King Kracken Debuts New Electric Bike Models Before Holiday Season
new electric bike the Kracken flex cruise in red

Kracken Adventure Bikes Debuts Two New Electric Bike Options

RVing and ebikes go together like campfires and s’mores. Folding electric bikes, in particular, are very popular with the constrained space crowd. Kracken Adventure Bikes has served this niche quite well with their Mark III and Mark V fat tire folding eBikes. Heading into this holiday season, King Kracken is debuting two new electric bike models: the Flex Cruise, a lightweight folding ebike, and the non-folding Ultra Light Low Step.

Flex Cruise 350 Folding New Electric Bike

Whereas the original Kracken Mark III and Mark V fat tire folders were designed for rugged off-road use with 20-inch, fat tires and powerful 500w and 1000w motors respectively, the Flex Cruise 350 is designed for its namesake…cruising. Its 350w motor is no slouch, and combined with the smaller 16-inch tire make for a great street cruiser that can still run up to 24 mph. Its smaller size makes it easier to mount, as well as fold and store. 

At 55 lbs, it weighs a full 10 lbs less than the Mark 3. Maximum rider weight is commensurate at a max weight of 200 lbs. The Flex Cruise is a simple, single-gear new electric bike perfect for riders of all ages that desire easy, quick transportation on established surfaces. Enjoy up to 30 miles of transportation with the 4-6 hour charge time. This new electric bike is perfect for getting around the campground or sprawling RV resort.

King Kracken Ultra Light Low Step

There are times when you don’t want a folding ebike, nor do you want a heavy bike either. Enter the new electric bike from Kracken called the Low Step. This ultra light electric bike does not fold and is significantly lighter than other ebikes at only 42 lbs.

Utilizing a full 26-inch wheel, and a beefy down tube that meets at the crank, Kracken has eliminated the cross tube on this new electric bike. This saves weight and makes it easier for most adults up to 245 lbs to mount and ride.

The result is a full-size bike that anyone can get on and enjoy. Its 7-speed gearing and 350w motor help the rider enjoy up to 40 miles of cycling.

The Low Step enjoys a high profile, giving it plenty of ground clearance. Though not designed for off-road, you’ll easily navigate typical campground surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, dirt, and gravel. The aluminum frame and front suspension give the Low Step a comfortable ride. 

Kracken Low Step electric bike

Why buy Kracken Adventure Bikes?

King Kracken Adventure Bikes is based in Florida, and will ship free to the lower 48. They have top-notch support and an actual phone number you can call when you need help. Each new electric bike from Kracken comes with a 1-year warranty.

Exclusive 2-Year Warranty Option

Since their customer base loves to travel, Kracken has created a special 2-year warranty program for their RVing customers. They now offer a $79.95, 2-year full warranty option for ANY E-bike they sell. This option replaces the original 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty from day one and:

  • Includes accidental damage coverage.
  • Utilizes over 500+ repair shops around the US.
  • Will help you schedule service at a local repair shop.
  • Don’t require you to ship the bike back to Kracken.
  • Will send replacement parts directly to you.

White Glove Treatment

If a potential service or warranty situation occurs with your new electric bike, just give them a call to allow some simple troubleshooting with you over the phone.

Alternatively, you can email them and include pictures or a video of the issue you are having. If replacement parts are needed, Kracken will send the parts directly to you. Next, they will find and schedule service for you at a local bike shop. You simply drop off your bike and let Kracken handle the rest. They will pay for service up to $150 in repair per visit. Learn more about the 2-year warranty, and check out the full line of Kracken Adventure Bikes on their website.

Discount and free shipping

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