Fookoo HD 10″ Wireless Backup Camera System, 1080P 10-inch Quad Split Monitor w/Recording, Waterproof Side & Rear View Cameras, 4 Channel, Digital Signal, Parking Lines for RV/Truck/Trailer (DW104)
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Fookoo has been established for over 10 years. Fookoo is a thriving technology brand specializing in backup camera system, dash camera, and solar backup camera.

With high emphasis on quality and experience, Fookoo imposes strict examination on each procedure from design to production. All Fookoo products are subject to strict standards and high-quality inspection processes.

Trust in our experience!

Driving is Safer with FOOKOO.



Wireless Backup Camera Sytem

Wired Backup Camera Sytem

Wireless Backup Camera Sytem



Why choose FOOKOO backup camera?

Fookoo’s technology is mature and experienced, having been in the Backup Camera industry for over 12 years.

What makes FOOKOO backup camera highly rated?

1. FOOKOO has high demands on its products and the quality of its products can be trusted.

2. FOOKOO takes every customer seriously and continuous improvement.

What can I expect from FOOKOO?

High quality products and perfect experience. Fookoo will always behind you.

【Split Screen & Loop Recording】You can switch to a dual/quad split screen and view images from different cameras at the same time to reduce blind spots. The system can record and save what is displayed on the screen. With loop recording, the system automatically overwrites the previous video when the SD card is full. You don’t have to delete them by yourself. (It includes a 32GB SD card.)
【Advanced Digital Wireless Signal Tech】The system has a stable digital signal technology that works up to 128 feet in open areas and is enough for any large vehicles. Even at speeds up to 102mph, the monitor will show you what’s going on around you in real time, making your driving easier. No interference, flicker, blur or delay.
【Waterproof Cameras with Night Vision】The IP69 waterproof camera works perfectly in any extreme weather. With 18 infrared lights, the camera will give you a high definition view of the night. The camera lens can be adjusted up and down, allowing you to view from different angles. The hard metal case allows the camera to be used for a longer period of time. (It can work with Furrion pre-wired RV, please ask us for the bracket adapter.)
【Easy to install & After-Sale Service】It is suitable for DC 12-24V voltage range of all kinds of large vehicles, such as RV/truck/Camper/5th Wheel Trailer/Bus/Van/Farm Machinery. If you find anything defective or need help, please reach us. We are online 24 hours a day and we offer 24 months replacement support and lifetime after-sales service!
Please Note: Wireless means that the system transmits the footage captured by the camera to the screen through a wireless signal instead of using a cable. But the cameras and monitor still need to be connected to a power source via power cord to get power to work properly. There is no cable between the cameras and the monitor in a wireless system than in a wired system, so you don’t need to run cables on your vehicle, which is more convenient.

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