NEKPOKKA 12V DC roof air conditioner, applicable to trucks, RVs, buses, excavators, campers, agricultural vehicles, etc. 12V air conditioning cold/hot function (12V)
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Function: cooling/heating. Note: Since there is no refrigerant inside the air conditioner when leaving the factory, you need to manually add to start the air conditioner, otherwise the air conditioner will be damaged, remember。R134a-400g。
Voltage: 12V. Power: 600w. Cooling capacity: 8875BTU.Startup current needs 75A.Size: L(68cm)*W(63cm)*H(20cm). Weight: 27KG
The heating and cooling electric air-conditioning integrated machine is suitable for: engineering vehicles, cranes, RV, excavators, trucks, buses, agricultural vehicles, camping vehicles, heavy trucks, etc.
Both with and without sunroof can be used, The size of the sunroof is required to be greater than: 225mm x 299mm (the vehicle without a sunroof can be installed after opening the window according to the size)

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