. Manufacturers also continue to push the limits of these RVs, continually making tweaks and improvements.

The 2023 catalog of truck campers is quite impressive. Some brands are continuing to offer their tried and true models, while others have released bold new designs. No matter what you’re looking for, someone is selling it. Check out a few of the campers below for updates on the latest and greatest in the world of truck campers.

Northwood Arctic Fox 1150

If you’re looking for a truck camper with four-season capabilities, the Northwood Arctic Fox lineup should definitely be on your radar! The 1150 model is particularly noteworthy thanks to its large amounts of storage space and the different layouts that are available to customers.

There are two variations of the 1150 floor plan, and both have considerable benefits. The first model comes with a compact wet bath and a kitchenette with plenty of countertop space. The second layout has a larger dry bath, which does cut into the kitchen size a bit, but it comes with a slightly larger pantry to compensate.

There’s also a slideout in both models that contains a booth-style dinette and an optional bunk bed. Cabinets and wardrobes are located in every open space, so you can pack plenty of gear for your trips. They’re also equipped for four-season use with their heated holding tanks, foam block insulation, and 20,000 BTU furnace.

interior of truck campers
Inside the Northwood Arctic Fox 1150 (Photo via manufacturer)

Palomino HS-2912

One of the best parts about truck campers is that you can take them just about anywhere! They don’t add a ton of length to your vehicle, and you don’t have to set anything up at a campsite. The Palomino HS-2912 takes things a step further and allows you to expand your camper into a living space for both indoor and outdoor use.

These truck campers come with an 8-foot by 7-foot patio that folds down from the rear. An outdoor kitchen is also included, so you can easily prepare delicious meals from the comfort of your campsite. One awning extends over the patio, and there’s also a second one that stretches out along the length of the camper.

The interior is also quite impressive, and it includes amenities such as a wet bath, a full-sized refrigerator, a queen-size bed, an entertainment center, and closets/wardrobes on every free wall. This new and improved design is perfect for outdoor lovers!

campers for trucks with patio
The Palomino truck camper (Photo via manufacturer)

Lance 1172

No list of truck campers would be complete without mentioning Lance! This is one of the premier manufacturers of compact truck campers, and they are always working to expand and innovate. The Lance 1172 is one of their largest and most impressive models to date.

Some campers include a single slideout, but Lance has taken things a step further with the introduction of this double slide design! The first slideout is located at the rear of the vehicle, and it has space for a two-person couch and a small table. The second slideout sits along the righthand wall, and it’s large enough to hold a booth-style dinette and a large refrigerator.

These additions create extra space within these truck campers. Customers can also enjoy a kitchenette with an L-shaped counter, a dry bath, and a large bed with storage at the head and foot. Everything is neat and well-decorated as well, making this a wonderful option for anyone who loves truck campers.

nuCamp Cirrus 820

nuCamp has made several innovative teardrop campers, but they also have some fantastic options for trucks. The nuCamp Cirrus 820 is particularly impressive because of its boondocking capabilities.

These truck campers come with roof-mounted solar panels that can provide electricity anywhere you go. This combines with a lithium battery and inverter. They also have a sophisticated water system that includes modes for dry camping, winterization, and hookups.

In addition, the living space itself is quite comfortable and adaptable. There’s a full-size bed at the rear, but the booth-style dinette can also convert into an extra sleeping space. A wet bath and a kitchenette are also included in the layout, so you have all your bases covered!

Host Campers Mammoth

Sometimes truck campers can feel a bit restrictive. There are only a few types of designs that seem to work with this format, and it can be frustrating to feel like you don’t get a say in the layout. The Mammoth from Host Campers takes care of that problem!

There is a standard base design for their 11-foot, 6-inch campers, but customers have a wide selection of choices when it comes to furniture, storage spaces, and the overall layout. With help from the manufacturers, customers can mix and match the different features to create their dream truck camper!

These models come with a pair of opposing slideouts, which creates plenty of open space in the center. There’s also a smaller slideout located at the rear. Customers can select different dinette designs or add a rear wardrobe or a washer/dryer station. The bedroom also has a few layout options that include a pair of nightstands, a small wardrobe, or a long wardrobe with a sliding door. The mattress itself can also be upgraded from a queen to a king.

EarthCruiser Terranova

Finally, we have to mention the EarthCruiser Terranova. These truck campers are made with the finest materials and design principles, and the price reflects this. Be prepared to spend $350,000 or more if you want to own one of these top-notch campers. They’re pretty exclusive because of the price tag, but this company showcases some of the latest and greatest innovations for truck campers.

The top portion of these RVs can pop outward, creating plenty of headroom for passengers. They smoothly integrate with the base truck and act as one seamless vehicle. These campers were built for rugged adventures, and they give you everything you need to get outside and explore!

Panoramic windows will help you connect with your natural surroundings. They also have a hefty water storage system, which is capable of holding 36 gallons of fresh water. That’s more than enough to provide for your cooking, cleaning, and hygiene needs. The outer shell of the camper is sturdy and ready for anything nature throws at it. You can easily turn these campers into a second home, and many people have done so!

There’s a lot more to explore here, so check out the EarthCruiser website for more details about this incredible camper.

EarthCruiser campers for trucks
EarthCruiser Terranova (Photo via manufacturer)

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