Fleetwood RV Introduces The New 2024 Fortis Class A Motorhome
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The New 2024 Fortis Motorhome From Fleetwood RV

We’re in the peak season for new trailers and motorhome reveals! The year is more than halfway over, so everyone is looking forward to the 2024 offerings. Fleetwood RV has joined the party by announcing details for their latest Class A motorhome upgrade: the Fortis.

These motorhomes have been around for a few years, but there are some special twists to the 2024 updates. It’s the same vehicle that you know and love, but it comes with modern features, appliances, and even a new floor plan design!

There’s a lot to love about these vehicles, so let’s take a closer look. In the sections below, we’ll dive into the updates for 2024, some noteworthy features, décor options, and floor plans. Some of these perks may catch your eye if you’re in the market for a new Class A motorhome (especially if you have kids).

What’s new for 2024?

Fleetwood RV specializes in Class A motorhomes. They have a few camper vans as well, but they really shine when it comes to creating large and luxurious vehicles. The Fortis is one of their primary lineups, and it includes a variety of floor plans and design options.

“With the 2024 Fleetwood Fortis, the “R” in “luxury RV” stands for “reliable.”


Motorhomes need to be powerful enough to travel across the country. To provide this power, each vehicle is built on a Ford F-53 chassis with a 7.3L V8 engine. The Fortis is a gas-powered model, but Fleetwood RV also offers diesel vehicles if that’s your preference.

One of the biggest perks of the 2024 edition is a new floor plan! All of the layouts are great for travelers, and they have been tweaked and reinvented over the years. But this new release has a brand new design that was built with kids in mind.

The new 36Y floor plan has a separate section on the back that’s known as the Kid Kave. It’s a completely separate space that has room for a sofa, loft, entertainment center, and even its own bathroom! It’s the perfect spot where kids can enjoy a space of their own.

Noteworthy features

The Kid Kave is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to special features in the 2024 Fortis motorhomes. These luxury vehicles are outfitted with stellar technology and amenities so you can bring a comfortable home everywhere you travel.

For starters, these RVs come with a special bunk design above the driver’s cabin. Plenty of motorhomes have loft beds in the overhead space, but the Fortis features a Hide-A-Loft™ electric drop-down bunk. This gives you more design freedom and lets you tuck the bunk away without sacrificing the extra sleeping space.

The Axxera dash stereo is another great perk of these vehicles. It comes with a nine-inch screen, and it’s compatible with all kinds of devices and software systems. It also connects to your backup cameras and follows voice-activated commands. Drivers and passengers alike will love this all-in-one system!

If you want even more control over the settings in your RV, you can easily access the IllumaPlex Control System. This has manual controls, as well as a smartphone app so you can make remote changes.

There are too many high-end features to mention here, but some of the most noteworthy parts of the 2024 Fortis include:

  • Premium color gel high gloss exterior fiberglass skin
  • Pass through basement storage
  • Exterior kitchen (in select models)
  • Legged electric patio awning with LED lighting
  • Optional washer/dryer combos
  • Tankless water heater
  • Adjustable kitchen shelving
  • Stainless steel residential refrigerator
  • CPAP prep in bedroom overhead storage
  • 12V and USB accessory ports
  • And much, much more!
kid kave

Decor options

It’s good to know that an RV has a solid build and convenient amenities. But appearance also plays a role! Fortunately, Fleetwood RV has given its customers the ability to customize the interior and exterior of the Fortis motorhomes.


There are four options for exterior paint jobs. They all feature the same decal design, so everyone can tell that the vehicle is a Fortis from a distance. But the various color combinations make a huge impact, so you can still reflect your own style on the exterior.

The exterior decor options include:

  • Fortress: Off-white base, gray upper portion, white designs with dark blue edges
  • Octane: Gray base, black upper portion, red designs with white edges
  • Sodalite: Black base, grey upper portion, dark blue designs with white edges
  • Sonoma: Gray base, off-white upper portion, maroon designs with grey edges

Each of these decor options makes a bold statement. Although they may sound similar, they actually have strikingly different appearances. Compare them on the Fleetwood RV website so you can see which style you like the most.


You also have some design freedom in the interior of these RVs. The three main decor collections are named Domino, Outer Banks, and Lazy River.

Domino is a light, neutral color scheme with an emphasis on gray hues. There aren’t any bright accent colors or bold patterns, so this collection has a calm and cool aesthetic. White accents and gradients are visible on the bedding, decorative pillows, and flooring.

Outer Banks evokes a lighter, beachier vibe. Sandy tones and light blues and whites make the space feel bright and open. The flooring here has a natural wood grain, and the sofa and accent pillows create a beachy color scheme.

Finally, we have the Lazy River collection. This is more artistic, with fun patterns and colors throughout the design. The brick-style backsplash features swirling blue designs, while the accent pillow is splotched with colorful dots. Gray flooring and furniture unify the design and help these elements pop even more!

bedroom in fortis

Floor plans

Finally, let’s take a look at the floor plans for 2024. There are four different layouts for customers to choose from, and Fleetwood RV has worked hard to offer a variety of designs. No matter what you’re looking for, one of these options should fit the bill.


First up, we have a great all-around floor plan. The 32RW features a rear bedroom with storage spaces along every wall. Between the overhead cabinets, dresser, and wall of wardrobes, you’ll never run out of storage! The king-size bed also faces across from a fireplace and a pop-up TV for ultimate comfort.

This layout also includes a bathroom, a kitchen with a wedge-shaped counter, a full bathroom, a jackknife sofa, and a booth-style dinette. Together, these create a seamless living space.


The 33HB is similar to the model above in almost every way. However, there is one major difference! This motorhome includes a second rear bathroom, which attaches directly to the master bedroom. It spans the entire width of the RV and includes a shower, toilet, sink, vanity, linen closet, and overhead storage.

In addition, the second bathroom in this model is now only a half bath, but the utility of two bathrooms is hard to deny! It’s more convenient for everyone and makes it possible for multiple people to get ready at the same time.


Next up, we’ve got a lovely streamlined design. This floor plan really emphasizes floor space, and there are very few obstructions throughout the layout.

The rear bedroom again features plenty of storage space, but the space at the foot of the bed seamlessly bridges into a long hallway that connects the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room. If you need a walkable design, this is a great option to consider!


Finally, we have the floor plan with the Kid Kave addition. The front section of this motorhome includes a jackknife sofa and an L-shaped dinette. The kitchen and bathroom sit across from each other, and the hallway connects to the main bedroom.

At the very back of the layout, there’s the Kid Kave! Once again, this is a fully enclosed space that’s perfect as a bedroom or just a place to hang out. There’s storage, entertainment options, beds, and even a separate bathroom. Any resident would love this space, but kids are the primary target here!

Learn more about the 2024 Fortis

There are a ton of other features to explore, so head over to fleetwoodrv.com to check out all the details.

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