Airstream Debuts New Trade Wind Travel Trailer
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The New Airstream Trade Wind Travel Trailer

Airstream is a name that’s synonymous with the RV lifestyle. These sleek and stylish travel trailers have been around for decades, and they have only gotten better over the years. The company continues to innovate, and the 2024 Trade Wind Travel Trailer is the latest example of their fine work.

These aluminum beauties weren’t designed for off-grid travel… until now! The all-new Trade Wind travel trailer is equipped with powerful solar capabilities and water-saving technology. With a trailer like this, you can camp anywhere and stay out for longer trips.

In addition to the new boondocking options, these trailers are thoughtfully designed and decorated. They really are the perfect home away from home! There are so many interesting features and upgrades to explore, so let’s take a closer look at this exciting new camper.

Trade Wind floor plan

This travel trailer is a brand new release from Airstream. Although it’s similar to the classic models we know and love, there are a few notable differences to get excited about!

Currently, there’s only one floor plan available, but this is a case of quality over quantity. The 25FB is neat and compact, plus it manages to fit all the necessities without assistance from any slide-outs! As soon as you park, your campsite is ready to go.

Each model is 25 feet long, so there’s a decent amount of interior space, but you won’t have to worry about maneuvering a massive rig on the road.

The front section of this floor plan contains the main bedroom. There’s space for a wardrobe and a queen-size bed (although future models might also have the option for two twin beds). There are also wraparound windows on every wall so you can enjoy plenty of natural light.

Outside the bedroom, there’s a split bathroom. The shower sits in a nook against one wall, while the toilet, sink, and vanity are on the other side. This design enables multiple people to get ready for the day at the same time.

The rear portion of the trailer contains the kitchen and living room/dining room. The L-shaped kitchenette is compact, but there’s room for all the essentials as well as plenty of storage space. There’s also a long couch on the opposite wall, which curves to fit the endcap of the trailer. Back here, there’s an adjustable dinette table and an extra chair can convert into additional sleeping space.

This is an extremely flexible floor plan that is perfect for any configuration of travelers! Solo campers, couples, and groups of up to five people can travel comfortably in the new Trade Wind Travel Trailer.

Boondocking features

“With its innovative features and cutting-edge design, Trade Wind allows you to break free from the constraints of traditional campsites and embark on off-grid journeys that immerse you in the beauty of nature.”

Most Airstream trailers are designed for paved roads and proper campgrounds. But what if you had the ability to take these vehicles anywhere and stay for as long as you wanted? With the Trade Wind Travel Trailer, you’ll have access to upgraded boondocking features.

Off-grid design

These new campers are built tougher than most. They can certainly travel on conventional roads, but they also have upgraded off-roading features so you can travel to hard-to-reach campsites.

Each Trade Wind model is equipped with front rock guards and a solar window shield to withstand debris and rough roads. The tires are also sturdy and capable of off-road travel. And finally, there’s a three-inch lift kit to provide extra clearance.

Powerful battery and solar panels

If you can’t find an electrical hookup, you may have to cut your trip short. But in these new trailers, you’ll have access to an 810Ah heated lithium battery bank. This can be powered by the 600W solar panels on the roof, and the 3000W inverter gives you plenty of power for big and small tasks alike.

Water-saving technology

Finally, you’ll need to be careful about your water usage while you boondock. Your water tanks can only hold so much, but fortunately, there are ways to make your supplies last longer.

One option is a composting toilet! This uses little to no water, and it’s an optional upgrade for the Trade Wind Travel Trailer. These campers also come standard with a recirculating water heater, which improves efficiency as well.

Cozy interior design

The floor plan and boondocking features are impressive, but you also need to be comfortable while you travel. Fortunately, these new trailers were designed with comfort and style in mind. They’re Airstreams after all!

From the outside, you can easily see the classic rounded ends and shiny aluminum exterior. But once you step inside, you’ll find that it’s cozy and less industrial-looking. Wood paneling and cabinets add a natural touch to the space, and there are several windows that let you enjoy your surroundings.

There are also two design styles you can choose from: Fieldstone and Terracotta.

Fieldstone features a neutral color scheme that lightly contrasts the wood elements. The sofa and convertible dinette have textured gray cushions. This matches with the gray floor and walls, so everything feels well-integrated.

On the other hand, Terracotta lives up to its name by introducing warm hues of reddish-orange. This style blends nicely with the oak accents while contrasting the concrete-patterned flooring. Accent pillows are available for both styles, and they add some visual interest and variety to the space.

Options and upgrades

Finally, let’s talk about some of the options and upgrades that are available for the Trade Wind travel trailer. As we mentioned earlier, a composting toilet is available for those who want it, but a traditional flush toilet is the standard offering.

If you need to haul bulky gear in the back, you may want to opt for the rear hatch upgrade. This enables you to open up the rear of your trailer for easier loading and unloading. It’s also perfect if you want to let some fresh air into your living space. When it’s open, the hatch even functions as a miniature awning, so you can listen to the rain without letting it into your vehicle.

Speaking of awnings, customers can choose to upgrade to the rear and roadside awning package. These features give you bigger and better awnings, so you can create your own shade anywhere you go. The awnings also allow you to stake out a larger campsite and enjoy a bit of privacy.

Finally, you can take your kitchen into the modern era by substituting a convection oven and air fryer. The standard RV oven usually works just fine, but you can get better performance and versatility from this upgrade. Keep it in mind if you love cooking during your trips.

Final thoughts

There’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to the new Trade Wind Travel Trailer. It’s a dream come true for those who love Airstream but were frustrated by the lack of off-grid capabilities.

These vehicles will be available for sale in 2024, and additional floor plans and options may become available at that point. The MSRP for these vehicles is $129,400, so take a closer look at the details to decide if this trailer will be the right fit for you.

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