2 Truck Upfitters 16″ Gas Props (15.7″ Extended, 9.4″ Compressed, 45 pounds of Pressure ea) for are, ATC, Snugtop, Leer Camper Shell/Truck Cap Rear Door. Measurement Required! Incl 4 Ball mounts!
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Truck Upfitters Premium Gas Struts for Camper Shell Rear Doors. Fits ARE, Snuptop, Leer, ATC, & Century brands, along with many others. These do not fit every camper shell brand & model door, so please measure your struts before replacing with these. These are 45 lb gas lift springs for medium weight rear or side camper doors. See our other sizes & pressures by visiting our Amazon Truck Upfitters store.
1. All gas props CANNOT be compressed by hand, so please do not think they are defective because the won’t close using hand/arm pressure. A LOT of pressure is required to compress these props!
2. All gas props need to be installed in the OPEN / EXTENDED position, so please do not try to compress and install them in the compressed position. Therefore, open your door to ensure your mounted props are EXTENDED.
3. VERY IMPORTANT: Use another person’s help (or 2 people for heavier doors) to hold the door in the extended position while you remove the old gas prop. Do NOT use a broomstick or any other device to hold the door open while you remove the prop. it may fall & cause you or your vehicle serious damage.
4.To remove your old gas prop, use a small screwdriver to lift up on the retaining band, then pull the gas prop end away from the mount. You do not need to remove the retaining metal band, just lift it away from the nylon head enough to allow the head to come off.
5. To install, place the gas prop so that the wide (black part) of the gas prop (the body) is on the top, and the shaft (silver part) is on the bottom when the door is in the closed/resting position. This is so that the oil in the body will keep the seal wet, preventing it from cracking & allowing all of the pre-charged air out, resulting in failure. After aligning properly, press the nylon end head of each shock onto the 10mm ball mount. You will NOT need to lift up on the band to install.

CHECK LENGTHS AND PRESSURE BEFORE ORDERING. THESE DO NOT FIT ALL CANOPY and COVERS! THE MEASUREMENTS ARE FROM CENTER OF BALL MOUNT TO CENTER OF BALL MOUNT, NOT FROM END TO END OF STRUT! SEE PICTURE! Use a measuring tape to measure the door gas strut that you are replacing. Measure from the CENTER of the gas prop head (little plastic end), to the other side. DO NOT measure from the end of the gas prop, your measurement will be too long. Note that most applications allow for 1-5% size variation.
Truck Upfitters Pair of 45 pound (each) gas struts. 15.7″ extended length and 9.4″ compressed length. This size of door shock absorber is for medium height and weight rear or side camper shell doors. Each canopy shock has 45 lbs of pressure, for a total of 90 lbs of pressure. Please note that this does not mean that it can lift something that is 90 lbs. the typical hinged-style door weight for this prop is approximately 60-80 lbs, including the weight of the camper shell locks and keys.
These gas lift cylinders do not fit all camper shell brands / models. Measure your strut from center of socket to center of socket when fully opened & fully closed to get accurate measurement. Please see pictures to determine how to measure. Do NOT measure from end to end. Measurement must be from the center of plastic ball mount on each end of the gas spring lift. Measurement is important to ensure they open properly and get a good camper shell seal against the camper shell gasket when closed.
Comes with four 10mm ball mounts for alternate ‘other than truck camper shell’ applications, such as in camper / canopy windoors, RV doors and awnings, boat hatch spring lifts, gas struts for cabinets, storage bed lifts, toolbox struts, etc. These gas shock lift supports CANNOT be compressed by hand. These gas props MUST be installed in the EXTENDED / OPEN position. It is nearly impossible to install them in the CLOSED position. Please refer to the install video for guidance on how to install.
Equivalent to Suspa # c16-23993 or Stabilus #14269. These camper shell shocks are compatible with many truck canopy types, including LEER truck cap parts, ARE truck topper parts, Glasstite parts, Century parts, Snugtop replacement parts Astro tops, ATC campers, and many other fiberglass brands that utilize gas shocks / gas springs / gas lift cylinders. Compatible with many gas lift brands, including stabilus, lift o mat, and Suspa. These are OEM quality and perfect fit for your topper!

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