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The Grounded G2: A Fully Electric Campervan From Grounded RVs

The tech and auto industries are always growing and evolving to meet the needs of consumers. As the demand for electric vehicles and better RVs continues to rise, new brands have emerged to fill the niche. A new startup called Grounded has entered the scene with fully electric campervans that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

Grounded has a few impressive products in its catalog. There’s a lightweight towable trailer and an earlier version of their current Class B motorhome. But the star of the show is the G2 campervan. This is a fully electric vehicle that can travel up to 250 miles on a single charge.

Grounded has also taken a unique approach to the interior design of these vehicles. Instead of creating a few floor plan options, they have equipped each van with a modular design that enables customers to add, remove, and change things as they see fit. These vans can grow with you, which makes them appealing long-term vehicles. Read on to learn more about this exciting new product!

What is the Grounded G2?

“The G2 is radically different from any other offering on the market. It’s a profound step toward a future of fully electrified motorhomes, and makes sustainable travel truly achievable.”

Sam Sharpiro, Grounded CEO

The Grounded G2 is a fully electric vehicle. It features some of the best modern technology on the market, but it can also blend in with any idyllic campground or RV park. These vehicles are all Class B motorhomes (also known as campervans).

Grounded is a fairly new RV company. It was founded when the owners saw the lack of sustainable options on the market. Many people who are attracted to the RV lifestyle do so because they believe it will be a more eco-friendly lifestyle. But with gas-guzzling vehicles dominating the market, there weren’t a lot of electric options.

The G2 is the solution to this problem! These vans are quite powerful, even compared to previous electric campervans from Grounded. Their earlier model, the G1, was able to travel 108 miles per charge. The G2 more than doubled that with its 250-mile range.

These numbers are promising for any traveler! You’ll be able to go longer between recharging breaks, and save money that you would have otherwise wasted on gas. These fully electric campervans can be charged with solar power or more traditional methods, so you have plenty of options once you park.

Vehicle specs

Sometimes innovative products like this end up being too large or heavy to be realistic. But the G2 is built for adventure and their various weights and measurements support this lifestyle. With their size and shape, you could even use them as stealth campers if you want!

  • Interior length: 13 feet, 2 inches
  • Interior width: 6 feet, 4 inches
  • Interior height: 6 feet, 6 inches
  • Exterior length: 24 feet, 2 inches
  • Exterior width: 8 feet, 10 inches
  • Exterior height: 10 feet
  • Payload: 1,460 lbs.

These vans are small enough to maneuver on a variety of roads. You’ll have a wide range of parking options as well, making these the perfect vehicles for urban and rural trips alike. Just remember that the exact weight limits and measurements may vary based on the interior setup that you choose.

Noteworthy features

There are several features that set the Grounded G2 apart. These vans may sound too good to be true, but they’re already available for purchase! Peruse the list below to see if you want to use one of these electric campervans for your upcoming travel plans.

1. Powerful electric capabilities

The cornerstone feature of every Grounded vehicle is its electric power. Electric vehicles have pros and cons, but many people stay away from them because of their limited travel range. RVs in particular have had a hard time overcoming this hurdle due to their increased size and weight.

But the G2 is one of the most powerful electric vehicles on the market today. Each unit is equipped with a BrightDrop high voltage battery. As we mentioned earlier, this battery is powerful enough to power the van for 250 miles before it needs to be recharged.

Speaking of recharging, you’ll have plenty of options to do just that. You can use the van’s built-in solar panels if you’re camping off-grid, or rely on electric hookups and outlets. The G2 has an adaptable charger that can hook up to a variety of power sources! Whether it’s a wall outlet, an electrical RV hookup, or an EV charger, your van can connect.

2. Modular, customizable interior

The interior layout is another thing that sets the G2 apart. Each customer has complete freedom to choose what their van looks like! The vans are each built individually, and they include a grid system and a series of aluminum rails. With this skeleton, the engineers can add, remove, or rearrange items to suit each buyer’s needs.

Nothing is set in stone, so you can build the ideal van for your needs! Optional features include:

  • A kitchen
  • A queen-size bed
  • A wet bath
  • A standalone toilet
  • Opposing sofas
  • A convertible dinette
  • A fixed dinette
  • Storage shelves
  • A full-sized refrigerator
  • Additional countertop/desk space
  • And much, much more!

You can mix and match these features any way that you choose. There are some suggested layouts to choose from, but you can also design your own unique floor plan. See all the options and learn more at

3. Natural materials and colors

The Grounded G2 is designed to help travelers live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. The vehicles are powered by renewable power, but they also feature colors and materials that help people connect with nature.

Each van has a forest-green exterior with decorative decals and accents. This color scheme will help you blend in with your campsite, so you can more fully appreciate your surroundings. The interior has walls that feature light colors and a natural wood grain. Many of the fixtures are also painted light green, so the space always feels bright and cheerful.

If you’re a fan of green and natural earth tones, you’ll love the decoration style for these electric campervans. Of course, you can always decorate them the way that you choose, but it’s nice to see a pop of color as the default.

4. Integrated technology

Grounded was created by experts in the engineering world. Many of the employees have experience working on electric vehicles for companies like Tesla, but they have broken away to create products that are more sustainable, affordable, and eco-friendly.

However, this background has given Grounded a technological edge. The vans are equipped with countless sensors and integrated systems. The vehicle is fairly smart, and it can help you detect and diagnose issues before they evolve into something worse. And the more you use the tech, the better it adapts to your needs and preferences.

Customers will also gain access to the Grounded+ app. This enables you to check and control various parts of your van from a distance. It’s easy to use, and it covers everything from the temperature to the battery charge, to the appliances within the van! The app can even provide recommendations for how you can conserve energy and improve your overall efficiency.

5. Freedom to make changes in the future

Finally, it’s important to note that the Grounded G2 is never set in stone. You might enjoy the initial layout you chose, but eventually realize that it no longer suits your needs. Instead of buying an entirely new RV, you can rearrange and replace various elements in your van! Customers can do this by themselves, or pay Grounded to do it for them.

So if you need additional sleeping space for kids, a place to do remote work, an upgraded bathroom, or just more storage space, the team at Grounded can make it happen! You can change things as often as you like.

“We’ve designed the G2 to be as flexible as possible, and our truly modular interior delivers on the promise of a continually upgradable RV interior. Over time, as your life changes and your use cases change, the vehicle can change with you.”

Sam Shapiro, Grounded CEO

Reserve your G2 today

If you are interested in buying a Grounded G2 for yourself, you’re welcome to do so. These electric campervans began shipping out in 2023, and you can put yourself on the list today.

All you need to do is pay a $100 deposit (which is refundable) and wait for the company to contact you. As your reservation spot draws closer, you can submit more specific design requests and schedule a shipping date. The final product is about $195,000, so you’ll need to budget accordingly! But the benefits are incredible.

If you want to learn more or reserve a van today, visit their website at

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