Function101 Button Remote for Apple TV/Apple TV 4K (Secondary/Replacement Infrared Remote)
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Function101 Button Remote for Apple TV/Apple TV 4K (Secondary/Replacement Infrared Remote)
WORKS OUT OF THE BOX WITH APPLE TV AND APPLE TV 4K- Designed with traditional remote control buttons customers are used to, navigating Apple TV is easy with the Function101 Button Remote.
COMPATIBLE WITH MOST TV SETS- The infrared technology (IR) does require line and sight and will allow you to synchronize the remote control with your TV in just seconds to control power, volume, and mute functions. Select MENU+OK to enter set up and use the P^ or Pv to access TV codes or UP or DOWN Arrow by the OK Button to access receiver and sound bar codes.
AUDIO SUPPORT- Control Volume, Mute, and Power of your TV, Soundbar or Receiver. The Button Remote for Apple TV works with your favorite SONOS Speaker! Just connect using the SONOS S2 App
INTUITIVE DESIGN MAKES NAVIGATION SIMPLE- The thoughtful approach to the button layout makes it easier than ever to use your Apple TV, offering a user-friendly alternative to the Siri Remote.
INFRARED (IR) TECHNOLOGY- The Function101 Button Remote REQUIRES line of sight to the Apple TV as it uses IR technology, with a range of up to 12 meters.
SUPPORT- Function101 offers email and phone support to assist with set ups and programming the Button Remote to work with your TV, soundbar or receiver
Supports All Apple TV’s Including Model Numbers: A2169, A1842, A1625, A1427, A1469, A1378
Infrared Replacement remote (Siri not supported) for Apple TV remote Siri Remote (2nd generation)[B0933G71SZ / MJFM3LL/A] or Apple TV Remote (2nd generation), Siri Remote (1st generation) or Apple TV Remote (1st generation) [B075NFX24N / MQGD2LL/A], Apple Remote (aluminum)[B01DN08VAY / MM4T2AM/A], and Apple Remote (white).

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