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These RV Gadgets Maximize Space & Efficiency

RVers love gadgets. The more secret, clever, and dual-purpose items an RV has, the better we like it. This is especially true of RV gadgets that save us space or help take care of repeating tasks.

Here we will look at three clever items; two are space-saving, and one eliminates a common task.

1. TakTable™ from Keystone Outdoor

Folding tables and RVing go together like marshmallows and chocolate. We’ve all had, or have, some kind of small folding table to put out by the camping chairs.

Typically, these little tables are plastic and don’t really qualify as RV gadgets. They’re just tables, nothing fancy. The problem I’ve had with our little table is that if it’s windy, or the dogs are particularly careless, it can be blown over or knocked over easily. The last time this happened, I used a spare weighted sewer bag to hold down the table legs. However, that’s not something I really want to bring into our camping area.

The TakTable™ from Keystone Outdoor Gear Co™ is an incredibly strong and lightweight aluminum table, weighing only 11 lbs, yet capable of supporting up to 270 lbs. While no one should be stacking that much weight on a small table, it serves as testimony to its strength. It’s also light enough to carry with you, whether you are searching for that idyllic spot in the woods to dine, or you’re simply needing a place for your laptop down at the beach.

TakTable™ Folding Camp Table

My number one beef with folding RV gadgets is how they behave in their folded state. It seems that every folding chair, ladder, table, or grill I pull out of my RV basement wants to snag on two other items before I wrestle it out of there.

In examining the still-folded TakTable, I purposely picked it up by the edges of one side, fully expecting it to unfold or wiggle apart or in some way prematurely deploy. It did not. TakTable uses a ring/pin design to keep things secure when folded. These pins are permanently tethered to prevent losing them while using the table.

I also did not read any instructions or watch any videos when I unpacked the TakTable. I wanted to see how easy it was with no help or pre-education, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The legs and stand portion of the table all collapse and store within the folded aluminum segments of the table. Pulling another pin released the legs, which snapped right into the now unfolded panel segments, creating a large 18” x 38” table that sits a standard 29 ½ inches off the ground.

The TakTable is large enough for two people to share a meal on, yet small enough to simply be a handy catch-all when horizontal surfaces are scarce. Those surfaces can be close enough to the campfire to be handy as well, with metal surfaces rated to 1000°F, and the plastic ones up to 450°F. 

If you regularly camp in locations with no picnic tables, multiple TakTables can be connected so the whole family can eat together. Your TakTable can be kept clean with the included cotton tablecloth and clips, carried with an included nylon strap, and anchored if necessary with the included ground stakes. Visit Keystone Outdoor Gear for pricing and more information.

The 4 assembly points for the TakTable

2. Blue Streak™ Automatic Dispenser System

Switching gears a bit, next on our list of RV gadgets is the Blue Streak™ Automatic Dispenser System. Keeping your black tank properly treated is not hard, but it does require timing and discipline. RVers are always looking to take advantage of full hookups or a convenient dump station to dump and flush the black tank. 

Very often, the hardest part of that task is simply remembering to go back in later and add drop-ins or treatment to your black tank after dumping or flushing. Waiting too long before remembering can have consequences, especially if you are a dump-on-the-way-home RVer. By the time you get home you are easily distracted and your black tank goes untreated.

Automatically eliminate blank tank smell

I’m often a “too much is not enough” kind of person. I figure two is better than one, and then later, maybe one more. I end up overtreating, and overspending.

Looking to make this task easier for RVers, Blue Streak has created a revolutionary automatic dispenser that applies the correct amount of treatment with every flush. Not only are they solving the when problem, they are addressing the how much problem too.

Suitable for RV and marine use, the US-made dispenser connects directly to your toilet and delivers the perfect amount of Blue Streak for each flush. The non-staining, non-formaldehyde based formula with a baby powder fragrance breaks down waste, cleans, deodorizes, and installs easily. Learn more at bluestreakchem.com.

3. RUX 70L Storage System

The last of these RV gadgets combines the two virtues of space-saving and storage. Both qualities are high on the list of every RVer.

The RUX 70L is a rugged storage system that packs like a box, carries like a bag, and stores like a case. The nylon and composite RUX weighs in at only 5.3 lbs, yet holds up to 50 lbs.

The storage volume of 70 liters (about 18.5 gallons) is hinted at by its name. Compressed to just three inches when flat, it expands to an attractive 15.7 x 19.5 x 13.8 covered box, or crate.

A multitude of carrying and strapping options ensure your items stay where they belong. The weatherproof RUX can even be carried like a backpack or mounted on a wall or storage bay.

Use cases for the RUX 70L

To be fair, I had to think about this one a bit. Unfolding the RUX and turning it from flat case to square box takes a few minutes, as you insert the coated “corner stays” into the corners. Do I really need a storage box I have to unfold?

We don’t use our cooler that often, so I store other RV gadgets in the cooler, and then put the cooler in the storage compartment of my RV. The danger of any dual-purpose box is…what do you do with the stuff inside when you want to use said box for another task? 

When I want to use our cooler, I have to dump all that stuff out and let it clutter up and rattle around my storage area until I’m done with the cooler. RVers tight on space and not willing or able to turn their expensive Yeti coolers into a storage box will appreciate the RUX’s fold down capabilities.

A folding (or unfolding as it were) storage crate like the RUX 70L might be ideal for ebike rides to stock up on groceries, storage on the back of the golf cart as you move around the campground, or even a handy weatherproof box to bring along on a paddleboard or boat. 

In cases like this where you need stylish, weatherproof storage, and then suddenly don’t need it anymore, the RUX is a good fit. It certainly seems rugged, and it would be easy to hose off and clean. It’s also far more attractive than an old cooler or Amazon box might be, which would likely be your next two choices in a “box emergency.” See and learn more about RUX products and other RV gadgets at rux.life.

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