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Airstream And Porsche Debuted A Concept Travel Trailer

Airstream is one of the oldest names in the RV industry, with models dating back to the 1920s. Over the years, they have continued to evolve and push boundaries with innovative designs and new partnerships. In addition to their impressive catalog, they also devote a lot of time and energy toward creating stunning concept vehicles that they can improve in the future.

The latest announcement from the Airstream labs is a collaboration between their brand and Studio F.A. Porsche. The result is a lightweight travel trailer that can be easily towed behind mid-size vehicles. The new prototype is designed for the next generation of RV enthusiasts who are looking for something that’s luxurious yet lightweight.

The new Airstream and Porsche fusion combines the best of both brands. The vehicle has the same aluminum exterior and rounded shape that is synonymous with the Airstream name. But it also has high-tech features and a smoother, more aerodynamic design that you might expect to see in a high-end sports car. The collaboration between these two iconic brands has created something truly special!

airstream porche trailer on road from above
The new travel trailer concept from Airstream and Porsche. Photos courtesy of press release

The Airstream Studio F. A. Porsche Concept Travel Trailer

The concept vehicle doesn’t have an official name as of yet. It’s currently being referred to as the “Airstream Studio F. A. Porsche Concept Travel Trailer”. Maybe this title is a bit of a mouthful, but it puts a spotlight on the brand partnership!

This is a single-axle travel trailer that was designed with an emphasis on towability and aerodynamics. It’s 16.4 feet long and can comfortably sleep two passengers. Because this is an early prototype, there’s only one floor plan at the moment, but it has been highly engineered and thoughtfully crafted.

These concept vehicles were recently unveiled to the public. On March 10, the Airstream Studio F. A. Porsche Concept Travel Trailer was showcased at the South by Southwest® (SXSW) Conference and Festivals in Austin, Texas. A full panel discussion was held three days later, so reporters and fans could ask questions about the prototype.

In addition, the debut of this travel trailer was accompanied by a 1/3 scale model of the trailer and a Porsche Macan tow vehicle. It was a big announcement, and many people were excited to see these two industry giants team up to create something spectacular.

interior of airstream concept

Interesting features

Aerodynamic shape

Some of the key features of this new travel trailer include its shape, size, and weight. The prototype measures in at 16.4 feet, so it’s about as long as a mid-size vehicle or a small truck!

As such, it’s being marketed as the company’s first “garageable” vehicle because it can easily fit inside an average garage. It even has an adjustable suspension so it can be dropped to accommodate low ceilings. This makes it perfect for people who don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding storage space for an RV!

Aerodynamics is also an important part of these trailers. Airstream vehicles have always been rounded to allow for better airflow, but this concept takes things to a whole new level. The rear portion is designed to minimize drag while driving. It also has a flush underside, and the manufacturers did everything they could to remove protrusions that would create drag. The entire exterior is smooth, sleek, and seamless.

Towability was another focus for this collaboration. Aluminum is practically a signature material for Airstream trailers. It’s lightweight and durable, and it’s still featured in this concept. However, the prototype also uses carbon fiber in strategic areas, which lightens the load while still providing plenty of strength.

As a result, this concept trailer can be towed by a wide variety of vehicles, including electric models. Not everyone has a beefy truck and not everyone needs one! With the increasing emphasis on lightweight towability, there are options for nearly every car on the market.

Expanded living space

Although the floor plan of this prototype may be small, the designers went to great lengths to maximize the interior space. There are a few elements that combine to make this vehicle feel spacious and comfortable, even though it’s compact!

Pop up roof

For starters, the concept comes with a pop-up roof. Once you activate it, you’ll have plenty of headroom and won’t have to crouch in order to get around. In addition, it’s fully insulated, so you won’t have to worry about heat leakage once everything has been expanded. The pop-up roof also has an extendable awning. Once you set up camp, you can pull it out and enjoy a patch of shade wherever you go.

Utilities hidden in the floor

Utilities are necessary for modern RVs, but they sometimes take up valuable space. This concept has fixed the problem by hiding several core components underneath the floor. Each prototype has a 10-inch deep floor, which is used to house the water heater, spare wheel, holding tanks, and lithium battery (source). These are all necessary but are tucked out of the way so you can make the most of your space.

Windows and skylights

Finally, these trailers are meant to feel open and airy. The back portion of the vehicle can open up, allowing for plenty of fresh air. But even if you keep things closed off, you won’t feel trapped in here. There are windows on every wall and a huge skylight.

Natural light can enter from any angle, so you can more easily connect with the great outdoors. Good lighting is essential to any living space, and this Porsche and Airstream collaboration recognizes that.

Adaptable floor plan

There’s only one floor plan for this concept, but it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen from Airstream. The rear portion is highly adaptable, and it can switch from a dining room to a work station to a sleeping space. A hatch on the rear allows it to open up. Reclining seating becomes available once you switch it to the open-air layout.

Even though this trailer is quite small, there’s still enough room for a kitchenette and a wet bath. The wet bath is fully enclosed, and it has a door that can hide the toilet when it’s not in use. The kitchenette includes an L-shaped countertop, a sink with a cover, a mini fridge, and a flat-top stove. Storage cabinets are located above and below to provide plenty of space for dishes, cookware, cutlery, and ingredients.

Everything in here is compact, cozy, and versatile. The design is also neat and clean. Touches of natural wood and warm lighting make this trailer feel like a home away from home.

airstream porsche interior

The future of the Airstream and Porsche concept

As exciting as this team-up is, you may be wondering if it will ever be widely available for sale. Currently, this new prototype is only a concept. It’s mainly a chance for Airstream and Porsche to combine their skill sets and ideas so they can break new ground together.

Currently, there aren’t any plans to widely produce these travel trailers, but it’s likely that the design elements in this prototype will influence future vehicle designs in one way or another.

“While our concept projects don’t always reach the marketplace, the resulting lessons and innovations often influence present and future designs as they make their way into our main product lines.”

– Airstream CEO Bob Wheeler

But who knows what the future may hold? Airstream sometimes releases special edition trailers, and there’s always a possibility that this concept will turn into a reality. Keep your eye on this company for news and updates. For more details about this travel trailer concept, visit their website.

airstream porsche interior

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