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Avoid An Expensive Service Visit With This DIY RV Roof Coating System

If you have an RV, you have a roof. Unfortunately, if you have a roof, you have to take care of it. 

You have two options: take it to a dealer to maintain, or you can maintain it yourself. If you go to a dealer or other RV service facility, be prepared for costs as high as $8000 for a full RV roof restoration.

We’re all DIYers at heart anyway, so why not do it yourself? You can restore your own RV roof for about $500 in just a couple of days, with Liquid Rubber RV Roof Products.

Whether you are in preventive maintenance mode or rescue mode, as long as your RV roof is structurally sound, you can get up there and clean, seal, prime, and coat your own RV roof with only average skills. If you can paint, you can recoat your own RV roof.

There is something infinitely satisfying about doing the work yourself. You’ll also end up with a beautiful, freshly restored RV roof, knowing that no corners were cut and the job was done correctly to your high standards.

Liquid Rubber RV roof products

Founded almost 20 years ago, Liquid Rubber provides a wide range of products focused on sealing out the elements for industrial, commercial, and residential markets.

Using the expertise that comes from being based in the harsh climate of Ontario, Canada, Liquid Rubber products provide a seamless, fully adhered flexible membrane. This prevents water from entering your RV in places it shouldn’t, and it provides protection from UV rays, salt, and thermal cycling.

Polyurethane RV roof coating

Liquid Rubber has the only polyurethane RV roof coating on the market. Polyurethane has the best balance of strength, flexibility, and cost. Many RV roof coatings on the market offer a lower cost acrylic product that has a shorter lifespan.  

Other products are often an all-in-one solution. While on the surface this sounds convenient, there is a reason that separate primers and coatings have existed in every industry for decades and still do today: they work.

That all-in-one paint from your local home center might be great for your bedroom walls, but when it comes to withstanding the elements and protecting your expensive RV, you’ll want the tried, true, and tested processes of cleaning, priming, and coating.

Keep your RV at home

Taking your RV in to have work done is an inconvenience for a variety of reasons, one we could spend a whole column talking about. Suffice to say that anything you can do yourself is a good thing.

Protecting your RV roof with Liquid Rubber solutions requires the one thing RVers typically have: time. Time is also the most expensive thing you will pay for when you take your RV to have it worked on. A quick Google search puts the average hourly rate for RV service or repair at about $150 per hour. That puts a standard 48-hour job at $7200, assuming there are no surprises or unexpected delays.

Do it together

RV owners love to do things themselves if they can, provided there is great customer support and sufficient information provided to do the job correctly. Here is where Liquid Rubber’s experience in multiple industries really shines. Their RV roof coating solutions were developed with the DIY’er in mind from the beginning. So much so that they refer to it as do it together, not do it yourself. With over 10,000 roof projects under their belt, they can walk you through the whole process.

The team at Liquid Rubber has full application guidelines, videos, and tech support standing by. Think of them as your friend down the street who you call when you need help with a project.

Liquid Rubber products

Depending on the RV roof type you have and whether you have any seams or gaps to fill or cover, here are the Liquid Rubber products available to ensure a perfect, watertight RV roof.

Clean it

Liquid Rubber RV Roof Smart Cleaner

Liquid Rubber RV Roof Smart Cleaner is a fast-acting cleaner that restores and revitalizes your RV roof, eliminating stains and contamination using oxygen action. It’s tough on algae, mold, mildew, grease, and dirt. It’s also non-toxic, and biodegradable, with no VOC’s, acid, chlorine, or bleach.

Smart Cleaner is safe to use and rinses off without fear of hurting the environment around you. There are no toxins, and it won’t leave streaks on your RV. Now you know why they call it Smart Cleaner!

man on rv roof refinishes using liquid rubber rv repair products

Seal it

Liquid Rubber Seam Tape

Properly sealing any seams is critical for making your repair or restoration process bulletproof, ensuring that it is done right the first time. Liquid Rubber Seam Tape is a peel-and-stick premium waterproof tape used to prevent humidity and water penetration while adding strength to the seam joint.

This waterproof tape is commonly used in residential and commercial buildings, mobile homes, and RVs. This product seals roof joints (seams), tears, copings, flashings, skylights, gutters, and more. 

Prime it

Multi-Purpose Epoxy Primer – For fiberglass or metal RV roofs

Liquid Rubber Multi-Purpose Primer works to increase bonding and provide a vapor barrier to help prevent blistering with other Liquid Rubber products. It increases adhesion on a variety of substrates and for a range of popular projects. Multi-Purpose Primer is perfect for priming your fiberglass and metal RV roofs.

EPDM Rubber Primer – For EDPM Rubber or TPO RV Roofs

Liquid Rubber RV Roof and EPDM Rubber Primer is a rubber polymer water-based roofing primer that is designed for RVs with EPDM or TPO surfaces. This product is used to prime roofing membranes to provide improved adhesion for the Liquid Rubber RV Roof Coating.

Apply it

Liquid Rubber RV Roof Coating

Liquid Rubber RV Roof Coating is an environmentally friendly coating that keeps your RV free from leaks. The RV Roof Sealant cures into a waterproof membrane, giving your RV roof the armor it needs to deliver you and your family safely to and from your destination.

multi-graphic images shows various stages of rV roof restoration


In just one weekend, any handy RVer can save thousands of dollars, have a clean, watertight RV roof, and add years and value to the life of your RV.

Keep the water out and the value in with Liquid Rubber RV products. Visit and get started on your way to a better RV roof and RV journeys.

Track your RV maintenance

Make sure you keep track of all your RV maintenance and repairs with an online tool such as RV LIFE Maintenance. Not only can you keep all of your documents in one place, but you’ll also receive timely reminders when maintenance is due to help you avoid costly repairs and potentially serious accidents.

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