Grease Your Trailer Hitch Ball The EZ Way
A rusted trailer hitch ball and a new trailer hitch ball that has been properly maintained when you grease your trailer hitch.

Grease Your Trailer Hitch Ball with EZ Grease ‘n Go

For many vehicle owners, greasing the trailer hitch ball or gooseneck has been a tedious and messy chore. Enter EZ Grease ‘n Go: a game-changer that promises to streamline this maintenance task and enhance your towing experience.

Why grease your trailer hitch ball?

It’s essential to grease your trailer ball hitch for safe and efficient towing. Lubrication minimizes the friction between the hitch and the trailer’s coupler, leading to reduced wear and tear on these vital metal components. Such regular maintenance:

  • Extends the lifespan of your hitch setup.
  • Improves the trailer’s handling, allowing for smoother turns and stops.
  • Diminishes heat buildup, preserving the hitch’s structural integrity.

In essence, greasing guarantees a reliable, comfortable, and safer towing journey.

Benefits of using EZ Grease ‘n Go

  • Smoother towing experience: By reducing friction, EZ Grease ‘n Go ensures the end of jerky movements during starts and stops.
  • Longevity for your hitch ball: Proper lubrication with this product enhances the lifespan of your hitch ball, translating to long-term cost savings.
  • Mess-free application: With a specially designed applicator, the greasing process is simple and mess-free.
  • Guaranteed secure connection: When towing, safety should never be compromised. EZ Grease ‘n Go promises a secure and dependable connection between your vehicle and trailer.
  • Compact design for convenience: Designed to fit into your cup holder, it’s a handy tool you’ll always have within reach.

It’s simple to use

EZ Grease ‘n Go is designed to make greasing your trailer hitch ball or gooseneck a breeze. It’s so simple and mess-free that one customer even dared to wear a white shirt while applying the grease, and both the shirt and their hands remained spotless.

“It was super easy to use with minimal mess. Just apply and throw away the applicator.”

Bob – Nickel Adventures

Learn more on EZ Grease ‘n Go

EZ Grease ‘n Go isn’t just a groundbreaking product; it’s also a company with a heart. It’s proudly made in the USA and employs workers from the HC Opportunity Center (HCOC), an organization that empowers individuals with disabilities to lead more productive and fulfilling lives.

In the world of towing solutions, EZ Grease ‘n Go stands out as a game-changer. It simplifies the greasing process, reduces friction for smoother towing, and supports a noble cause. If you’re tired of the mess and hassle of maintaining your trailer hitch ball or gooseneck, it’s time to upgrade your towing game with EZ Grease ‘n Go.

Don’t let wear and tear slow you down on the road; get yours now and experience the difference firsthand. Visit their website at and start enjoying the benefits of EZ Grease ‘n Go.

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