Battery Cable 4AWG 20-Inch Battery Power Inverter Cables Set with 3/8″Lugs Terminals 4 Gauge x 20″ (1 Black & 1 Red) for Car Marine Solar ATV Lawn Mower RV Motorcycle (4AWG, 20-Inch)
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What are these cables for?
4AWG/4gauge cable with EPDM (rubber) insulation is suitable for a variety of applications. They are popular in DIY solar battery packs, adding battery applications in cars, trucks and RVs or campers. This is a great upgrade for a golf cart battery cable. Cars and trucks also require replacement of starter and ground cables.
The red cable is used as the positive lead and the black cable is used as the negative lead.

What makes these cables better than others?
We only use high quality components in our cable assemblies. All our cables are made of pure oxygen-free copper welded cable.
Each cable is assembled using a hydraulic press, using sealed and tinned heavy duty lugs. Tinned lugs provide additional corrosion protection and better heat dissipation in exposed environments without deforming or allowing cables to pull out.

1. A set of 4AWG/4 wire positive (red) and negative (black) battery cables.
2. Each cable is 20 inches long (without lugs).
3, each cable has 2 M10 (3/8″) round hole terminal lugs on both ends(already crimped).
4. Fits 3/8″ (M10) studs.
5. The maximum power transmission of pure copper wire.
6. Copper ear has excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.
7. The cable is made of high-quality PVC insulation sheath.
8. The end of the cable is sealed with a heat-shrinkable tube for heat insulation.
9. For automobiles, vehicles, RVs, solar applications, boats, etc., and also for electrical equipment.

The complete kit includes:
2 cables with lugs (red + black)

Oxygen-free copper wire core conductors ensure optimum performance, better stamping process, higher current and lower resistance.
Pre-sealed terminal rings with heat shrink protect against corrosion, and tinned copper lugs provide excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance
Rugged PVC jacket and insulation provide ultimate protection; heat resistant up to 100°C; cold resistant down to -35°C
2pcs battery power cable (1x black and 1x red)

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